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@gokuwarrior: Stop calling people who don't like Perez' run not true fans of the character. It undermines your ability to claim yourself as a Wonder Woman fan if you badger other fans on what Wonder Woman stories they like. People can choose to prefer whatever Wonder Woman stories they like, even if it's Azzarello over that (for the record, I still rate Perez and Rucka's runs higher than Azzarello's, I'm just pointing out why you can't say that to people who don't like them)

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It has to be this moment for me

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Goku is allowed on the battle threads

He's allowed on Challenge a Viner debates but not the battle forums.

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@cybrilious4: Superman tanked a World Engine that the Kryptonians used to reshape the planet. Hancock has nothing on that. Absolutely nothing.

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Despite Superman and Batman being my two all time favourite characters, I'm not looking forward to this film that much. There should have been a sequel to Man of Steel first and then an expansion into the rest of the DC Universe. The fact Warner Bros are playing their two trick pony line again is becoming wearing. By jumping into a World's Finest movie, Warner Bros are rushing to catch up with Marvel's Cinematic Universe and it's going to backfire on them badly. Not to mention that Nolan, Snyder and Goyer all brought their share of problems to Man of Steel and might not get the chance to correct their mistakes in this film.

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  1. The Two Towers
  2. The Fellowship of the Ring
  3. The Empire Strikes Back
  4. Return of the Jedi
  5. The Matrix
  6. Return of the King
  7. A New Hope
  8. Hercules
  9. Harry Potter and The Order of the Phoenix
  10. Rain Man
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@k4tzm4n: Hey it's not your fault. It was mostly a decent issue but the Leo sequence seemed totally out of character and could have been executed better. I'm sure now that Leo's turned to the dark side, we'll get awesome tension and conflict with the Turtles now. The plans from here onwards sound pretty good!

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@wolverine08: Shiva knows more styles than Batman and is capable of implementing them in an even more unorthodox style than Batman. And Connor Hawke, Bronze Tiger and Richard Dragon know loads of styles too.

@laflux said:

I think Wolverine still retains his physical stats, at least for the stipulations of this thread.

Has this been confirmed by Cornell? I'm not reading Wolverine.

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@wolverine08: I know what you're saying as you've said it to me before but as with many other real world rules, comic books don't take those into whole consideration. Typically, the better martial artists in comic books are the ones that have mastered more styles than the ones who have mastered fewer styles more thoroughly.

On topic, I think Batman edges out based on feats. He's displayed his fighting prowess more often than Wolverine though it could go either way, I could see it going more Batman's way. Without the claws, healing factor and superhuman stats, Wolverine is at more of a disadvantage.

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  • A Silver Surfer series for certain. He's one of the biggest cosmic characters at Marvel and the fact he hasn't had a series for a while should be changed
  • A Hercules series
  • A Hank Pym solo series
  • A Doctor Strange series
  • A Nick Fury series and I mean the ORIGINAL Nick Fury, not the cinematic knock off.