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@punyparker: Ah so the New 52 got you into him then? I'd advise sticking with Unchained and Action Comics then.

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@punyparker: Have you read all the essential Superman reading material? I can help out on that front.

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@sandman_: What about a New 52 Superman power level a la Morrison's Action Comics run? Plenty of story opportunities if mixed with a GA flavour not to mention it appeases the concerns of those who think Superman is too powerful. It'd balance better IMO since New 52 Superman was a bit more powerful than GA Superman.

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@punyparker: Haha, very well done. His Superman run is one of the best on the character IMO which is ironic considering his penchant for darker, grittier storytelling.

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A really creative battle and I really don't know who'll win this epic dodgeball match. In any case, this dodgeball match is bound to be Chuck Norris approved!

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@punyparker: Wasn't putting it in the classic category I assure you. Joe Kelly is my second favourite writer after Morrison but his run isn't among the quintessential Spidey runs.

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If you just want current pull list suggestions, then here are some of my suggestions.

  • Daredevil - Unless you're wedded to the darker, grittier era of Daredevil, Mark Waid's run on the character is a real breath of fresh air in that regard. It's well written with strong plot threads and is a load of fun to read too
  • Mighty Avengers - Despite my disdain for the series, this is the only place you can find Luke Cage. It is a very diverse team of different racial backgrounds, personalities and power sets. A potentially good team book were it not for Greg Land's artwork.
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A really good issue to end my temporary TMNT forray into the series. I really enjoyed the narrative moving the plot forward with all the characters, the sequences were well balanced from Raph, Donnie and Mikey's story centric scenes to the Foot vs the Savate and Splinter's more action orientated events. A very well balanced issue with gorgeous art from Santolouco. Such a shame I have to give the series up now. Ah well I'll pick up the last two City Fall issues at Christmas to find out what happens then. Really enjoyed the review Gregg, as always you do the series proud.

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I think this is more of a general discussion question than a battle forum question even though it's in relation to a battle forum feat. But if it's more pertinent to the battle forums, feel free to call a mod to move it.

Anyway I thought I'd pose this question to the Vine to see if I can get some answers. Basically, there have been instances when Eclipso has possessed a host and massively amped their stats. Like with his two best known hosts, Bruce Gordon and Jean Loring. Yet there have been other times when Eclipso has possessed a host and the feats they've performed have been well sketchy.

Take Superman's fight with Lobo when he was possessed by Eclipso. In a lot of their encounters, it's either been a close contest, some strange factor has given one of the combatants the edge or it ends in a draw. And there are arguments and feats to show that Lobo could beat Superman in a fight. Yet these scans show Superman owning Lobo much easier than usual.

Not to mention the time Superman tanked Billy Batson's magic lightning fairly easily but that can be attributed to his actual decent magic resistance feats

So my question is this. Does Eclipso boost the host's physical abilities in all his possessions or only when his host is human and doesn't have special abilities?