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Superman could have done a Bane....

Not even Batman should have done a Bane. Despite him having a more lax code on killing, I still got annoyed at that scene.

Batman has a more lax code of killing? Since when?

In Nolan's Batman films. He let Ra'as die at the end of Begins and had no qualms with Catwoman offing Bane. Someone told me Bale's Batman had a "Rurouni Kenshin mentality of killing." Basically, he'll try to stop it, but if it happens to a bad guy, oh well.

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Trust me, when you go on the Wonder Woman forums for yourself, you can easily see why Wonder Woman fans really are hard to please.

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@logy5000: Let me look up that fight and see if that's the case.

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Superman could have done a Bane....

Not even Batman should have done a Bane. Despite him having a more lax code on killing, I still got annoyed at that scene.

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@thanosii: Yo're the one who targeted me first, not the other way round. And you've done so on other battle threads too. I've dealt with all your arguments and can do so til the cows come home. But your arguments are so irritatingly cringeworthy that to do so would be a waste of my time on here.

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@logy5000: To be honest, you're far from a ridiculous Hancock fanboy. You've actually given a good defense for him being able to win this fight which is something not many Hancock fanboys have done. I've noticed your posts for Superman on here so I know you prefer him to Hancock.

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Couldn't agree more with Morrison. I was wondering what he thought about the film. Glad to see he keeps a level head about this movie and points out exactly where it goes wrong in bringing Superman onto the big screen


He took away his powers and threw him down a bottomless pit in the f*cking ARTIC, I doubt Zod survived that.

This part is just in jest mate :P

Actually, in the Donner cut of Superman II, we see the US Arctic Police (I know, strange name) arrest Lex and the Phantom Zone criminals. Because Donner was kicked off Superman II later on, they cut out that part of the ending. So originally, Superman would have sent Zod off to be imprisoned as shown here

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@cadencev2: He's noble but not pure mate. There's a conversation in an issue of Uncanny Avengers where he talks about killing if necessary. So yeah, given his past actions, he'd be more than susceptible to the Penance Stare.

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@lvenger: A Shazam series is much needed, but if i may, i'd change the creative team. Geoff Johns is too busy trying to build up Aquaman now, and giving him as much 'lore' as possible. As for Gary Frank, i don't know why he's not a regular artist for anything. But back on point, i'd change the creative team to Brian Buccelato and Francis Manapul, i say this since i'm a big fan of the Flash, and i notice how the scripts are in tuned to Billy's character... there are some serious moments, but it's light hearted and flashy (O-O), and also Manapul's art has been amazing. The Flash will lose a great creative team, but think of how Shazam would be, it'd be a nice read. Also, Manapul does alot of random Shazam art, JUST LOOK AT THIS =D!!

That's not a half bad idea actually. The creative team on Flash would be well suited to take on Shazam. Nice idea!

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@logy5000: Strength feats don't equate to striking power. Is there proof his wife was stronger than he was? And I rewatched the fight scene between the two and Superman does destroy several buildings in their fight. The reason Zod destroys more is because he wants to commit genocide on humanity.

I know, but Hancock has the durability to negate striking power as far as I can tell.

Again, what proof do you have of that? Fighting his wife? Tanking a 20 carriage train? Feats of that ilk? They weren't anything MOS Superman hasn't equalled and easily surpassed in his film. Superman has the feats to take this by a clear majority despite the so called invulnerability of Hancock. Superman's invulnerable too by description but he has showings to back that up.

Fighting his wife.

Tanking the train.

I'm sorry, but he really didn't surpass the train scene as far as strength feats go. Hancock was unharmed by his wife, who is at least equal to him (it was stated that she's actually more powerful.) Superman, on the other hand, was KO'ed more than once against the 2 kryptonians, although it should be noted that he was fighting 2 of them. Superman doesn't have feats to suggest invulnerability. But like I said, never let it be said that I think Hancock is invulnerable, because I don't. He CAN be damaged, but his durability suggests that it would require more power than Superman disperses.

And I really hate to defend Hancock, because I prefer Superman and I though as far as the films go, MOS was so much better.

See you're just posting the same few feats over. Superman has far more variety on hand. You're talking rubbish here because Superman was never KOed whilst fighting the two Kryptonians, I can assure you of that. Name a point where he was KOed. What's more, I'm afraid you lack the evidence to support your case that I have to back up Superman. Superman has more than enough power to beat Hancock and you're exaggerating Hancock's feats far too much as per usual of Hancock battles. You have no credence to back up your claim that Hancock'd durability cannot be superseded by Superman who is physically stronger and able to hit much harder than Hancock not to mention being far more durable.

In the end, your case doesn't stand up to my analysis and it's easy to see that Superman wins. And not to mention that Hancock got set on fire really easily and needed something cold to cool him down whereas Superman waded through a burning oil rig with ease. And Hancock was shown to be susceptible to alcohol meaning his cells aren't resistant to its effects. And if his cells aren't invulnerable, his body certainly isn't. I think that's the nail in the coffin for my case that Superman>Hancock easily.