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@g_man: Apologies, you must have uploaded the clip just after I posted my comment. I thought you hadn't gotten the clip up on here and I thought you couldn't upload it.

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@wolverine08: Yes I can recognise her now. Calling Green Arrow as the winner there.

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Wow the first too close to call bout. I guess it did happen. I can make out Green Arrow on the right but I can't see who the gun toting femme fatale is.

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The preview for it. Looks really bizarre and funky. More inspired by the 70s spy period of the character.

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Has anyone seen that One Piece/Toriko/Dragon Ball Z crossover? I found it very disappointing from what I could understand about the story. But it was hilarious to hear the DBZ whiners complain about Goku being nerfed even though he was still more powerful than anyone from the other shows.

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Haven't been on this thread for a while. Missed out on quite a lot lol.

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I'm a Batman fan and I like Jordan.

This for me too. Batman's my second favourite but Jordan is my 4th favourite. Johns can write him douchily though e.g His New 52 Justice League run.

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@lilben42: They're very picky. Only a few runs such as Perez and Rucka have gained anything close to universal assent on what a good Wonder Woman story is. Even with the quality of story telling Azzarello is giving, some die hard Wonder Woman fans don't like his changes. Some I get but others seem silly. And the claim for a good story needing high end feats is hilariously bad. Still, the votes show a 62% lead for Azzarello. That speaks louder than the complaints mounted against him.

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Regrettably, DC have relied on Superman and Batman in the film industry for far too long. They've only used one other comic book superhero for a film which flopped horribly. Their other two movies are based on graphic novels by Alan Moore which have mixed receptions at best. Until DC find directors, producers and scriptwriters who can really bring these characters onto the screen properly, Marvel will have the edge in the film business.

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@sinestro_gl: Damn sorry about that man. I'm kind of to blame for the derailing of this thread into MOS territory.