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@theincrediblesuperhulk8642: The title is under the Superman Family Banner alongside the rest of the Superman titles so from my POV, that counts as a Superman title. Now what am I going to explode about? :P

@danhimself So even the less stellar stories have good character work. And no I haven't read his Batgirl series. Steph never interested me that much I'm afraid though I hear it's a good series


Lol jokes I hear Injustice 30 showed a more accurate take from Taylor on a more classic Superman. But to me, it's still more of a general DC book that ties into the video game than a straight up Superman book. Because Superman is, you know, a grim utilitarian now in that series.

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@smart_dork_dude: I take it you prefer the Earth 2 Superman as well? He reminds me of a more Pre Flashpoint Superman in personality.

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Lazarus, Saga, Invincible, Star Wars and Scarlet Spider are titles that come to mind.

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@dratini1331: That feat's been debunked by the way. I found a good post on it here if you scroll down to the bottom of the page. And the Kamehameha has a lot of versatile combat applications.

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@danhimself: I've been following the Olympus arc recently and it's looking really good.

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I couldn't help it...I laughed out loud at that, he just fell over like a dead fish and Ultraman's all like. "That's a shame, oh well, tough cookies"

Hahaha, now that's got me laughing now :P

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@ancient_0f_days: Wow man, you've put up a fair stronger case than I thought could be put up for Flash. I guess he has been getting some good feats in the New 52 even without the IMPs and speed stealing.

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@dondave said:

Gorr ftw. When they guy can defeat Skyfather's there is no use putting him up against Kryptonians or most superheroes for that matter

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@smart_dork_dude: See now you're talking about the way it looks. That's understandable and justified. Before it sounded like "Superman doesn't wear armour ragh!" The fan design doesn't jump out as being particularly good IMO though the others do. One of my favourite alternate Superman costumes is the one from Smallville Season 11. It looks good, is in keeping with the traditional costume, is practical (the thing on his belt) and is simple in design.

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@danhimself: That's why I summoned you here, to give Smallville: Season 11 some much needed support.