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@superguy1591 said:

@jayc1324: Wraith is Zod...except without a personality.

New 52 Zod had little personality under Soule's atrocious scripting so unless you're praising Pre New 52 Zod, I fail to see how current Zod is more compelling than current Wraith. Let me guess, it's because your precious Pak wrote Zod in Villain's Month isn't it? As for Wraith, he poses a great psychological and ideological challenge to Superman, more than you care to admit. But we've established you don't like Unchained or proper Superman stories at all.

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The girls parents and more importantly the instructor are to blame here for extremely poor judgment which lead to a death and likely this girl being traumatized for life. Obviously, the parent are idiots, but the instructor should have refused to do this. He should know better and should be the first one at that place enforcing strict safety rules. Allowing a 9-year-old girl to even handle a loaded weapon with that much power and recoil is absurd... much less a fully automatic weapon like an Uzi.

Only in America do you get over zealous citizens clinging onto their rights to own a deadly weapon which can cause way more harm to innocents than it does good at 'protecting' themselves from criminals and dangerous people.

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@kcomicfan said:

If they bring back the pre-52 universe, I am giving up on dc comics.

Good bye.

Don't let the door hit you on the way out.


As a big fan of the Pre New 52 universe, I can assure you that bringing it back would be quite a bad long term idea. Granted, we do get the history and the legacy of the DCU back and Pre New 52 readers like yourself who have given up on the New 52 would come back in droves, resulting in a large sales boost that would probably beat Marvel for several months. But after that, where do DC go? Not to mention that DC Comics' credibility wouldn't be particularly strong since they would be going back on their own idea just to pander to the fans. Respecting the fans is always a good thing but bringing back the entire Pre New 52 universe would make them lose a lot of respect as well as New 52 readers.

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Their problem isn't that DC and WB have removed the humour, it's that they've removed all the fun out of their comic book movies.

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None may challenge the supreme word of the mods for their commands are sacred on Comicvine.

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fists start glowin batman drops the whole armor off and gets mystical too. Batman starts using his true secret weapon magic many ppl dnt know batman knows magic but it has been implied many times

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On what basis was there not enough to charge her parents with some form of criminal intent? They at least assisted in their daughter's suicide by handing her a loaded gun and knew the distraught emotional state she'd be in so why on Earth weren't they charged? These outdated morons were very complicit in their daughter's murder and forced the poor girl's hand. What she did was wrong but the parents did even worse. Still sad to think about even though this took place several decades ago.

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Excellent stuff, guys. When I heard that you too were making this blog I couldn't wait to see the results and honeslty, you didn't disappoint.

Thanks very much for the praise, I'm glad our little post met the expectations of site regulars like yourself :)

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Stops at 7 IMO. Zuko could redirect Mako's lightning and bypass Bolin's Earth barriers. Even if they beat Zuko, they definitely don't beat Toph IMO, she's just too good for the brothers to beat.

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@lvenger: Well Superman was shirt and jeans when he gave Superboy his armor so does that count =P?

Nice play on words but you know what I mean :P Or should I specifically have said the Morrison era Superman?