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Goddamn Clois shippers, you're actually making me agree with @saint_wildcard. Stop doing that, I hate having to agree with Saint Wildcard. It's abundantly clear that Lois was in on Batman's plan to draw out the murderer by pretending to be Superman's love interest and when the murderer goes for Lois, Superman jumps in to protect her. Why is it hard to overlook Pak's simplistic writing?

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@jay_z94: Technically Thor had Mjolnir when he performed that feat so Thor may well have used Mjolnir to assist him in fixing that moon.

I'll let someone else answer your lightning barrage point but I believe the CV Hulk experts can point out several instances of Hulk resisting lightning and weather attacks before. So Thor's lightning barrage won't put Hulk down without Mjolnir amping his power.

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@strider92: You make perfect sense as per usual of your posts Strider, that sounds like a much better way of telling the Spider-Verse story than what we ended up with. Of course, this is Slott we're dealing with, he lives off shock value and anti climatic twists in his writing nowadays.

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@jay_z94: Well to go through the full list, Thor loses

  • Energy Projection/Absorption
  • Flight
  • Portal Creation
  • Matter Manipulation

Plus Thor loses his high end weather manipulation feats he performed with Mjolnir. True his stats aren't reduced but his striking power goes down significantly. Whereas w/Mjolnir Thor's striking power>Hulk's striking power, without it, he loses the physical edge too. As for Warrior's Madness, Professor Hulk, often considered one of the weakest incarnations of Hulks, stalemated a Warriror's Madness Thor so The Warrior's Madness card doesn't really work here. Without his hammer's striking force, raw power and versatility, I can't see how Thor matches up to Hulk in a fight.

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@arcus: Fair points, even in character Ghazan is likely to go all out more than anyone else here would in battle but I don't think he could take Bolin before Lin gets defeated by someone on Team 1. Round 2 is a different story though.

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@markus123: You do realise that it's just not me who disagrees with your idea right? Practically everyone, no everyone who's posted on this thread has said it's a bad idea. It's a rare thing when every post agrees with each other but your insane concept has accomplished just that. I don't know whether you're a troll, ridiculously ambitious or blindsided to your own shortcomings but this idea is not going to work.

Of course, you could just email DC and Marvel directly and explain this idea of yours right now. Maybe they'll explain what's wrong with it instead of shutting it down entirely. But I assure you out of all the wannabe comic writers on the Internet, you're hardly likely to get a job with DC or Marvel if this is your gameplan.

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Totally my fault here, first thing tomorrow I'll get my response up before I attend to my other notifications and PMs.

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@bones309: There are plenty of threads on this subject so it's not as if you don't have the justification I guess. Coupled with the fact that Marvel will probably never give Hulk or Thor a fair edge in a fight any time soon and that's all which is needed to keep this rivalry going.

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@bones309 said:

Wow a Hulk vs Thor thread! Ohh but you took away Mjolnir, that's new. Did someone post this picture yet?

Thor hasn't pulled off an attack like that since without Mjolnir in his possession so there are still grounds to doubt the legitimacy of that evidence. Also who exactly was KOed/killed in that scan? Was it Durok?

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Wait 6 months later and Markus still believes that his idea to end the DC and Marvel universes and create new heroes & villains for DC and Marvel is still a good idea?