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With Amon trying to keep up pretenses, his chances of winning go down against a bender as deadly and skilled as Azula.

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@z3ro180 said:

@lvenger: JRJR isn't a bad artist but he does have a bit of slip ups in the comics he does.

IMO he is now. Back in his prime, JRJR could give his father a run for his money in the art department. Now he's just decent at best, tolerable due to his splash pages currently.

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Zat es Pre-52 gaaaah badge, Mod, zoes no belong here.

Um...what? If that was your attempt at humourously saying you don't know/like the Pre New 52, you failed there.

Lvenger, you mistake me for bias which is not false. I'm actually pretty balanced on both these two, also you're right Superman is superior in stats, but I don't think so much so that he is going to be stomping anything.

Considering that you're one of the few users on CV who seems to deny Wally West being an apex battle forum character who can beat practically anyone below Herald level when free of PIS and WIS, you're not helping yourself by trying to distance yourself from being balanced. Not to mention I haven't exactly agreed with you most of the time and have countered your arguments before. Maybe you've learnt something since then.

Let me explain further since you wanna talk feats so badly.

Well of course since feats are the currency of the battle forums and make for a better empirical method of determining what a character can do

Superman is a little stronger and faster than Supergirl. She was able to keep up with him when they were flying, and he said he is a little stronger.

Haha nope, Superman is not just a little bit stronger than Supergirl. He's a league above Kara completely. Take Superman #6 - The Measure of a Superman for example. A nanite clone of Superman was stomping Supergirl when it fought Supergirl whilst channelling Superman's abilities. Shortly after he broke free, Superman owned that nanite clone handily. I can't post all the scans due to the new scan rule but here's a link to a New 52 Superman vs New 52 Wonder Woman CAV I had a while ago. That has all the scans you need to see for my proof. It's clear Superman is much stronger, faster and more powerful than Supergirl, not just a little.

Wonder Woman was able to rush and take down Supergirl when needed.

True but you're forgetting that Diana also admitted that Kara matched her in strength and speed as well.

Even if I subscribe to your faulty ABC logic, Superman>Supergirl=Wonder Woman. He's still superior and further feats only solidify this claim.

Superman cannot break Wonder Woman's lasso.

Again true but Diana won't get a chance to incapacitate Superman in the lasso due to the difference in physical stats and raw power in the New 52 Superman and Wonder Woman.

Zod and Faora WERE just getting use to their powers yet Wonder Woman was keeping it together while Superman was pretty much a Kryptonian punching bag for them.

Yes, they WERE inexperienced in using their powers yet they somehow beat the more experienced Superman who had a lifetime of solar energy whilst they only had a few hours of solar radiation in their cells at best? How does that make sense? Besides, it's inconsistent when matched up with Superman's track record against more powerful foes than Wonder Woman, e.g Wraith. Wraith stomped Wonder Woman but Superman managed to fight him all across the world, to the moon and the core of the Earth. Or what about Doomsday? He one shotted Wonder Woman in a weaker form and then overpowered her in Doomed but then Superman stepped up to the ring and owned Doomsday twice.

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Prime murders Thor very quickly but he might have more trouble permanently putting Ultron down. Still, it's Prime's fight to lose even against a powerhouse and a teambuster.

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@jayc1324: Exactly, same as the Eric Masterson switch over back in the 80s. And look where he is now. Your last sentence is exactly spot on and a real blow to the pretense Aaron is mistakenly holding when he tries to justify what he's done.

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@z3ro180 said:

@lvenger: I don't think that's meant to be gloves...well I hope not.

Squalleon says they aren't gloves but I'm still a little suspicious. I blame it on Romita's poor drawing though.

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@bezza: I'd recommend Superman vs The Elite and All Star Superman the most. Superman: Doomsday seemed rushed and convoluted sometimes whereas the other two are strong representations of Superman and the original stories they're based on as well.

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@ariesxmasters: Currently, New 52 Superman does stomp Wonder Woman based on the evidence for it despite those who don't want to accept it. He's stronger, hits harder, is faster, more durable, more versatile etc than Diana is currently by miles. This isn't the Pre New 52 versions where it could go either way, Diana has no feats comparable to what Superman can do. And if the argument came down to which more powerful foes each has beaten, Superman has Wraith, H'El and Doomsday to his name in 2014 alone.

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@jayc1324 said:

@lvenger: Yup. Not only does that make no sense, but apparently that is all it takes to get Odinson to give up. He should still be pissed about her having the hammer, not sad about it, no matter how good she is.

But of course Aaron needs to drag this out for a little while longer. It's such a shame to know that the same guy who wrote the masterfully crafted God Butcher and God Bomb is also writing a PR stunt under false pretenses of 'gender equality/representation' -_-