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I just read the first number of Young Avengers, and I can say that I love it.

The characters are spot on, and Loki's presence add that little bit of mischief that I cannot help that think it's a bit of foreshadowing for the upcoming stories.

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This issue did let me with a question: in Odin's illusion/flashback, who was the kid with Odin and Bor?
He looked kind of snake-ish to me, could it be Serpent when he was younger? 
It is possible that Fraction is using the Serpent as a stand-in for Norse Myth Loki. Let´s remeber than in the myths, Loki was not a son of Odin but his oath-brother. So, because Marvel universe changed Loki's traditional part, Fraction is now creating a replacement for parts of his role.

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Loki has a funny scene yes, but I still believe Fraction's version of Loki is very different from Gillen's version in Journey into Mystery (lack of agreement, or made on purpose?)

Is not necessarily a bad thing, but I still believe Gillen's version is the best.  This Loki is cute and all, but feels to childish to me, while Gillen's feels as juvenile Loki with an edge of wickedness and manipulation, that is only different from his former adult self by his decision to help Thor instead of hinder him.
Is it too obvious that I'm in love with Journey into Mystery?

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It is nice to see some girl power in these superhero games

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If you don´t like, you don´t like, there is no law in regards to taste.
And I actually like Fear Itself in as much that I'm following it (that is to say just the main book and the Journey into Mystery tie-in)
My review is in regards to the construction and the reveals of the backstory, that could be improved in relation of the character's knowledge of the situationat hand, even if they keep the reader in the dark.
 This is an issue with comics in general and how they handle the cliffhangers of complicated stories. There should be a middle point, where the author can tease and shed light in little bits, while mantaining a general secrecy.
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I'm not really convinced that "Mighty Thor" is a good comic, certainly is interesting from a stand alone point, but in the Marvel continuity it is certainly pointless. The writing is interesting, even if Loki and Thor are in a difficult moment in "Fear Itself" (written by the same author but unbelievable different in plot to this comic) and while I believe they were getting along better in Mighty Thor, Odin continues to be a manipulative and secretive bastand when he wants to (very hypocritical of him to punish Loki when I don't think he is that different).

I believe that my biggest point against Mighty Thor is how Fraction represents Loki. In Gillen's "Journey into mystery" Loki is a character of depth, in a good relationship with Thor, but still full of mischief and complicated plans of his own. In Fraction's work, is a good intentioned kid desperate to impress his older brother. I just like Gillen's work better.

When a definitive personality for Loki is decided (unless they just turn him back into and adult), I hope is Gillen's and not Fraction's at the end.

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I have never one to obsessed to much over a comic book (or at lest over a prolongued period of time). But this title, right here and now, is propably going to be on my favorite list of lectures for as long as it last (or until another writer comes and screw things all over again).

Loki is awesome in this tale, I hope it last for a long time.