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I love Dredd, but when in come down to the details, the story is incredible simple, needed due to budget reasons.

Batman manages a much more complitated story, and pretty good, so the Dark Knight it is.

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I'm not really surprised. If Batman didn't make any appearances in Smallville (one of the few that didn't show in that series) is less likely that he would show a a guest character in the show of his less-awesome copycat.

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I think that the silhouette of a wolf, not a cat

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Like you said, a new Asgardian shield would not be the same, but Odin can pull a Lord-of-the-Rings move and have the shield reforged with the old pieces.

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Probably a typo, because in Gillen's blog he mention the issue with the name of "Journey into Mystery"

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I was reading Mighty Thor 4, and saw something that made me think. 
There is this scene, where Galactus and Odin are having a bit of a mental fight, and Odin remebered a sort of flashback/illusion were he was standing in a field next to Bor and some kid. I could not but have the feeling that this kid looked suspicious, sort of snake-ish. Could he be Serpent when both he and Odin where younger?

I think is the Serpent, and he seem to be taking the role of Norse Myth Loki. Let´s remeber that in the traditional myths, Loki is not son of Odin, but oath-brother of Odin. So, because Loki was changed in role, the Serpent is here to take part of his traditional role.
Of course, Mighty Thor is not s tie-in to Fear Itself, and there is even an editor note in the first page indicating that this whole story takes place before Fear Itself. But given that Fraction is writing both titles, this could be an Easter Egg.
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I been catching up with my L.E.G.I.O.N. and Legion of Superheroes, and finding the different incarnarions of the Dox family in them, I can't help but wonder... who is the best Brainiac?
Before we answer, lets catch up with the facts:

We have the original Brainiac, Vril Dox (at least in his present form of New Earth): evil super genius obsessed with adquire knowledge
Then there is his son, Brainiac 2, who prefers to be called Vril Dox II: dedicated to profic, fame and outsmarting the Green Lantern Corps with his justice-for-profit mercenary group 
L.E.G.I.O.N.. Likes to manipulate everyone, allies or enemies, in the same way. And considers morality and ethics optative and secundary to his goals.
Lyrl Dox, or Brainiac 3: Only a toddler, he was already a super genius, so smart that he overuled his father, brainwashed half galaxy, took over L.E.G.I.O.N and almost conquered the entire universe. I little chemical lobotomy to curb his enthusiasm, and he grow as a normal child. But now his is a young man, get his 12th level intelligence back and decides to follows a combination of Brainiac and Brainiac 2's goals. Wants knowledge, wants control, and loves to manipulate.
Brainiac 4: She never really show up that much. We only knew the wasn't capable of emotions and dedicate to mass murder and criminal life to change that. So far we haven't seen her in New Earth or Earth Prime.
Brainiac 5 or Querl Dox: Whether we are talking of his Earth Prime, New Earth or Zero Hour incarnations, Brainy is always the snarky, over educated jackass we all love. What more can we say?
But the point is, who is the more badass member of this family?

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I have always believed that piracy in general is a disservice for both the industry and the customers. The industry loose money and the customers receive and inferior product. 
But we most recognize that there are people who has no more choice that pirate comics. I live in Costa Rica, and like in many places of the world, the comic book industry totally ignore the market here. There are only 3 stores in the entire country where one can purchae official comics, and they are at least 15 days behind the publishing date in the US and twice the price. 
Of course people in countries other than the US have different priorities with their money than buy comics, so it's only natural that hardly anyone would buy one legally. 
I said this not to say that piracy is good, but outside the US is not only justifiable, but it is the only way to get comics.

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I like the idea of having Stormwatch back, but by having Apollo and Midnighter this feels more like a tone down version of the Authority, unless they also have Winter. (I love that crazy Russkie). 
I am also concerned that DC would change the relationship between Midnighter and Apollo, it was very nice to have a maried gay couple in the comics, and their interactions were almost a rom com, with bits of drama.