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@z3ro180: I agree but it's a much better improvement over JRJR.

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@arcus: I think you could have elaborated more on your rebuttals and that this time, Hulkage's arguments were more well rounded. I've voted for you in most of these rounds due to the strength of your arguments but this time I felt Hulkage had the edge.

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The biggest problem with creating a superman game imo is that the developers will either have to dumb down Superman's powers/speed to a city buster/JLA animated series supes level or have to create the biggest map in video game history. In a limited area/Metropolis we will never get to use his superspeed+strength at its full glory.

Sadly this is a problem I can see with developing a Superman game too. Even if they go with a video game levelling up mechanic a la depowering Superman at the game's beginning, people will just complain that Superman shouldn't have to be depowered for a game about him to be made.

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@2cool4fun: Eh I found Pak made a rather loose and tenuous connection for Xa-Du being Superman's 'Joker.' If anything, Xa-Du was acting more like Superman's 'Hush' IMO. But the main problem of this arc is the thought that Superman needs a Batman style villain in his rogues gallery, when it's criminally underrated, diverse and powerful enough as it is. He doesn't need to copy Batman's rogues, there's enough of Batman in New 52 Superman as it is.

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And the Big Bang definitely created the universe...oh wait, no never mind.

All significant current evidence points to that conclusion, just as all significant and credible evidence points to The Tower of Babel and much of The Bible's so called 'history' itself has been disproved. Yet you're clinging onto shreds of unconfirmed opinions and grasping at straws in your attempts to defend the historically inaccuracy of the Bible. For someone who claims that they don't like God, you sure do go to lengths to defend him don't you?

The fact that we had 100% locked down for eighty plus years is now highly suspect. It's almost as if having the current consensus doesn't guarantee truth.

And it's almost as if you're seriously accepting fiction over fact, which would be a poorly credible stance on your part. Believing in God is one thing as you Christians can hide behind the "Well you can't disprove God's non-existence" clause. But going against historical investigation and analysis of the Bible's events and proving their falsehoods is just incredibly poor logic on your part.

When talking about things that happened a long time ago, it's really hard to know what happened. We are looking at little scraps of information that have survived the millennia and trying to stitch together a narrative from it.

And you think a cobbled together account in a 'Holy' book beats out the vast quantities of evidence and other primary sources we have from this period? Not to mention the expertise of the historians who have studied this period and point out the contradictions of the Bible? It's easy to cast doubts on your critical thinking skills with statements like this.

If you want to take the current historical consensus as dogmatic fact, okay. Just realize what the experts says is certain one day is often flipped on it's head with the passing of time.

This last point works against you all too well, since what the experts say today is that the Bible is laughably inaccurate based on the academic research and evidence conducted into this period. Just realise that the diehard belief of trying to fanatically cling onto religious texts as the truth is an opinion which is falling away from human society.

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@sanohibiki: He seems more similar to Wraith in motivations and character development (without Wraith's sacrifice at the end) but where's the similarities to H'El? As for The Machine making a new Super Soldier from Wraith's DNA, wouldn't the government have shut them down now that Lois wrote her article exposing The Machine's activities and actions? Can't have a secret government facility if everyone knows it exists.

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This was the other thing that made me angry and upset on Friday along with Leonard Nimoy's passing. These are cultural, historical and archaeological treasures. For those ignorant and barbaric zealots to destroy them because of what's in some 'Holy' book really grinds my gears. I know the arguments for and against stepping in are hugely complex, but actions like this also shouldn't be tolerated.

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@2cool4fun: It was a fairly obvious and logical choice but you did call it early on so credit where credit is due on your part.