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I don't really care how DC resets its universe so Flashpoint was a bunch of useless fluff to me. War was a disappointing movie but was still more interesting. I just wish one day DC would reset everything instead of constant "soft" resets.

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It looks like it is okay, but Michael Bay is deceptively good at making trailers. If TMNT is close to 150 minutes long then Michael Bay likely had too much influence. Set up plot, set up action, complete action, complete plot. Anything beyond action and basic plot is not good after Michael Bay touches it.

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If Falcon is Captain America, then who is Falcon? Bucky?

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@k4tzm4n said:

@darkseid_prime said:

Don't get me wrong I loved Young Justice especially the 2nd season, but it would seem that a solid portion of the 51% of the voters may not have actually watched 'Arrow' except for maybe a few episodes here and there..

It's up to you guys to support what you want to win! So you, sir, failed the city! :P

Hey, man, I voted for Diggle.

I feel like there should be a follow-up poll asking people how much of each show they actually watched. I think Arrow doesn't get respect because it's not animated.

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I enjoyed the first movie and I've only heard positives about the second. Looks like I'm in.

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I think the shift to comedy cartoons and away from action cartoons is indicative of the easy market advertising dollars and not necessarily a lack of effort. Nickelodeon has TMNT and Avatar and both of those seem to be doing well, but likely cost a lot of money in production and marketing.

I don't have any statistics to properly analyze market shifts, but I assume there was a good reason why after-school cartoons and Saturday morning cartoons are not as popular as they used to be.

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Deathstroke is definitely the cooler character. Unfortunately, this is not based on cool. Deadpool is basically Deathstroke with a healing factor and other mutant abilities. Both are willing to kill. I gotta give this one to Deadpool because healing and powers is a big advantage over someone who is your equal in determination and skill.

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Arrow has Diggle and Felicity so I'm pretty sure that wins for me.

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Just give Superman a red belt already. The lack of color is hurting me.

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The construction workers has always been the biggest issue for me.