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@sandman_ said:

Or you guys could just say MMH was caught off guard.

That's what I was expressing in the jobbing/PIS statement but yes MMH was clearly caught off guard.

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@ghostravage: Feel free to call me any time after next Monday mate, I'll be totally free over the Christmas and New Year period. And a CAV involving powerhouses I know and love very well coupled with debating a respectful knowledgeable debater like yourself should be very interesting indeed.

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@theacidskull: Thanks mate! Wow Mann's artwork is beautiful. Finally the series has a quality artist again.

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@green_skaar said:

@lvenger should be able to shed some light on this.

Actually @citizenbane already proved this in another Superman vs Thor thread:

Yeah. Except for the times when he blitzed Mongul, blitzed Doomsday Rex, blitzed Darkseid, blitzed an Imperiex Probe, blitzed Gog, blitzed Gnarnite, blitzed a Kryptonian strike team, blitzed Deathstroke,blitzed Subjeckt 17, blitzed H/P Doomsday and BFR'd Batman before the Four Horsemen could react, it's just an excuse DC fanboys like to use to say Supes wins.

Basically this though I can cite more if the OP and others aren't convinced. Superman speedblitzes very regularly in character let alone the lethal attacks he could perform OOC.

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@powerwoman: He may lack Superman's diverse feats but given their history, it's pretty clear that Shazam will become a physical match for Superman in time.

And this is why no one takes you seriously on here. You do realise that Superman has had more than half a dozen times when he's been telepathically owned, one of them by MM himself? He's the JLA member picked to specifically take down Superman and when you have someone with Superman's powers plus telepathy, intangibility and shape shifting, it's pretty clear who's going to win.

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@powerwoman: He doesn't have many to my knowledge but given that a Zod who had only just got his powers somehow managed to easily dominate MM in a fist fight contradicts MM's feat of tanking a shot from Billy Batson when he was weakened inside the Firestorm Matrix.

Further proof that J'onn was at half strength or less

Couple that with MM's not using telepathy, intangibility and shape shifting and I fail to see how Zod beating MM is a legitimate feat instead of a jobbing PIS encounter.

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@powerwoman: It is only one high end feat that cannot be generalised to Superman's more consistent showings.

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@wishiwassuperman: Pak's first 3 issues of Superman/Batman along with Batman's guest appearance in Morrison's AC run do more for developing their friendship than a buddy talk in this issue. And given that I'm hugely against the Superman/Wonder Woman pairing, I think I'll have to pass on buying it lol.

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@powerwoman: I wonder if you're thinking about the feat correctly in all honesty.

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@ghostravage: A CAV on this battle? I have to admit I like the sound of that idea. But would it be all right waiting until Monday to start it? I have one more essay to finish over this weekend. And I take it you call Team 2? :P