Doctor Octopus and Alpha: Speculation on this possible deadly duo

Amazing Spider-Man #693

Before I begin, if you don't know who Alpha is then check out his page there. And if you don't know who Doctor Octopus is, well you ought to be ashamed of yourself.

Now this isn't official by the way. Just some blogging from me. But in case you haven't read Marvel's December Solicits, specifically Amazing Spider-Man 699 and 699.1, it's hinting at Doctor Octopus' last act of revenge against Spider-Man after learning that Spider-Man is really Peter Parker. But a scheme like Octavious' usually involve some hired help. Ock'll be attempting to recruit the Lizard, Spider-Slayer (Alistair Smythe) and Morbius the Living Vampire amongst other suprise Spidey villains. Now given the fanfare around Alpha and the fact he was introduced in the 50th anniversary issue, I'm guessing Doc Ock will attempt to bring in Alpha to add a heavy hitter to his Anti Spider-Man army. If the cover of Amazing Spider-Man 694 is anything to go by, it seems as if Spider-Man's attempts to mentor Alpha may go awry. Perhaps the power Alpha has or the guy's supreme arrogance will lead him to go all Anakin Skywalker on Spider-Man.

Alpha's powers are not only those of the typical powerhouse (superstrength, flight, energy projection, superspeed) but his powers seem to be increasing with the universe's expansion and he appears to be getting stronger every moment. His status according to Reed Richards as an Omega Level threat would most likely mean Ock would want Alpha as a part of his plan for his final revenge against Spider-Man. As the Justice League knows, it's never a bad thing to have a heavy hitting powerhouse on your side.

Hopefully Amazing Spider-Man 698-700 will make for an awesome send off for arguably Spider-Man's greatest nemesis. He's definitely Spider-Man's best enemy at the moment. Norman Osborn was royally screwed over in Dark Reign and Siege. The more personal nature of Octavious' attack against his last global Ends of the Earth plan should make this story all the more entertaining. And with Alpha, Marvel have been hyping him up for quite some time so hopefully he'll get to leave a mark on the Spider-Man universe that'll change things forever. Several of the theories I've seen discussed on here would do just that. So what do you guys think? Will Alpha join the forces of evil? Will Doctor Octopus strike the coup de grace against Spider-Man? Will Quesada be responsible for something that will conjure up more angry mobs of fans across the Internet demanding his head on a platter?

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