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is this legit?

Toriyama has supposedly confirmed it but no clue on whether the development is legit. Also, there's supposed to be another series of DBZ Kai despite it being cancelled after the Cell Saga where it'll continue with the Majiin Buu saga.

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Goddamn it, the one game I don't want to get receives a perfect score. Not surprised though really.

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@laflux: I'd normally say I'm sure you'll get the chance to meet him one day if this were any other comic book creator but then I remember how old he is. Not to mention he had to have a pacemaker in him a while back.

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IDW>>>Everyone else.

I second this wholeheartedly. I really don't want the TMNT to leave IDW as they're beginning to reach the creative level of the original Mirage run. It's just that damn good for the TMNT.

@danhimself What happened to the TMNT at Image? Have they been sold to other properties besides Mirage, Image and IDW?

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@lvenger said:

@dondave: At least I didn't make my vote based on popularity :P

Don't remind me of last never happened O_o

I know, I'm still bemused by the massive difference in the votes between Nightcrawler and Gambit. I'd have been annoyed if it was vice versa with Gambit too but Kurt would never take that big an edge over Gambit IMO.

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@dondave: I suppose that's partly why I've gone for Diana now. I couldn't make up my mind yesterday but fresh arguments and scans have lent me towards Diana taking the majority. And I see she's winning with a 9% edge. At least I didn't make my vote based on popularity :P

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OK I've finally made up my mind. Though this is clearly going to be a close match up that neither combatant could take without a slim majority, I've finally opted for Wonder Woman being the fighter to take that slim majority. Diana has the reactions to easily defend against Sinestro's ranged constructs given that she blocks heat vision with ease along with the trillion shards of a reforming dark god and all that. Not to mention her impressive combat speed edge. She's outpaced Amazo's sentence in combat, tagged Wally (though he was moving in the shape of a starfish) along with other speedsters and she's been stated to be faster than thought on panel. A move like that against Sinestro can make all the difference.

Then there's her strength and striking advantage. Sinestro hasn't shown to be in many fights with powerhouses but usually, top tier powerhouses like Superman and Wonder Woman have been able to make a dent if not shatter the constructs of well versed Earth Lanterns like Hal Jordan or John Stewart. And Wonder Woman's fights with Superman, Captain Marvel etc along with her striking feats in many other fights has definitely shown to be in that top level of hitting power. Those kinds of hits against Sinestro may well severely hamper the integrity of his shields against such a force, particularly if Diana decides to use her speed in tandem which she does so on a regular basis in combat.

Of course, Wonder Woman doesn't have a huge edge against Sinestro. He tanked a planet busting attack with minor cuts and rips in his uniform. Barely a serious injury in sight. And even if Sinestro's impressive plethora of ranged construct attacks don't get past Diana at long range, he can do just fine at close range as well. Diana has often been hurt by close ranged attacks and Sinestro has been able to put a hole in the reality warper Volthoom with a construct drill. Diana would need to be seriously careful about those kind of attacks. However, a big reason why I don't take Sinestro for a majority is that he's wearing a Green ring here. He's easily one of the most skilled GL users, perhaps moreso than Hal but he doesn't have many feats with a green ring as opposed to a yellow one.

Despite this danger, I still feel that Diana has the all the versatility in power and speed to grant her the slim majority of wins over Sinestro. And there's also her skill and strategy to boot. She's worked with multiple GLs on the League so she should be familiar with what Sinestro can do. If not, she is a quick on the draw combatant as well so she should be able to strategise a path to victory eventually. And she can even bind Sinestro in her lasso if she's fast enough to incapacitate him. And if push comes to shove, she'll be willing to kill Sinestro in the end if she thinks it's the only way to stop him.

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The fact that she has the speed but not the striking force, as the feat where she hits Wonder Woman she wasn't blitzing let alone Wonder Woman being practically unphased by the attack is proof enough she doesn't have the striking force to put Hulk down before he overpowers her punches. I think you and i both know HV and freeze breath are next to non factors given the entire and long history Hulk has of withstanding extreme temperatures (one of them a HV arguably hotter than Superman's)... If including throwing rubbish to Hulk, that would only slow him down... for short. We're agreeing that she will attack Hulk more than Hulk will be able to attack her, fact is Hulk will most likely be able to tag her when he becomes strong enough to not even move if he gets punched.

Hulk is on his tier... at base... However, given the fact he exponentially empowers himself, he's far from being restricted to the same tier as the battle prolongs and its more likely he doesn't stay that way for long.

Punching someone as durable as Wonder Woman to Canada isn't an impressive striking feat? And I'm pretty sure Diana was phased overall by Power Girl's mind controlled assault on her. That's why she said she was equal in strength and speed and proceeded to bust her Amazon skill and strategy to subdue Karen and get through to her. Hulk doesn't have the speed, skill or reactions to do that at all and I doubt you can say otherwise. Of course, your argument is the unlimited increase in power fallacy but I've dealt with that easily. As for HV and FB, they're enough to give Hulk pause in the battle and for Karen to attack him at range. And finally, I fail to see how Hulk will ever become strong enough not to be phased by an attack from a top tier DC powerhouse. You are pulling options out from nowhere here to suggest such a non existent possibility. Karen's fast enough, versatile and powerful enough to stop Hulk before such a possibility anyway.

How is that a fallacy if that's the whole concept about Hulk... I just don't blindly say he will become stronger just because... There are instances that show Hulk overpowering stuff he couldn't at first... and that happened in seconds. In this instance, and analyzing both sides, i see Kara unable to beat Hulk quick enough. It's fairly understandable that Hulk has the ability to overcome her not to mention his already acclaimed durability and toughness to tank her blows while the magic of "the madder, the stronger" happens. Im not saying Hulk has unlimited strength (even though it was stated at least 3 times).

I say it's a fallacy because whoever proposes it, in this case you, uses this argument to blindly propose that Hulk will increase to the point where Karen won't be to hurt him. This has little credence to it based on Hulk's showings with powerhouses consistently being able to hurt him which you have as that going against you. No matter the unfounded unlimited strength quote, Hulk has always been on the ropes against Marvel powerhouses like Hyperion, Gladiator or Thor. Against a DC powerhouse who uses their speed and reactions, it's pretty easy to see that grants Karen a big edge in this fight since she uses her speed more than Marvel powerhouses do.

@lvenger said:

Don't throw me to the sharks yet... This still has debatable field. Many people take the entire War at Manhattan as PIS, while Hulk at the end of Pak's run admitted he was holding back the whole time... The only thing that does the stressful situation is making Hulk unable to control his anger... It's not like he becomes angrier but he loses control over his powers. Greg made a big anger pool since the Bomb exploded adding on this the unasked exile the illuminati did. He could have just go and blow the earth if he wanted to... But like showed in the Son of Wrath, he doesn't become WBH because he fears of hurting people, he hates himself because he hurt people unintentionally, that corroborates Cho's claim of Hulk unconsciously calculating every action he does for him not to harm innocent people literally saying "He could have killed us all".

I never said I was. I was just raising the stakes by quoting Bane's arguments on the first page.


The fight with Sentry, wasn't PIS, Sentry WANTED to brawl with Hulk, he actually even said "I want to fight you, because you're the only one who can take it" while Hulk from the very beginning didn't want to fight him... Something he said to many people in the war because he only wanted to fight the Illuminati. Nonetheless, Hulk was holding back greatly given the fact how he lost control over his powers and was tearing apart the entire East Coast with 1 footstep. Saying Hulk was "struggling" against Sentry is to take the instance too lightly, and conveniently ignoring he was holding back all the time.

For once, I'm going to support Sentry and say YES it was PIS. There are a few Sentry experts on here like Killemall who demonstrate that Sentry's power was tied to his mental state. During World War Hulk, Sentry suffered a massive agrophobia fit from thinking about the amount of power he'd have to unleash to put down Hulk and refused to help. Later on, when Hulk had the Illuminati in a death match, Sentry finally decided to go do something and flew out to confront Hulk. But there are numerous indications he isn't fighting anywhere near his full capacity either and is holding back as much as WWH is. Now you're probably going to counter me with the suggestion that there are a few statements about how the Sentry isn't holding back but it's obvious with the proper knowledge of the Sentry that he was holding back perhaps even more than Hulk was. A fully Voided out Sentry would have owned the hell out of any incarnation of Hulk easily as he has in the past. So, as you can now see, the PIS came from Sentry's neutering to make his fight with Hulk a fair one.

Storm did what? When Hulk took Storm's and Torch's attack and walked away "haters gonna hate" style...

I know it's WWH but Savage Hulk has shown WAY better durability feats to carelessly say his top is Storm's attack, when clearly its not.

Again, he was holding back, even though someone stole or manipulated the SPIN tech which would have done the trick, or it was suppose to do it. He didn't "struggle" while fighting Iron Man... The armor was designed to take blows from him, and i truly believe that the toughest Hulkbuster Tony has made... given the fact current and past Hulkbusters didn't show that kind of durability...

Anyway, i followed you because you in past thread admitted you changed your mind about the fight against Zomstrange... You said TheAcidSkull changed your mind and that you didn't consider that fight PIS in its entirety, i believe i don't need to explain this to you because we pretty much had the same opinion about it.

Storm managed to blow him away in another instance I believe. And Torch's supernova attack has been tanked by weaker versions of Hulk and it's nowhere near supernova temperatures and heat vision can reach hotter temperatures than a star. Finally, which thread was this? I vaguely recall making that comment but can't remember which thread it was.

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@consolemaster001: What for looking so old? :P Yeah I know it was one of the best days of my life meeting Stan Lee, the guy who's responsible for creating so many of my favourite Marvel superheroes! I even got to shake his hand and ask him a question later on.

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@wolverine08: For the record, even if BP had shown the ability to master less fighting styles than Batman, I'd still give him the win due to better tech, physical stats and speed in battle. And now it's practically a stomp due to T'Challa's King of the Dead amp.