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@fetts: Thor only gave Wolverine the smackdown with a bolt of lighting. Here are the full scans of that fight. Note how Thor only successfully tags Wolverine with an AOE attack and a lightning bolt. Never with a direct bludgeon to Wolverine's face.

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@hart7668: I don't know anything about Mario or Nintendo so I'm afraid I'm not the best judge of whether Superman and the rest of your team are outclassed here. Sorry man.

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@fetts: They've been used to snag Wolverine in and Logan danced around Thor without getting a physical scratch on him.

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@sog7dc said:


It's sad. IMO he wrote the best Superman story ever (Birthright) and he did awesome with the JL. Why did they fall out?

IIRC, this interview tips things off as to why Waid found it difficult to work at DC during the 2000s:

@dernman said:

@lvenger said:

  • More memorable stories that will please the fans and have a great impact on Superman

Sometime it kinda feels like they are just throwing stuff out there. Nothing that will stay and build a universe on or where you will remember the groundwork years from now. To me everything is forgettable and a throwaway. Maybe it's just me but even the introductions of some of his villains seem blah.

I know right? Even though Superman Unchained and Action Comics seem to be building stuff up, I won't be surprised if the concepts are overruled by another writer at some point. As the comment above mine exemplifies, consistency is key in fan reception and good story telling and that's what DC are overall lacking right now.

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@thundergodswrath: I meant rules for the debate.

@dredeuced I guess though it wasn't purely outwitting the Spectre or a higher power. He basically bluffed his way out of getting judged because he claimed he could preserve the current authority and stop Blight shaking things up.

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@fetts said:

@lvenger: That was issue #3 I think. I'm talking about where in the final issue Thor was talking to Punisher and Punisher web-shotted his mouth. Not only was it PIS that Thor couldn't react to a web-shooter, but he even struggled to get it off. And seeing how Thor is a 100+ tonner, that shouldn't happen.

The second thing I can understand being PIS. The first thing eh well Thor doesn't have the best combat speed and there are speed feats that show Spider-Man's webbing being faster than bullets. Take of that what you will.

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@bezza said:

@lvenger said:

@bezza: Action Comics fits the bill there doesn't it?

Yes it does, along with a certain title involving a super-couple that I wont mention here as I know you don't like it!

Back on topic, I really hope that IH picks up both in sales and Hulk action...I think Waid is a great writer, after all, he penned my favourite Graphic novel of all time, Kingdom Come, so there is no reason why he shouldn't be able to turn this around...

Plus his interview indicates that he's been listening to the fans. Lets see what he's up to.

Agreed, the future is looking good for Hulk based on first impressions.

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@frogdog: I own all but the last two or three issues of JMS' Thor run and I don't remember him jobbing at all in that particular arc unless you can find an instance that shows otherwise?

@fetts said:

@oreoassassin: Unfortunately my scanner isn't working now. But it happened in Punisher: War Zone #5 I think. It's in the final issue.

Thor never jobbed in his fight with Punisher. Punisher had to lead Thor into the midst of a drug camp in order to distract Thor from hunting him and focus his attention on the drug/terrorist cabel instead. It was made obvious by Rucka's writing that Punisher could never take Thor in a straight up fight.