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Well so long Marvel, thanks for all the fond memories. Maybe I'll pick up some of your trades or back issues, back when your comics were, you know, actually appealing to me before you went down the rabbit hole of quality comic books. I doubt this is going to be endearing to the older Marvel fans who actually understand the value of continuity, history and canon in comics. Seems like it's become a disposable trait in the current comic world.

This is the story of human evolution: the old generation dies off and a new one takes over. Glad you had your day in the sun, my friend.

There's little proof of sensible evolution here, just poor design and poor planning culminating in a hacked off attempt to generate publicity and interest in Marvel. If this is evolution, I'd say it's on the bad end of the spectrum, like the blind spots in our vision or the unnecessary appendix in our guts. As for the old generation, plenty of them are still around at DC and Marvel hanging on for a better period in comics. At the end of the day, it's the older generation that keeps comic book companies afloat, not the new fans DC and Marvel seem to keep trying to reach.

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@thedailybagel: I don't think the device limited Hulk all that much. Hulk reverted back to his Savage/childlike way of talking whilst fighting Sun God and he still got overpowered seconds later. It could be a low showing or Hickman trolling the Hulk fans but I'm not certain Hulk was weakened.

Yes yes you got me there. You know I don't support Loebforce feats either, I was just using it as an example of how Rulk has a better showing against a character Hulk consistently loses to. And Surfer's main threat is in his energy projection and versatility, not his Class 100 superstrength.

I'll see if I can find them.

Only the previews and whatever images pop up online. As for the 'Maestro rages' they seem to be counteracted by Doc Green's intelligent and reasonable side. Doesn't seem like he can balance them both yet.

In regards to the Mighty Avengers fight, is there any indication when that's coming? The solicits mention Doc Green getting training from Iron Fist, reuniting the Gamma Corps, hiring Deadpool and having a rematch with Rulk. You'd think Jen would get a solicit of her own for when Doc Green comes after her but thus far nothing. A fight between Hulk and an entire Avengers team is something to promote yet that hasn't happened.

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@lukehero: I'm not denying you don't have a point here mate or that your info is inaccurate yet but DC said they were going to keep their previous continuity in the New 52 and look what happened there.

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Toph's Death Battle preview video is up for anyone interested.

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Things like stomping captain marvel (who's quite powerful nowadays)

Not really, Carol's only a mid tier powerhouse at best. It's when she's Binary that she's really powerful and dangerous. One shotting her isn't something that only Hulk can do.

stomping the great society's version of hulk

When did he stomp the Great Society's Hulk? I didn't know they even had a version of Hulk. Though that version was featless and Banner's control over Hulk with the device slipped during the fight. And then this happened of course :P

shrugging off a hit from silver surfer

Rulk owned Silver Surfer if we were playing the "compare the character's performance against Silver Surfer" game.

Not to mention he recently fought the fantastic four

I've..been shown the scans and he doesn't really do much. Just brawls with Ben for a little bit, hardly any focus on him at all. Doc Green's just there to say that he's renting apartment space in the Baxter Building to tie what's going on in his title.

Once doc green gets a few more striking feats he should be able to take rulk without an awful lot of trouble.

Only if Duggan actually decides to craft some more engaging fight scenes with some attempts to quantify those striking feats.

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@darknightspideyfanboy: Hmm there could be. It's not out of the question for Minotaurs to be a mythological breed in of themselves.

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lol grodd stuck in the labyrinth kinda want to see him fight Minotaur

Azzarello's bondage minotaur? Actually I wish he'd ended up in the Labyrinth too. Shame what happened to him.

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@jonny_anonymous: You could be right, Valiant are an underground hit in the comic book industry and maybe these guys wanted the same success for Milestone in restoring an old 90s comic company for the 21st Century.