The Battle of Marketing has begun!!

We are one full year away from the great summer of 2012, where 3 different studios will release movies about the the stars of the two comic titans. The Marvel/Disney monster will release " Avengers" in May 4th, Sony will release the Spider-man reboot, " Amazing Spider-man", in July 3rd and Warner will close the summer with " Dark Knight Rises" in July 20th.

All these movies have enough space between them to make more than enough money, and keep the fans happy. However, it seems like the studios are not willing the share, because all have released some very advanced teasers with the idea to entice the fans into a movie season still 365 days away.

I'm going to talk about Spider-man first, because that one, I don't like, never have liked, and never have gone to the theater to see, and this one probably won’t change that. Clearly Sony decided that grittier was the way to go, and with an unnecessary origin story (admit it, they could just done that one with a five minute flashback), but at least they are going to go into the issue of Peter's parents, which is something new. The trailer is pretty standards, you introduce the story, show some drama and some action, and the first person point on view seems interesting, even if a saw that already in " Doom".

But what I'm interested is in the Avengers versus Dark Knight Rises we have here. The teaser of the Avengers was not-really-hidden after the end credits of "Captain America", and, limited for the footage they had, still showed all the major characters, some actions sequences, and the main villain (Yay! Loki!). Half of the "Dark Knight Rises"’s teaser were scenes of the first two movies, and the rest were some scenes of Jim Gordon, and a dark scene that we can only interpret as a fist fight between Batman and Bane.

Fans already started a war between which movie will be the best, which seems silly once you realise that we have very little to argue in either direction. But the marketing strategies are revealing.

Marvel tried to show how exciting the movie is going to be, trying to show all the little bits they have. Warner decided to continue the tried and true viral strategy, and cater to Nolan's penchant for mystery.

Personally, I believe that Warner strategy's work best. We all love the Avenger's teaser, and once we have a better quality online, I'm sure we'll have a ton to screencaps to drool over. But Batman, by showing so little, left us wanting much more, and we will argue and open forums just to talk about the meaning behind every single word, I mean, WE ARE STILL ARGUING ABOUT THE LAST SCENE OF INCEPTION.

On the long run, I think Warner/Nolan can play the teasing game better, and we love to be teased.

What do you think?


I the need of an obsessive personality

This new Thor move has awaken my long dormant obsession with comic books. This facet of my personality is a bit unstable, and my preference for anime is usually more influential.

It has happened to me before, normally in a few titles related to Batman, and my eternal favorite, The Authority. And every time, is due to one specific character, the skeany and snarky one. I can name more than a dozends of those, they are the one that you are not to sure if they are evil or just plain crazy. The entire cast of the Authority qualifies as this one, the same the full Brainiac lineage present in R.E.B.E.L.S..

In the case of Thor, to be completely honest, I like Loki. When well written, he is the best character of Marvel. Is sneaky, snaky, traitotrous, self-centered, and you are never quite sure what he is up to. What's more, with a magnificient writter, you even hope that, fo once, he wins over Thor. Tom Hiddleston is perfect in the movie, delivering a performance like out of a Shapeskeare play, and I can only say that, if they is a reason why I go an see The Avemgers, is because of him.