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Oh brilliant another Storm book that's going to get short acclaim before fading into obscurity and get cancelled. Matter of time for this to happen. I really don't see the appeal of Storm or why a C lister at best deserves a title of her own.

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@ultimatesmfan: The black hole bullets were said to be "light vacuums" hence Superman's adverse reaction. That makes sense as to why they can harm Superman. Same with the red sun bullets and Hephaestus' forge is of mystical properties so it'd be strange if Superman shrugged that off easily.

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@toptom: Fair enough I forgot about that particular fight.

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Technically Martian Manhunter beats Superman on the combined Swiss Army knife package but I get your point and agree on most things aside from the MOS battle. They were repetitive, needlessly destructive CGI fights that lacked creativity of well written Superman fights in the comics IMO. Ultimately though, his iconic status comes from his ethical compass, his representation of being the best each and every person can be and his unshakeable resolve to do the right thing no matter what. Nice blog though commemorating the Man of Steel's 75th anniversary.

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@toptom said:

@lvenger said:

@ultimatesmfan: If it was a slip up like Superman getting cut by titanium in For Tomorrow, I could understand that complaint. But on two differing details released within weeks of each other can't be helped I'm afraid. Besides, who's to say the suit can hold up against red sun weaponry in the first place?

The common sense should be enough. It doesn't matter how we can look at it, that suit, from what we know since now, shouldn't be destoyed by bullets : the fact that those were red sun bullets is irrelevant since an armor doesn't stop being an armor with a different sun's light.

It is a little error that doesn't ruin the story at all but it is still an error.

But who's to say that the red sun bullets aren't capable of distorting the protectiveness of the armour?

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Faora does win but without proper physical strength and striking feats on par with Superman, Zod or Nam-Ek, it won't be a stomp or easy win. It will however be an eventual win in her favour particularly with Thor's weakness to knives and all. And Thor's lacking combat speed in comparison.

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@dernman: I suppose that was a major concern in writing a meeting like this.

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@hastalavista: Well that's strange given the solicits made it out to be the main story of the issue.

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Loved this video, Daly and Conroy were brilliant! And Conroy's delivery of the Dark Knight Returns line was amazing!

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I buy them. Nothing like a real comic in your hand.