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@jonny_anonymous: Well I'm pleased to hear it, but you were a bit ambiguous in the way you phrased it. And as I stated before, the reason why I'm not fond of Hercules suddenly being bi-sexual is because there's nothing building it up in his history. Or that the change would come out of nowhere. Both of which happened with characters such as Alan Scott and Iceman in the last few years, which haven't been received overly well.

And if what AcidSkull says about Hercules actually turning a dude down is true, then that'll make the bi-sexual switch in conflict with Hercules' character, in spite of how fitting it would be due to his Ancient Greek background. Unless Abnett did some major backstory explaining to unfamiliar readers why Hercules is suddenly bi-sexual, the readers would be left unclear.

But to cut off my complaining, the interviews and press statements have me genuinely interested in this Marvel comic, which is something I didn't think could happen what with Marvel's current ethos, and business practice of diversity and purposefully enraging their fans. I've heard Abnett and Lanning are a dream team of writers for Marvel on Guardians of the Galaxy and Marvel's cosmic events but I wonder how good Abnett is on his own.

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So this guy has actually argued his delusions over 3 pages of BS and nonsense that it's possible for a physically trained and skilled in martial arts human being to kill a fricking lion in a fight? It's certainly been entertaining to read this trainwreck of a thread even by Off Topic board standards, that's for sure. I wouldn't advise trying to fight a lion like some people have been by the way, you'll find it will certainly not go like you imagine it will.

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@teerack: I'm afraid I don't considering how nothing of my original post indicated I disliked this addition to Hercules' personality based on him being actually bi-sexual. I dislike it because it comes out of nowhere based on Hercules' previous writing and because Abnett's not indicating that's the direction he'll take Hercules in, Bleeding Cool is as per usual of their pot stirring nonsense.

@jonny_anonymous said:

@lvenger: Just because it was a joke doesn't mean it's not true, also he was straight up asked in an interview and he said yes. I didn't realize you were against that sort of thing.

I mean seriously, you're going to jump to a completely BS assumption that I'm somehow against LGBT in comics based on your flawed misinterpretation of my comment and opinion? I expected better from you Jonny, it's not that hard to see what my real problem with this change is yet you've made me out as having an unpleasant opinion on this subject. Which is something I don't take very kindly at all considering I'm completely in support of equal rights for sexuality and preference. As for Pak's comment, it's about as credible as another interview statement where he said WBH could beat up Superman, there's no way of knowing it.

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@jonny_anonymous: A part that could easily have been misconstrued as a throwaway gag and, if it was true, why didn't Pak do more with it? All of Pak's romantic/former love interest scenes in his Hercules run like seeing his wife Hebe kiss Spidey and fighting Namor whilst having a reunion with Namorita, none of that is the sign of someone who's a bisexual. If you want your character to do something or be something, you have to show, not tell. Otherwise it comes out as out of nowhere just like Original 5 Iceman being gay when present/current Iceman isn't.

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@teerack said:

So you're boycotting marvel until they don't have any non hetro characters? I was into greek mythology way before I started to read comics so to me it would make less sense for Herc to not be bi if he isn't bi in this new book. Gay sex was socially accepted and common in ancient Greece as it was in most cultures before the invention of Christianity where they demonized it during the crusades.

Either way I don't really care about Herc's sexuality since that's such a small part of a character like Herc with a big personality.

Jumping to conclusions I see? To presume I'm only not reading Marvel comics for one reason is incredibly presumptuous even by your standards. Yes their absurd diversity for diversity's sake PR stunts is one reason I'm not reading Marvel at the moment, but it's also because of their overuse of death and resurrecting characters, their reliance on temporary gimmicks and PR stunts, ignoring and actively shunning characters and franchises to whom they don't own the film rights for, or because I feel many of my favourite Marvel characters have gone through changes and creative teams I cannot stand seeing e.g Spider-Man, Thor, Captain America. Do I need to compile a bigger list or is this enough to show my other problems with Marvel?

You aren't the only poster on here who's into Greek mythology from a young age and aware of this fact as well, doesn't alter how I feel about Marvel suddenly bringing in that side of Greek society when Hercules has never shown any interest in men in his Marvel incarnation. It would still be out of left field by the character's standards based on his behaviour throughout his comic book appearances even if it would be fine by his contemporary Greek standards.

As for Herc's big personality, Abnett sounds like he's going to be dialling back on Hercules' pompous and arrogant side, which is a big reason why fans have been drawn to Hercules as a loudmouth demigod.

@jonny_anonymous said:

@lvenger: Herc has always been biesexual

When has 616 Herc ever shown any interest in men in canon outside of that Bleeding Cool article which looked into one panel way too much? His alternate gay relationship with alternate Wolverine doesn't count you know.

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Wait but how does he get his godlike strength and powers back? Is that minor pitfall going to be skipped over just because Marvel's doing a soft reboot?

Even so, this interview has done something I didn't think was possible, actually make me genuinely interested in a Marvel book. Though if the rumours about Hercules being bi-sexual and that being explored for the pompous sake of diversity are true, I'll go right back into my abstinence from Marvel comics.

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Perfect, it wouldn't really be a proper Killing Joke adaptation if Mark Hamill didn't come back for one final encore for his Joker performance. All we need to do is hope for Kevin Conroy to be announced, for Timm to get a good feel of how to bring The Killing Joke into an animated feature and for the female whingers to not gain much ground in their complaints of what happens to Barbara Gordon and this might be one of the best DC animated movies yet.

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@jonny_anonymous: You could be right and I could be wrong but from the looks of the final pages, Dick is in the Spyral plane heading towards Tiger King's location and Tiger King is in these Italian catacombs I think when someone looking like Dick Grayson starts stangling him in a leghold from above. That's what I'm talking about.

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@jonny_anonymous: How can that be considering Agent 1/Tiger King was being strangled by the 'Dick Grayson' killer at the end of the comic whilst Dick himself was still on his Spyral plane flying towards his location? I say it's a shapeshifter/copycat.

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I would guess it's mainly due to Goku being the most popular, iconic and commonly believed to be the most powerful manga/anime character same as Superman is to comics. Plus, Screw Attack weren't wrong when they pointed out how the English dub of DBZ involved changing the translated dialogue from a self centred thrill seeking bodybuilder in essence to a character that was more similar to Superman in character and personality.

As for One Punch Man, folks are already saying he can beat Superman in a fight so he is being matched up against Superman in some regard.