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@lunacyde: Not a bad response. You might make for a similar level of challenge to kill as Fetts if you convince Erik that you can kill Fetts :P

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Yeah the PR and attention makes this fairly and hopefully obvious that Damian will be back from the dead thanks to The Chaos Shard. There's a no win situation to all this. If DC do bring Damian back, there'll be complaints that death isn't permanent or meaningful in comics anymore and that's been the case for ages. On the other hand, if Damian isn't brought back, the Damian fans won't really approve of DC dangling his resurrection like a carrot to a donkey only to yank it away again. May as well bring Damian back and develop his character arc even more.

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@jayc1324 said:

@lvenger: but apparently this female Thor is popular enough to be the lead in a book featuring the real Thor.

Yep, more people are totally going to stay rather than want to see the original Thor back in the role with Mjolnir in his possession again.

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@jayc1324 said:

@lvenger: that makes me not want to buy it. I have some interest in the unworthy thor story but I don't want to have to read female Thor stories to get it.

I spent a lot of time raging over Superior Spider-Man whilst it was out so I don't want to waste time raging against this either. But yeah Aaron isn't putting out a separate book for Unworthy Thor because it's not like he's popular enough to hold his own title right?

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@fetts: I'll answer this later because you're fighting Lunacyde now and we're not interfering until there's a winner declared so it's pointless debating with you now.

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At first I was excited by the name of event and by Darkseid vs The Anti Monitor and then I remembered what a s****y Darkseid Johns wrote in Origins. Just a lumbering brute whose main line of dialogue was "I am Darkseid." I love what Johns did with Aquaman, Green Lantern and currently Superman in The New 52 but he is not the right guy to write Darkseid. Maybe The Anti Monitor fits his bill but not Darkseid. Ugh that means that Johns is probably going to be writing this next big event which will probably be a homage to Crisis on Infinite Earths.

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@eisenfauste said:

People see what they want to see.

I'd really like to say this. But OTOH you can't really fault them when "9/11" happens to be in the tweet, besides a blown-up building picture..

Agreed. It was a case of unfortunate marketing with the wrong type of poster on the wrong date. An accident on Paramount's part but still one that their PR department should have checked through before publishing.

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@laflux: Very nice list there man, I was just focusing on the latest feats myself but you've added those and then some to the list. I also agree that Peter is closer to 20 tons than 10 tons but I do think he's still high tier street level myself. Contradictory I know but his durability and damage soaking makes up for his insane physicals. If you're a good enough shot or skilled with a weapon, you might be able to take Peter down.

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@lvenger: So will "unworthy thor" be in a whole separate title? Or he won't have a comic?

Aaron also said at his SDCC panel that Unworthy Thor would be in the same comic as Female Thor. But he'd be getting less screen time to allow Female Thor more of the limelight -_-

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@agent41 said:

this is pre 52,so she beats him in both rounds.

and the recent fight in the new 52,WW was not using full strength because the bracelets were still on,and she already showed to overpower him easily without full strength,during the ocean master event.

I know and I agree Pre New 52 Wonder Woman wins handily against Pre New 52 Aquaman. New 52 Wonder Woman vs New 52 Aquaman not so much. I refer you to Fallschirmajer's comment a few posts above me that details the altercations Wonder Woman and Aquaman have had in the New 52. If Wonder Woman were to win (and I do think she can) it would be a hard fought battle on Diana's part due to Arthur's physical edge.


WW has been a consistent Kryptonian level character, as seen in her showings agains four different Kryptonians.

4 Kryptonians? She's only fought Zod, Faora and Superman himself. Who's the fourth one?

This isnt even including the Trinity war fiasco, where she stopped a bloodlusted backhand from Superman with her bare hands.

That was a weakened Superman who had a fragment of Kryptonite lodged in his brain by Atomica. He was hardly operating at peak capacity. Heck his face was turning green. Wonder Woman beating him is hardly a good feat.

WW definitely has better showings against heavy hitters.

Such as? I don't recall her winning against many notable heavy hitters to my knowledge yet in The New 52.

Fallschirmajer has dealt with most of your assessments of the New 52 Aquaman vs Wonder Woman fights already so I don't need to address them myself.