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Whilst looking on the DC Homepage for comics out next week, I noticed that DC had already updated 3 comics that will be released in April. It seems that Forever Evil #7 will be released on April 2nd presumably to complement the new Post Forever Evil status quo and more importantly, Superman Unchained #8 will now be released on April 9th. It seems that the series has fallen prey to yet another month's worth of delays which will no doubt generate more discontent and criticism over DC's release schedule and Jim Lee's late artwork for this series. According to Snyder, his and Lee's tenure is a 9 issue arc so that still means there's one more issue to go after this. Undoubtedly my fellow Superman fans, you guys aren't going to be best pleased with this news. So share and discuss your thoughts on this news below.

EDIT: Just checked the release dates for Superman Unchained #6 and it seems it will be pushed back to February 19th rather than coming out on January 29th.

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I'm leaning towards Colossus as long as Aric is going to charge in head first like he usually does rather than use the armour's versatility. Even so, there's no guarantee the armour has anything that can hurt Colossus.

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Yet another example of why the Wonder Woman forums are the contrived and pompous mess they are today thanks to the stance of the OP and others like him/her.

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@buckshot (Majestic) vs. @lvenger (Superman)

I'd lose SO badly there. Buckshot is the king of anything WildStorm related, he could probably beat me if he was using Midnighter lol.

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@2cool4fun: No he doesn't make any appearance whatsoever though he does show up later in Morrison's Batman run. But no, not in the source material this film is adapted from.

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This does look better than I thought it would, all things considered with how crummy Justice League War looks. The voice actor for Batman sounds better here than he does in War. Not too shabby an adaptation of the source material though Deathstroke taking over is a bit of a stretch and a clear play on more action. Still, Damian looks awesome, it's well animated and it sounds good. I still need to read that Batman and Son arc though since it's the only thing of Morrison's Batman run I haven't read besides his New 52 Batman Inc.

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@jashro44: Damn that's what I was thinking of! Thanks for the back up Jash!

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@fetts: Damn it I can't find any scans that substantiate my claim there but the webbing hasn't been easily dodged by your average joe in all honesty from the times I've seen it used.

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@lvenger: Agreed. I like you bro. At least you don't have a narrow mind as so many others who debate Star Wars fans.(many just deny everything outside the movies and games) It's their cop out method. But you, you're a real good debater for looking at both sides while strongly supporting your own. Much respect ;)

Same to you my friend, you show a keen insight that makes for a very good debater indeed :)