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@InnerVenom123: Wow! I'm honored! :D

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@InnerVenom123: Scott Snyder saw this theory on Facebook???? Where? Did he post it on FB or something?

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I'm so glad that Aquaman's doing so well. He's actually SUCH a great character. His story (and Mera's!!) in Brightest Day was legit fantastic, and I've really been enjoying Aquaman in the New 52 as well. Is Jackson Hyde a part of DCnU? He was awesome.

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So excited! I love Marcus and I love Batwing! Although I am sort of sad to see the current art go ):

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I think that he's lost his powers for good, but I also think that his sister Iris was more interested in them anyway. I think that Jai's much more mild than Iris and won't really mind taking a backseat to her superpowers. Besides, I'm sure he'll grow to be a super genius, and that their mother will teach him how to use all the alien tech they have and whatnot. Iris could only take her brother's powers because they shared that connection. The strained connection was killing them so she took them from him. I really like that, I think it's interesting to have a superpowered kid and nonsuperpowered kid. I mean, Jai can hang out with his mom when Wally and Iris go out and fight crime, hahaha. He IS Iris's twin, and I think that bond is so sacred and important to them that he doesn't really resent her. I think that maybe her powers will be extremely awesome or unstable as she grows up, and she will turn out to be the strongest speedster of them all. I'm really excited for that. I'm just sad that she disappeared in the New 52 ):

And I think it makes sense that one of them is normal because their mom doesn't have any superpowers. It's not like both parents were heroes. So I think it makes sense and it balances the family really well. it's an interesting dynamic that I wish could have been explored more.