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No mod with the exception of Mercy_ & Icarusflies should come up here. When most people become mods, they stop being witty/smart and become corrupt with power and full of themselves. You don't need to look far to see that. Having said that, I've always enjoyed InnerVenom123's posts. Everyone else sucks and yes, that includes me.

This is a load of Bullsh*t.

and a case of unjustified hate.

QFT. Except for the part of them sucking.

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I was about to say these battles aren't allowed but then I remembered only DBZ vs comic fights had been banned. Thankfully.

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@deranged_midget: I imagine you don't. Nor do I really. That's why I have an online subscription because, even though I'm always a month behind in what I'm reading, I'm guaranteed to get it.

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@deranged_midget: Not gonna lie, I might get into digital in the future when I have way less time to spare. But for now, I still value print over digital IMO.

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One of the best Villain's Month titles put out. A very strongly written issue with a few niggles in there.

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@deranged_midget: It's the same for me really. Hardcover book>digital book though given the amount of reading I'm beginning to get each week, digital reading is becoming more of a norm really.

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@wishiwassuperman: Thanks man, you're always a pretty reasonable guy to talk to on here.

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All right then I'll go first. Whilst I only have a passing familiarity with Jack Hawksmoor, I do know his basic stats. 40 tonner in strength, can control and manipulate cities, is at his most powerful when at the heart of a city etc. All well and good and ComicStooge has assured me Jack can pose more than a challenge to Iron Man. Best of luck to you @comicstooge

Despite Jack's impressive range of abilities, I'll make sure to show why I think Iron Man can win. Let me begin with some basic advantages Iron Man has over Jack. The first is through combat and reaction speed. Shocking that I of all people am starting here. But let's take a look at some of Tony's feats in this department.

In scan 1, he was adjusting to attacks in less than a second, then in under two seconds, he was able to speedblitz the foe. And in scans 2 and 3, he dodges a lightning attack and moves as fast as a superhuman foe capable of moving like a blur. Not to mention he's running his suit by thought which, if Tony's intellectual feats are anything to go by is very fast indeed. I've never seen Jack move anywhere near as fast as this. Now for reaction feats

Here he swats away Johnny Storm easily. And Torch has been able to race alongside Quicksilver whilst flying with flame on

And here he easily reacts to Spider-Man's attack and web fluid fairly easily. And Spider-Man has easily dodged bullets, lasers and made superhuman foes look slow in comparison to him.

Thus, with speed feats like this, Jack's attacks will have to be fast and frantic to tag Tony, let alone hurt him. Secondly, Tony has a massive ranged advantage and I do mean massive. A taste of what his Repulsar rays can do should be enough to demonstrate this fact

In the first scan, his uni beam reaches temperatures of 10,000 Kelvin which, on numerous scientific sources I've checked, is almost twice as hot as the surface of the sun. The surface reaches temperatures of about 5,800 K whereas the core is WAY hotter lol. Still Tony being able to fire blasts twice as hot as the surface of the sun is rather impressive. Has Jack tanked attacks that hot before? In scans 2 to 3, Tony not only shrugs off a tank battalion like it's nothing but he then proceeds to decimate said batallion like they're toys. And this full form repulsar ray is a nice feat that can get rid of any obstacles Jack can throw at him. For instance, if Jack uses the city to surround Tony with objects, one full form repulsar ray is all that's needed to disperse the objects. These ranged offensive weaponry feats should show that Tony is definitely capable of shrugging off whatever Jack can throw at him and then pepper him with said blasts to massively affect the fight's outcome. Couple that with Tony's speed and I already have two sets of clear advantages laid out already. I shall keep some feats and arguments held back for your reply though. Don't want to go all out so soon.

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Skynet are back to bring down the Vine. Also I'm glad I wasn't the only one to suffer this crash.

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@drgnx: Ah so you were basing your post on that? Fair enough. That is a justifiable reference since I'm not at all impressed with Lobdell's writing in the slightest. But generally, I'm sort of OK with the New 52 as a whole. Particularly the good books that have actually come out of it such as Wonder Woman despite the whining on here.