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@spiderman1997: Thus far, her God of War powers include being able to communicate with any soldiers or warriors and potentially, though it's an ability Ares used and not her, summon an army of dead warriors under her control.

And yes there is a huge power gap between New 52 Superman and Wonder Woman. Now, Superman is objectively more powerful than Diana in every way and has much better showings than her.

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@zhurong said:

@lvenger: Do you mind showing me how her durability is meagre in the New 52? If you're referring to her vulnerability to sharp objects then all she has to do is touch the ground and heal. One shot is a bit pushing it if you ask me.

It's not pushing it at all. Apollo 3 shotted her in her own series

The First Born put her down in one single ground pound and via a kamikaze piledriver

And New 52 Doomsday effortlessly overpowered her

In contrast, New 52 Superman vs Doomsday ended quite differently. Namely Superman beating Doomsday twice. Arguably weakened the second time.

This is more than ample evidence to demonstrate how New 52 Wonder Woman's durability is severely lacking in contrast to other New 52 powerhouses. It's not relevant to this debate because Diana's Pre New 52 showings will enable her to tank a few of Majestic's blows. But without those feats, I can confidently claim that New 52 Wonder Woman would get one shotted by Majestic easily. Heck Pre New 52 Wonder Woman or Superman could one shot her too.

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You're missing a lot of stories from the Peter David and Greg Pak runs. Those are usually considered the definitive Hulk arcs but I don't see any on your list. Probably due to your preference for the 60s-80s period of comics.

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@raynorj: Do we always have to disagree or argue on discussion topics? There are several reviews I can reference which praise Ruffalo's performance as Bruce Banner alongside the portrayal of Hulk in The Avengers film. Not to mention all the new fans of Ruffalo for his depiction of Banner and Hulk. Hulk may have gotten the fun smashing moments but Ruffalo's Banner drew the audience in.

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@spiderman1997: He only dropped Galactus with a charged up Godblast.

@zhurong said:

@lvenger: Perhaps but although her feats are limited because of the storyline Azzarello has her in, she has new abilities to allow her to compete.

How do you think her new abilities would help her when Majestic could instantly one shot the New 52 Wonder Woman due to her meagre durability showings? It doesn't matter if her bracelet or God of War powers could turn the tide, without her Pre New 52 physical showings to keep her in the fight, Majestic could easily one shot New 52 Wonder Woman. With her Pre New 52 showings, she stands a chance of helping overpower the Kherubrim in this fight.

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@lvenger: From what I've heard though I don't think lightning would be enough. Maybe if the team holds Majestic long enough from Thor spam GBs and winds from 1000 worlds.

Thor's lightning can be pretty powerful on its own. But spamming Godblasts isn't likely to happen for Thor. Not only does it take ages to charge up but Thor has only used the Godblast on a non Skyfather level foe once. And that was against Juggernaut's impenetrable forcefield. Same thing applies to Wind of a Thousand Worlds.

@zhurong said:

Some people don't know anything about New 52 Wonder Woman. You can tell they only read the JL comics and think she is fodder.

It's only because of her Pre New 52 feats applying that Wonder Woman stands a chance here. If this were solely New 52 Wonder Woman, Majestic would probably one shot her easily.

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@captnmcdeadpool said:

@highaccuser said:

Yes. And unlike with Blue Marvel we actually saw her tank it and we know it didn't even hurt.

I don't have a problem with that. Do you think the writer of the book (Grievioux) intended to somehow deceive the readers of that book?

Grievioux also stated that he considered Blue Marvel stronger than Superman but weaker than Thor. A categorical flaw in the face of empirical feats which indicate that Superman is physically stronger than Thor (but Thor hits harder than Mjolnir.) Not to mention that Grievioux hasn't written Superman or Thor comics to my knowledge. Many times, what the writer says of a subjective instance can be severely lacking without the supporting evidence to back it up. When we've seen Diana tank a massive nuke to the face and Blue Marvel is only said to have had a hydrogen bomb go off in his hands, I think it's obvious which feat is more reliable.

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@nickzambuto: Fair enough, I was only responding to your specific point anyway. And whilst Slade evidently can't turn himself invisisble, I fail to see how Taskmaster can properly replicate or duplicate Slade's style fully even with the evidence you cited. In hindsight, my point might be more focused on Taskmaster's anticipation abilities come to think of it.

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@willpayton: Cool, this is from the BBC's Big Question show. Been watching that a bit now I have free time to spare. I'd also heard that the Jesus in the Bible was basically cobbled together myths and stories of various different people so that dampens the credibility of Jesus actually existing as stated in the Bible. Thanks for the video!

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I'm dreading the possibility of a Star Wars or Marvel cameo in Kingdom Hearts 3. That would ruin the tone and direction of the series entirely with a pointless cameo.