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@bumpyboo said:

Who cares? :) A person is a person. A friend is a friend no matter what they keep in their pants. That is their business.

The best and most morally sound response ever.

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It's the one other Marvel book I would consider buying. With Venom being canned, the Spider-Man family would be severely lacking in variety if Scarlet Spider were cancelled. Not to mention story telling quality as it's one of the best titles Marvel has.

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And now I've found out that Ultraman is a Kryptonite junkie. Hilarious.

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@god_spawn: A very fair statement GS. I don't blame you for distrusting Fraction's work. He isn't a writer I'm particularly fond of. Does Scott often tag foes often from the first blast of the fight?

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@god_spawn: True. But did you see how many blasts Cyclops fired from that tower? If he is touted as an expert marksman with a knack for geometrics as you say he is, dodging his optic blasts must take a credible amount of agility to achieve. Not to mention that other people on that kind of level have also dodged Scott's optic blasts.

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@god_spawn: But they are more easily dodged you must admit. As street levellers like Bullseye have done.

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@lykopis said:

@mrdecepticonleader: @willpayton:

I am much more confrontational. I have a very low tolerance for people who prove themselves to be extremely intelligent ( I point to not just scholars or graduate school level trained doctors and scientists, just clear and obvious high level of thought ability) and I find myself pretty much feeling and presenting myself like that gentleman in that video. While diplomacy is great and all, I don't believe it's for me to accommodate them. Most religions are extremely misogynistic and have influenced many practices in society which hold down the female gender and frankly, it p*sses me off that my life is going to be spent mired in that garbage. This should have been done away a long time ago and I hold those with the capability of critical thought who believe in a god(s) a huge part of the reason why.

He's pretty much me in his approach to it. I have loads of sympathy for those who have been raised in a dense environment heavily influenced by religion and yes, pounding away at them with a hammer is wrong on any level, but when I speak to someone who I know is highly intelligent and has access to information they can peruse and see for themselves is true, then yes -- I feel offended and insulted by them. People similar to them in the past chose to remain ignorant and contributed to the state of things now so those in the present only serve to perpetuate that mindset which will in turn affect the next generation coming up. I can't not say anything, I can't not be confrontational - at least initially. It's not fair to the those in the future and I would have really appreciated people like me having done the same to the generation before me.

Just my take on this so far. As with anything, its subject to change, but not likely soon.

This is exactly how I feel when it comes to the topic of debating religion and God. My family think I'm too confrontational on the topic but I see it as a way of criticising those who should know better about the matter and see that their faith in God isn't as iron clad as they think it is.

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3. I'm not giving this pointless waste of space of an event anything higher. It had little direction or purpose to it and was utterly derivative.

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@dum529001 said:


A weakened Sentry? Please.

Sentry was cutting loose with his power. Just because he was worried about causing mass destruction doesn't mean he was weakened.

Here's an argument from a Sentry expert on Hulk's victory over Sentry in WWH:

"The second instance took place during the World War Hulk saga, where Sentry was unable to leave his home, because of the agoraphobia.

He was in such a weak mental state, that he was literally standing in his doorway for 29 hours and he stayed at home even for a longer period of time, since later on he was sitting around and watching Hulk's rampage in the television. He decided to enter the fight, when it looked like Hulk was finally going to kill the heroes and that fight was a good indicator just how powerful the Sentry even in a weak mental state is, which weakens him. He was still able to stalemate one of the most powerful versions of the Hulk, even though he was weakened.

And if you remember that fight, the Sentry actually had the upper hand the upper hand. He attacked the Hulk and was tossing him around and talking while the Hulk was striking him. Sentry took the punches, even smiled about it. Then when he was done talking he was the one who was beating the Hulk up, who had to wait.

Additionally to that we saw the Hulk screaming in pain at one point, where the Sentry released more energy in his face and at one point Hulk was also on his knees down below and his friends tried to help him. Not saying that that moment means much, but I'm still just throwing it out"

"Now, don't get me wrong. Hulk did win that fight. He was the the last man standing and shortly after he transformed back to the Hulk, when a friend of his got hurt.

But at the same time you have to keep in mind that World War Hulk

(again, one of the most powerful Hulk incarnations so far)

faced Sentry, who had to deal with mental instability at that point and therefore was less powerful.

This might now be slightly disrespectful to fans of certain characters, but ... Thor and Gladiator have lost to weaker versions of the Hulk, while a weakened Sentry stalemated one of the most powerful Hulk versions and even had the upper hand in the fight."

@dum529001 said:

And Skrull-Bolt was half as strong as the original.

The Justice League isn't invincible either.

The Flash will fail just as hard as everyone else. He is nowhere near powerful enough, just like the rest of the Justice League.

The justice League has fallen to far less powerful than WB Hulk.

Are the majority of your arguments just a bunch of low-balling in an attempt to compensate for you favorite characters lack of power?

Low-balling and Downplaying characters changes nothing about what they have done. You can hate on the Hulk as much as you want and it won't change the fact that the Justice League has no chance against him. The est they could do is BFR him and attempts at that will not always work.

As for the rest, you're amping up Skrull Bolt's power to suit your own argument when past uses of the voice have been enough to one shot Hulk easily. Flash might not be able to IMP or speed steal but he's still a useful player in this fight. And the majority of your arguments are pitifully reasoned along with making absurd judgements over their capabilities based on illogical reasoning and calculations. Everyone points this out to you and you just ignore it which only makes you seem an even less credible debater. You're the one who lowballs, downplays and posts feats out of context every single time. You can deny this as much as you want and it won't change the fact you're a poor debater. BFR will be an insta-win for the League. Hal and Superman can restrain Hulk enough to send him into space, Vic can BFR him anywhere, heck Flash can dump him in the speed force where there's no way out. Hulk has little chance of taking a majority against the League.

Oh and Hulk's my 7th favourite superhero so stop using the "You're hating on characters" argument. It shows you up to be a pathetic debater.

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@k4tzm4n said:

May I take a moment to say I'm happy this has not only reached 2 pages, but has a legitimate debate, too? I honestly thought this would fade away.

It's a good match up and the characters only attract people who actually know something about their capabilities. Fanboyism and preference hasn't played as much of a part as it usually does on a battle.