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@ancient_0f_days: So do you think Orion can take the majority over Wonder Woman in a fight?

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@laflux said:

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Spider-Man. Little Difficulty.


Seconded. Peter could have beaten Bane so a less moral, prep master, murdering psychpath that is SpOck can handle him easily.

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How can they have this book without Sinestro appearing regularly in it? Wasn't he on the fritz after Green Lantern #20?

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Definitely one of the, if not the best reviews for Brotherhood I've seen. I'm replaying it this summer so this review hit a nostalgic spot with me. It was my first intro into the AC franchise and I must admit I thoroughly enjoyed it. The majority of the missions were diverse, the gameplay mostly solid (except for the F***ING FLIGHT MACHINE CONTROLS :P) and the story interesting enough to follow. And I loved the environment the game was set in too even though it was small. It felt incredibly detailed and packed full of places to go despite its deceiving size. Really good review Caio and I couldn't agree with your verdict more! :)

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Round 1 goes to Ultron. why because Ultron has taken on entire teams of Avengers which included Ms Marvel Thor Wonder Man etc in their roster. even with Superman Martian Manhunter Wonder Woman and Flash they get taken down due to them having their morals and holding back.

Round 2 goes to the JLA. Now that Superman MMH WW and Flash are all bloodlusted and using full power they should defeat Ultron pretty handily considering how much raw power he will be going up against no matter how much time he get's for prep.

Batman and Green Arrow are non factors here.

The most accurate answer IMO.

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OK, in response to the blackhole thing, while Henshaw has been caught in to a blackhole before, he was teleported directly in front of it and pretty much sucked in at point blank range:

And anyway, he received no visible damage from the experience.

Anyway, Superman, whom Cyborg Superman is physically comparable to due to having his genetic code, has escaped the pull of blackholes too (it's a pretty commonly seen scan - especially to a Superman expert such as yourself, I don't think I need to post it).

So, while Hank could probably escape the blackhole as long he isn't too close, if Surfer can open one up right in front of Hank, he's done for.

Well as a Superman expert, I can point out that the scan you're thinking of has some inconsistencies. The instance of Superman surviving in a black hole has been debated as to whether Superman did really survive in a proper black hole. But that's not relevant to our debate. In any case, the Surfer is definitely capable of getting up close to Hank and pulling off that manaeveur pronto if he wanted to do so in the battle. Thus, via the conditions of the battle, Hank would be BFRed and the Surfer would be the winner. But it would be foolish for me to claim it would be that simple.

I will say though, that is a very big "if". This is due to the fact Surfer could potentially get blitzed before he has a chance to use his more powerful energy blasts.

While Cyborg Superman's speed feats are relatively limited, I do think they're enough to suggest he has superior combat speed to SS:

Cyborg Superman, in one of his first appearance's masquerading as the Man of Steel, superspeeds his way into a government facility:

Cyborg Superman (in his human form) moves his hands so fast that a group of people watching him were completely incapable of seeing what he was doing:

Hank used a combination of speed and strength to punch directly through ROD Doomsday. Despite being a clone, this Doomsday seemed to be physically on par with the original:

Nice feats for Hank and forgive the quick analysis but I want to focus more on the other part of your post. Anyway, the first and second set of scans are basically moving faster than the human eye can perceive ones, something Surfer can easily replicate. And the third is a blitz feat, not a speedblitz feat like Superman has been shown to do in combat numerous times.

In fact, Cyborg Superman was generally able to keep the pace with Doomsday throughout the whole fight. This is quite impressive, given the fact that Superman has to use all his speed just to keep up with the monster. (I could post scans of the entire fight, if you'd like).

While Surfer does have a limited number of impressive reflex feats, the ones I've seen are usually a little dated. His more modern reaction speed isn't up to scratch with Henshaw's:

And to my knowledge, Surfer has to utilize Hyperspace to go Lightspeed.

And granted, I suppose you could say that Surfer isn't trying to fight, but still, why would he want to get hit? If he's reaction time was particularly impressive, couldn't he have simply gone intangible to avoid most of these attacks or just dodge them?

The speed of a Kryptonian's thought process is usually so quick they can preceve the time between nanoseconds.

No need, I've seen multiple scans from Superman's fights with Doomsday not to mention Doomsday's reaction feats too. But allow me to clarify some of the scans you've posted. First, even beings like Superman have been tagged by bricks on occasion. The ones where Surfer gets attacked by Hulk are simple examples of that. Second, with Spider-Man, Spidey was distracting Surfer with his usual smart mouth banter in the course of the fight and the Surfer was responding to that, allowing Spidey to lay a web on him. In short, the plot required Surfer not to use his superior speed and reflexes to take down Spider-Man. Thirdly, Surfer didn't want to fight Rhino at all. He showed total disinterest in fighting Rhino until the fight's conclusion when Surfer basically stopped Rhino's charge and one shotted him. So that scan of yours is defunct against the Surfer's reaction speed. And Thanos is an insanely powerful being who boasts some impressive reaction feats of his own, such as dodging a FTL blitz from the Surfer in Infinity Gauntlet. And he was only using the Power Gem in that fight which, to my knowledge, doesn't boost the wearer's reflexes, only their power. So I don't see why Thanos beating down Surfer is an indication of the Surfer's sub par reflexes.

I'll post some reaction feats for Surfer now. Here's one that'll balance out the Kryptonian nanosecond comment you made.

And here the Surfer dodges Shiar laser fire with ease. Note the narrator saying how it's child's play for someone used to dodging comets.

And in his fight with Nova Prime (who had the full power of the Nova Force at the time) Surfer attacked Nova in such a blur that Nova first thought Galactus had hit them with some beam of energy.

Endng of Nova # 13, the Surfer flies towards Nova, and grabs him by the neck.

First page of Nova # 14, the Surfer throws Nova around.

On the second page of Nova # 14, the Surfer flew towards Nova, grabbed him, attacked him again, and Nova initially thought he was hit by an energy beam by Galactus.

I might reply to the rest today or I might save it til tomorrow. I'm sort of tired and had a busy day from volunteering at a collection house so might kick back on the Vine til tomorrow. But I'll definitely have the second post replied to by tomorrow morning.

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OK I'm giving Superman my vote.

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@comicstooge: Damn I've missed out on quite the response. Do you mind if I only tackle some of it tonight given that I want to get my response done right?

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@enzeru said:

@dratini1331 said:

@enzeru: you say as though any comics obey physics...

They don't of course, but some of them at least try to stay realistic, while there are some, which simply throw out random, retarded numbers.

That's one of the reasons I personally don't like DC comics all too much. When I see Superman benchpressing the Earth for 5 days, I say: "Fuck you, Superman!"

Then on the other hand, when there is a comic like "Irredeemable" with a Superman like character and they explain a lot of the stuff he does in a really interesting way, I'm fascinated and all for it.

Thing is, what makes Superman interesting isn't his powers, it's his humanity. And these are comic books, not research papers. I think they can take some liberties with scientific laws. And if you honestly think Superman is overpowered, you haven't read proper Superman stories. This thread is getting way off topic now which is such a shame given the OP's excellent blog post now getting miscontrued into yet another Flash vs Superman debate.