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@z3ro180: Doomsday actually shows up in the issue. I've seen a scan of it.

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@z3ro180: Despite my better wishes, look in Superman/Wonder Woman for a Tony Daniel drawn Doomsday fight.

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Read JMS Thor run. That is the best Thor run for me alongside Simonson's classical epic.

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@tdk_1997: Indeed. The next issue's out at the end of October I think.

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Because after the success that was Thor vs JLA B Team, we needed this back again -_-

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@tdk_1997: True, it does I won't lie about that. I am hopeful about Snyder's promise to turn Superman's strengths into weaknesses and really get to the core of challenging Superman emotionally most of all but also physically. A mix of these two can make a good story.

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@tdk_1997: Agreed on it being his best and his work being massively stretched out when he could have finished sooner. Hopefully Unchained won't make that same mistake.

@z3ro180 According to Snyder's tweets it is. And you have to admit he'd know about these things :P

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Usually some marquee Marvel character vs some marquee DC character. Examples: Hulk vs Superman, Thor vs Superman

This and also comic book characters vs DBZ characters. Those are two of the fiercest debates on here.

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Image by far. Just read Lazarus.....

You and Mercy give Lazarus such great praise that if it weren't for circumstances limiting the number of comics I read a month, I might have added this to my pull list. My only qualm with Image's treatment of women is that there aren't any distinct or well known female leads Image are known for. Most of Image's best known work is male dominated protagonists whereas DC have a niche market of female protagonists. That's what swayed me into voting DC over Image because I sure wasn't gonna vote Marvel.

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Yeah, it's very likely that a book starring Superman and Wonder Woman and featuring a bunch of popular villains will get cancelled.

Sadly this is correct. Until the romance gets chucked away, this title isn't going anywhere soon.