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I wonder how I'll get annoyed by this latest volume of Superman: Earth One. They've never let me down so far in that regard.


Everyone is entitled to their own opinion,there isn't anything bad about that,but for sure if you have already made up your mind before it is even released ,if you approach a comic book,or anything else,with this attitude you'll always be displeased by something but in this case the fault isn't in the material probably.

Considering that in the first volume Clark acts with selfish and self interested motives for half the story and in the second volume he hands a dictator over to an angry mob to let them do what they want to him, I fail to see how I can ever be won over by the Superman: Earth One volumes. It's not hard to ignore the core tenants and characteristics of Superman but JMS seems to be doing a good job writing a Superman story with a character that doesn't feel like Superman at all. I hated both the first 2 volumes based on the approach JMS took, I don't see how this one will be any different.

It's not me making my mind up prematurely according to your assessment, it's the poor track record of Superman Earth One thus far that gives me all the justification I need to hold the opinion I do. I don't approach all comics with this attitude but bad comics with bad material are bound to displease me. So I'm afraid I have to correct you here, the fault is in the story material, not in my opinion.

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Also I'd have thought you would promote the fact that you've gotten the first glimpse of Superman's new costume right here. Would certainly generate more traffic IMO Tony.

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And for comparison, here's the original New 52 Superman costume/armour

This new look is far more suiting of a costume and looks more heroic than Lee's original design. The simplicity of the design helps too.

But I really wanted those V shaped sleeves to be gone as well.

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Variant Cover to Superman #39

If you can't see somehow, the changes include:

  • A round collar that shows more of Superman's neck compared to the original New 52 V shaped collar.
  • A yellow circle on the belt.
  • Significantly less lines on the costume.
  • Less of an armour look, more of an actual costume design

Honestly, it's not that bad. The additions are far from groundbreaking however and there are better fan designed costumes on Deviant Art, Tumblr and the like. However, my first impressions are that I could get used to this being Superman's new costume. I do want to see another artist's impression though to get a better look at the costume because, if I'm honest, Romita Jr isn't the best artist for Superman at the moment. Hopefully someone like Kuder or Jason Fabok draws this new costume for comparison.

Source: Comicvine

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@2cool4fun: the costume is slightly different on this cover.

Yep, there's now yellow on the belt and that horrible collar on Superman's neck is gone. Fewer lines as well though I'd hoped for those V neck sleeves to be gone from Superman's costume.

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@sophisticated_ignorance: Can you tell what happened? I haven't gone to my comic shop yet.

Thors arm is mad out of Uru metal, same as the hammer. He casually tanked a hit from the hammer with it so thats an impressive durability feat for his new arm I guess...him and female Thor both got good shots in but neither had a clear advantage, both then stopped fighting when Frost Giants interfered.Thor stopped being hostile towards She-Thor when he saw how good she used the hammer.

Not bad but not exactly my preferred outcome either. Still, a draw is better than a loss so I'll await someone making a video of this battle on Youtube before checking it out.

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@arcus: With the week to prep, Azula would undoubtedly find out about Amon's bloodbending and probably tell him to use it subtly in the battle. Her strategic mind is pretty sound as far as tacticians go in the Avatar universe. With the week's prep, the conditions favour her team. Also Unalaq>Ming Hua so that battle would have an obvious outcome. Ghazan could do some damage but the other team members can hold him off from changing the outcome of the battle too decisively, even if they can't beat him. Finally, without Zaheer's flight, he has more chance of being tagged eventually.

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@kfabz-23: I know, just saying that little fact. If DC somehow acquired Marvel's Thor, he might appear in a New Gods title or something. DC's emphasis has been on Greek mythology anyway whereas Marvel's cornerstone mythology is the Norse kind.

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Azula's team might take this in a very difficult fight.