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Im going with the Super-alien concept too!!!

Clark Kent is just the mask for him to fit in with society.

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I can see Lex and Tony being drinking buddies and Reed and Bruce learning from each other.

Lex slips Tony a mickey--end of story

Bruce double crosses Reed--end of story


#3 Posted by Luster77 (138 posts) - - Show Bio's my shot: Superman's creators never said he was the strongest anything...They only mentioned he gets his powers from the Sun...

Hulk is gamma irradiated....The Sun emits gamma radiations--look it up.

Superman has many abilities due to his creators way of thinking...So does Hulk--Stan "The Man" Lee says Hulk is the strongest one there is-the madder the stronger-PLUS-he is Bruce Banner, one of the smartest in the MU.....Supes has a super intellect as well.

So, we got intellect and beyond superhuman powers....Any version of Superman or Hulk would result in a stalemate....PLUM PLAIN AND SIMPLE....(with the exception of Silver Age Supes)

personally I'm upset with how the writers did Superman and his death....he didn't utilize his full arsenal of powers...It was some heat vision here and there, some cold breath but mostly brute strength.

Hulk has literally been flayed to the bone and disentigrated to nothing and has come back....

And seriously enough, just like the Doomsday battle, too much would be going on for Superman to use his full powers unless he's in the air and Hulk can damn near leap to another continent.....BUUUUUUT...i'm just a 25 year comic book fan...what do I know?

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Batman: I gotta get more sleep this year, man

Spiderman: Maaan, I gotta be more funnier than Deadpool this year.

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i can understand and relate to the gripes and yipes....yes I can because I too am a fan....

To me, what it boils down to...Spidey can beat all his enemies single-handedly due to his intellect and powers....So, I see pitting him against several enemies of varying power levels at once will add a little flavor to the dynamics of the movie and give it that ol sinister six comic book feel....

Rhino being a robot will probably be an eye sore... but Paul Giamatti is an awesome actor!!!

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WTF is Ultra Hulk??

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Those powers are an outright curse. To have all that power would utterly alienate you from the rest of humanity. If you know Superman's powers, he's invulnerable. Meaning you'd have to be at least near his power level for him to literally feel anything. He doesn't have to sleep, he could constantly be on watch. Exposing himself to the world with these abilities, would put fear in a lot of people, committing them to win his trust by ANY MEANS NECESSARY. Even so, the fear of his powers would basically put the world against him despite his good intentions. The real world is far more cruel than the world of imagination so we would ultimately reject him because he is different than we are.

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Remember when Hulk broke Onslaughts armor??????

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I wanted a Black Panther series!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! *Flips table*

*Kicks over T.V.*