How Old Is Batman?

I know that Batman's 73d Birthday is this year, and that's not what I'm talking about. What I'm wondering is "how old is Batman in the new 52?". I think that Bruce looks about 35, but according to the Robins and their age gaps Batman has to be in his 50's. Right? Well I need some help so, feel free. Thanks.


Awesome Art

I recently started a FaceBook page entitled Awesome Art Pics created for artist to share their art and art fans to see it.

If you would like to post art on my page just make sure it's clean (no nudity) and I will put your pic with your name as the artist in the photo album.

I don't have any fans yet but if every one likes and shares the page there will be 100's in no time.

If you see one of your pics already on my page please tell me and I will either remove it or put your name on it (which ever you want).



New Batman Earth One Issue #1 Cover

New Batman Earth One cover

Batman Earth One will be written by GEOFF JOHNS art by GARY FRANK and JON SIBAL Cover by GARY FRANK

Now what I was wondering if this is Earth One than what Earth dose the all the other comics take place? I thought that the new 52 was pre-Crisis Earth One? Dose everyone else know something I don't?


New Batman Show GCPD

Now that Smallville is over DC doesn't have any live action shows, and Marvel is coming out with one (Hulk). When I heard that Green Lantern was coming out I wasn't thrilled, and being a huge Batman fan myself I wanted to see a live action Batman show. Of course a Batman show would not only have very large shoes to fill but the show would also require a very large budget. A actual Batman show therefore would be almost out of the question, but what about a show in Batman's world? A show like "Birds of Prey". I got to thinking and a show about the Gotham City Police could be really cool.

The show would be called GCPD (Gotham City Police Department) and it would focus mainly on the Police Detectives. The main characters would be Harvey Bullock and Renée Montoya but Commissioner James Gordon, Mcgonigle, and a few other notable police would also be recurring characters. Batman would only make cameos.

The show would be best if it took place right after Batman the animated series so that the audience would be familiar with what’s going on in the surroundings. The show would be a gritty, action filled, physiological thriller, and the show would have mysteries that the audience could reasonably figure out (not like when the answer is something that the audience has never seen). Also the show would be geared towards a more adult audience so that you can have deeper mysteries and more violence (but no sex ever).

Top 7 reasons why this show would work.

Marvel is currently coming out with a live action show.

There is currently no Batman show.

Everyone who watched Batman the animated series is now an adult or close to it.

The new Batman video game was a huge success.

The new Batman movie is highly anticipated.

Shows like CIA and Hawaii Five-O are successful.

And Batman is in more monthly comic book titles than anyone else.

Well that's my idea I hope you like it be sure to comment on it, and if enough people like it who knows maybe DC will notice.


Comics Should Have Warnings

Comic book companies that don's use the "comic code authority'' but instead put age limits on there comics should have warnings for offensive things. The main problem that the comic code authority (CCA) always had is the same problem that non-approved comics have today, no warning.

The CCA's first problem was no structure some people would pass off certain things while other would not. If it said approved a parent still didn't know if there would be blood or words like jack***, because they didn't tell you. When conics say T or T+ you still don't know why. Someone like me may not mind blood and gore, but hate to see scantly clad women. While others may hate to see blood, and we have no way of knowing until we buy the actual comic.

Video games and movies do it so I think it's about time that comics have warnings on them too.

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