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Something that's been bugging me for some time but I've never asked the admin staff why is the new, well recent notifications bar. Before you could look back over more than 20 notifications on several pages to see more notifications sent to you. Nowadays, the limit is 20 and when you're offline, you may get more than 20 responses sent back to you that you can't respond to because you don't know where the 21+ onwards messages came from. It's rather annoying that our notifications have been limited in this way and I was wondering why this part of the site had been changed as opposed to the previous model for notification receiving.

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Read Superman new 52 in this order for best experience:

1. Action Comic 1-18 by Grant Morrison. New origin and compelling storytelling.

2. Superman Unchained by Scott Snyder. Good story, great art by Jim Lee.

3. Action Comics by Greg Pak. Skip Doomsday crossover, it's lengthy and pretty hit or miss. Otherwise it's good.

4. Superman 32-39 by Geoff Johns. Good story but art might turn you off if you don't like John Romita jr. art. I really liked this story as Geoff writes Superman really good.

This sums up my suggestions for somewhat decent to good New 52 Superman stories as well. Minus the last few sentences on BM/SM and SM/WW.

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I prefer him this way. He doesn't feel like he has a stick up his butt.

Yes, now he feels like he's willing to beat people up with a stick just because he's had a bad day. Isn't that so much better?

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I still say green, red and gold are the essential K isotopes. Superman stories can do without the others as they're the essential ones.

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@_animus_ said:

Bad ASS. The art is decent but Thomas Wayne meets Pre-Flashpoint Bruce? Souped.

@lvenger said:

@captainmarvel4ever said:

@buttersdaman000: I'd disagree, I think the New 52 suit is pretty much perfect for a modern Superman.

Nope. this is the perfect costume for a modern Superman.

Classic, elegant, functional and contemporary with no armour, silly V neck sleeves, countless lines or Mandarincollars in sight.


Nope, this is pretty much the perfect way to balance a classic look with modernity in a Superman costume.

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@isaac_clarke: And it's always fun to debunk your Thor overrating arguments. Been a while since I did that, I see you're still blowing Thor's chances against fully powered DC powerhouses out of proportion whilst lowballing the DC characters. Do remind me how Thor can deal with an intangible, planetary+ telepath, shapeshifting being with all of Superman's powers too, that's always 'fun' to read your justifications.

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An easy vote for @cosmicallyaware1 here, he held the upper hand throughout the entire debate deconstructing his opponent's points, invalidating Speedster's arguments and utilised much better and more consistent evidence. A word of advice though Speedster, next time don't try and discredit the place of feats in a debate. If your opponent can prove his points with better and more established evidence than you can, don't say "oh feats aren't that important" in reply because that just discredits your argument and debating credibility. Still, I recall your Despero vs Brightest day debate not too long ago and you have come a long way from that debate, this was a much better job.

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@isaac_clarke said:

@lvenger said:

Considering Darkseid can ragdoll Kryptonians with ease and casually bust planets, he might be able to solo this.

Casually busting planets was what Thor was doing in the Godbomb arc fighting Gorr. Not exactly selling it.

Let's not forget that Hyperion was having trouble against Thanos' lackey and was also hurt by Hulk and Thor's attacks. He's not immune to damage by any means.

That's because Thor's physically on-par with Hyperion and the Hulk is physically the strongest character on the Avenger roster. Trying to say Hyperion being cut by the super-nova stick is somehow a low-end when it restrained the Hulk on it's own isn't exactly selling it either.

Honestly does Darkseid have any feats worth mentioning here? Because so far the argument is 'he wins because he did stuff Thor did'.

Darkseid has also ragdolled several beings on Thor's level all at once and is currently soloing the entirety of Earth 2, I'd say that puts him on another level from Thor I'm afraid.

So does Thor's lightning now have universe busting power? Or what about the Hulk's punches which caused Hyperion to bleed? Or High Evolutionary's blasts? Or AIM's tech which imprisoned Hyperion? The faulty logic in subscribing to Hyperion's ridiculous universe busting feat is extremely trite and fallacious reasoning. Moreover, I believe someone debunked this by pointing out that only the two Earths exploded in the incursion, meaning Hyperion only tanked a planetary+ attack at best.

Darkseid's feats have been cited throughout this train wreck of a battle thread, just because the Hyperion fanboys dismiss them doesn't invalidate them. You can find them for yourself in the posts made here, they're far better than the inane hyperbolic reasoning Hyperion fanboys have provided thus far.

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@movieartman: I'm not interested in doing so at all. I've debunked, rebutted and invalidated your arguments before but you refuse to accept the blatant amount of destruction Superman caused in his fight with Zod for whatever reasons that may be. And I'm not in the mood to deal with more MOS fanboys who can't accept when their defense of MOS is based on flimsy foundations. Feel free to buy into your arguments, it's not like many others will do so.

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@modernww2fare: That's fine because that's Superman's own power. Bear in mind that he was enraged and maddened by Turpin's death though.