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Oh man I can't wait for TMNT 28 to come out! I have yet to read the last two parts of City Fall but I'll order them this week and save them for when I finish my first semester at university. So pumped for how City Fall will end!

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Morrison for certain. Moore may have a bad attitude to the industry these days but his writing was some of the most mature, advanced and well written work to ever grace the industry. And yet Morrison outclasses Moore by a fair margin with his intelligent, complex yet true to the core of the character writing.

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@wolverine08: I'll have to keep an eye out for effects like that between the suit and the shield. It's remarkable that one deflects and distributes the force of the attack against it whereas one absorbs the impact of the attack wholly.

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Looks like @cadencev2 and @lvenger needs to have a CAV! Fight, fight fight!!!!

I did promise Cadence a CAV but I'm probably gonna have to take a temporary break from the Vine sometime this week to finish essays so I promised him one over the Christmas and New Year period.

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@war_killer: That was mentioned in the episode I believe. I just heard theories that this form was linked to Bad Wolf later on.

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@cadencev2: Still you cannot prove the size of the crater based on one scan and scaled up estimations. That just doesn't work to prove the feat's legitimacy IMO. Plus if Mark was a 30 tonner at this point, I find it hard to believe a 30 tonner could make a city busting attack. Besides how much of the moon are we looking at in that scan?

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@wolverine08: Agreed, Panther's suit seems to work in a different way to the vibranium in Cap's shield.

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Superior Spider-Man may not be very popular on here but it only applies to here. Other forum boards/comic book readers who don't use forum boards still buy the series in their drothes. Regrettably, Superior Spider-Man is only disliked by a vocal minority whereas others will pick the title up simply because Spider-Man is attached to it. As for Superman/Wonder Woman, as much as I dislike it, I don't see how a book with two well known DC characters along with a fresh up and coming creative team and top tier villains will get cancelled any time soon.

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@cadencev2: See above for GR's point. He's found a scan of the crater not leaving much of an impact.

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@wolverine08: Of course with the extra vibrational properties and increased durability to it.