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@scorpio_cassadine: OK, I'll run with your example. Azzarello does actually stick to the original Marston source material fairly well when you look into it. The Amazons are more traditional in their appearance and didn't have flashy technology that they did in other Wonder Woman runs. And, like it or not, Marston's Amazons weren't found of men either. I recall there being manhunt games in some of Marston's Wonder Woman work. So Azz making the Amazons murdering rapists isn't as far from the source material as one would think. Plus there are several bondage references and all that too.

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@chaos_prime: The Prime Directive stops Janeway and Voyager going back in time whereas the same cannot be said for Zoom. And don't they need a comm badge or direct lock to beam Zoom to the sun?

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@sanohibiki: One of the first comic series I read when I seriously got into comic books was Brad Meltzer's and Ed Benes' JLA series. I'd like to think I can recognise Benes' pencils when I can see them :P And that scan looks like Benes' distinct art style.

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@frozen: Where do you live that gets TASM 2 so early Frozen?

EDIT: Wait it's out in Britain right now. Huh how'd I forget about that? If only I weren't bogged down by essays and exams, I could go see it.

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Interesting, Bunn seems to have a good handle on Sinestro and in crafting a new story for him to face against another dangerous threat. I've seen mostly positive reactions to the series so that's a good sign in its favour already.

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@jaken7 said:

@lvenger: " I don't want to increase Azz's final sales..."

That was the line that really got me. He's honestly interested in reading the book, but since he's chosen to "boycott" it (fat load of good that's done him), he can't bring himself to purchase it. He's taken this beyond being mad at the direction of a (fantastic) book, and he's gone straight into being entitled and taking everything personally. It's so gross...

Some fans get hung up on one specific interpretation on how a character should be presented. For these guys, it has to be Perez and Rucka's Wonder Woman or nothing. That's the sad truth of the matter. I also recall the OP stating that he preferred Wonder Woman Odyssey to Azzarello's Wonder Woman. Now I like J. Michael Straczynski as a writer for most of his work. But his Wonder Woman reboot was god awful and inconsequential when all is said and done. Poor costume design and poor story direction all the way throughout.

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@tparks: Oh you're still continuing those IDW TMNT respect threads? AWESOME I'd love seeing the new feats from City Fall and Northampton in there :D

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Doesn't belong in general discusssion. This is a battle thread and those are supposed to be in the battle forums.

@saren @god_spawn @vance_astro Could one of you guys move this thread to the battle forums please?

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@jaken7: It's why the Wonder Woman forums are in the state they are. People should be happy at one of the best Wonder Woman runs ever but the puritans feel it's a disgrace to everything related to Wonder Woman.