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@namor_curry: Because a chokehold is totally the defining way you can tell who's going to win a fight despite said fight never concluding due to Namorita's interference but sure I'll play along.

He two shots Beta Ray Bill

And I thought you couldn't pull up anymore biased evidence. So Beta Ray Bill, the guy who tanks planet busting attacks and survives supernovas along with point blank blows from Mjolnir (which destroyed planets in the process) can be two shotted by Namor? That's just as fanciful as the rest of your arguments, especially when you consider Beta Ray Bill's feats. I know what instance you're referring to but it's a wholly inaccurate piece of evidence to even think of suggesting as proof Namor is a heavy hitter.

has one shotted Hulk once and beat him a ton of other times

Can you not go one post without repeating yourself? I've already pointed out that Namor's defeats of Hulk were in the classic days, and the Hulk is not without his victories either. Such as overpowering and restraining a freshly wet and hydrated Namor in Hulk vol 2 #10. Which is far more recent and updated than your evidence of Namor's victories. It's an incredibly belaboured point considering Hulk has been too much for Namor to handle for years now, citing Namor's victories does you no good.

made Thanos bleed with a single hit

So we can add ignorance to your debating faux pas. A second reminder about how, despite how ridiculous of a high end feat this is, you're still blowing it out of proportion.

breaks the crimson bands of Cyttorak

Several powerhouses and their mothers have broken the Crimson bands of Cyttorak now, it's not that good of a striking feat anymore.

caused an earthquake by hitting the ground with enough force

Source/scan for this instance? Also Beast has performed a similar feat so without knowing about Namor's feat and its context, we can't tell whether it's any better than what Beast did.

withstood a hit from Mjolnir to the back of the head and isn't even K.O.'d

Cool. Do you know whether Thor threw Mjolnir with the same force as he did when he shotted Angrir, an amped version of the Thing with one of the Serpent's Hammers who was owning Rulk in a 1v1 fight? Or the same force when he destroyed a falling mountain peak which threatened to destroy the heroes' citadel in Secret Wars, which was stated to be the size of Chicago? Or when he threw Mjolnir at an asteroid the size of a mountain destroying it instantly?

Just checking to see if Namor can survive these kinds of hammer throws, of which I am very doubtful.

and beats the pants off of Super Skrull.

When did Namor accomplish this feat by the way? It matters since modern Super Skrull has better feats such as owning She Hulk in battle and using brain bubbles to lobotomise his foes in battle. If it's classic Super Skrull, the writers might not have given him those abilities and feats yet.

Here's a list of heavy hitters over the years that Namor has beaten or tied: Hulk, Hercules, Thing, Abomination, Orca, Silver Surfer, Thor, Iron Man, Goliath, Dragon Man, Dr. Doom, Wolverine, Beta Ray Bill, Super Skrull.

  • Hulk's defeats were in the classic days and current Hulk is way beyond Namor's ability to fight fairly.
  • Hercules' fights were never concluded before a winner was clear or even indicated, both looked evenly matched in their fights but Hercules' superior strength feats coupled with performances against Thor and Hulk highlight his superior chances at beating Namor by far.
  • He's mostly stalemated with Thing, yet you think he can hang with the higher tier characters somehow.
  • Abomination has been inconsistent in his power levels. One minute he's overpowering the Hulk, the next even Hawkeye can score a cheap win on him.
  • Can't comment on Orca.
  • Lol he wasn't tying with Silver Surfer at all, you really think Namor can tie with Silver Surfer in a fight? Man you must have some fanciful ideas about what he can do.
  • Thor one shotted him in the pouring rain and held the edge in their other fight. Hardly a tie.
  • Namor does have a chance of beating Iron Man but regardless of your inflated opinion of him, Namor's still in around about Iron Man's league, or just a small peg above.
  • Dragon Man hasn't been too impressive lately.
  • Doom's not exactly a traditional powerhouse but he has impressive feats with technology and magic. Did Namor beat him whilst he was using both?
  • Wolverine might well have been holding back, his claws coupled with mastery of martial arts indicate he could have finished him off had he wanted to, Moreover, the scans show Namor somehow surviving the claws, yet those same claws have pierced even Gladiator and World War Hulk's tough skin. Is Namor more durable than both these powerhouses now?
  • Debunked your BRB lowballing.

So.. he's as durable as a heavy hitter, has fought with heavy hitters, and has the strength of heavy hitters. What will be your next point of contention? Combat speed? He has feats for that too.

Funny because it seems to me that you've willfully exagerated most of your feats for Namor and misrepresented context or the showings of most of the other characters so I'm afraid Namor isn't nearly as much of a heavy hitter as you think. Not when he can get one shotted by Wonder Man.

Oh joy, like this hasn't been fun enough. For the record, Namor's land blitz feats aren't exactly all that great and his water blitz feats require deep water and involve him being at his peak.

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@zandalf: thanks for the clarity, another question tho. Would this count as a blackhole durability feat? It was never said to actually be a blackhole, only similar, would it just be a hyperbole?

Considering we don't know the context about that feat, it's very hard to ascertain whether it was a black hole or not. DC haven't told that story in full.

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@pyrogram: Whatever, shall we just agree to disagree since we're not going to convince the other about what we respectively believe on feminism and gender equality?

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  1. As you are entitled to yours but that doesn't mean I don't find it to be lacking in justification. I don't need a signed statement from Johns either, it was pretty clear that the comic itself didn't show their first kiss as a deep, intimate moment, it was a sudden, random moment at the end of an issue to generate shock value, that is if the cover and press coverage hadn't spoiled it already. That much isn't subjective, even if you can hide behind the subjectivity of love.
  2. It may be subjective but some work better than others. Reed and Sue have lasted as a married couple for decades for example and Peter Parker and Mary Jane were a very popular couple as I imagine you well know. This might be one of many different types of romances, but it's not a well thought out, compelling or mutually common romance for many people.
  3. And this is where your problems as a Superman fan lie I'm afraid.
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@pyrogram: You do realise video games was only one example of feminism in action for all its negativity right? That's cherry picking and poorly contextualizing your argument, I'd expect better presentation than that.

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@frozen: I must have missed your blog when I took my break from CV, that's a very well written post on the subject mate.

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Man it's a good thing the Clois fanbase doesn't have much of a presence on here. As aggravating as I find the weird support for Superman and Wonder Woman as a couple, those guys are incensed on social media all the time that Superman isn't with Lois and that she's been thrown to the sidelines. Though suffice to say, it's a gross double standard to call Lois' romance as crippling, dysfunctional and useless to the character. It's like they're saying us mere mortals aren't good enough to be the partners of super powered beings despite the co-existence and affinity between the two.

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@pyrogram said:

@lvenger: Feminism is for equality, so your understanding of feminism is simply lacking. I can explain it to you if you want, I'm confident you're smart enough to understand (unlike some people here).

I understand the premise of feminism already, you can explain it all you want but considering that the founding mothers of feminism expressed similar ideas and opinions to today's awful third wave feminists, I doubt your explanation will make it sound all that much better. I'm still sticking with egalitarianism which is about both men and women's rights, not giving uptight people the excuse to rip on video games just because they're looking for an excuse to see trivial hatred and mistreatment of women.

@lvenger: never heared of Egalitarianism, interesting

Yep, I find it to be a much more preferable belief to adhere to myself.


  1. 1.believing in or based on the principle that all people are equal and deserve equal rights and opportunities."a fairer, more egalitarian society"


  1. 1.a person who advocates or supports the principle of equality for all people."he was a social and political egalitarian"
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@saintwildcard: So your replies to my posts just two days ago are ghost replies to me? Riiight, sure thing.

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Hehe this should be an intense debate now Nick's made things personal.