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Again, this character that appears to be blatant comic relief is bothering me. The trailers have shown some low-class humor so far.

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Superman's secret identity is one of the dumbest aspects of his character. He could completely lose Clark Kent and not suffer one bit. I support this storyline, but at the same time I dislike it because I figure that some writer will have to come in and return the status quo.


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Uh-oh. That character is a clear sign of writers and directors trying too hard. I hope these scenes do not reflect on the entirety of the movie.

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I'm glad I don't know who this is. It means future movies can focus more on Spider-man and not the actor playing Spider-man.

Also, I am now convinced that British actors have classes specifically dedicated to American accents. I dunno how a British person pulls off a New York accent, but if they can play the part then so be it.

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I generally like it, but parts of the costume are over-designed. There is no need for the stars on her side and the white line through the front of the boots. Makes the costume look too busy. I also don't support thigh high boots. Shin-high boots are good enough.

It's still not as bad as Superman removing his belt or underwear to break up his costume. I don't think I will ever stop seeing that as weird.

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This is ridiculous. Just give Miles a different name. Post secret wars is a perfect time to do so.

Spider-man should be for everyone. There doesn't need to be a "black" Spider-man. That sounds like serious pandering in a place it shouldn't be.

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I still don't like how thin the lightsabers look in this series.Sometimes it looks like characters are fighting with needles.

I look forward to season 2 having a lot of character growth. Kanon is already quite jaded so I doubt Rebels will be about the goody crap of the Jedi Order that is present in other Star Wars plots. Going against Vader should require bending the rules a bit (although cartoon Vader might not be as ruthless as he should be).

If Ahsoka gets too involved in the plot I am afraid she will die. I want to see her, but I also don't.

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Ahsoka 'bratty'? I'm confident they meant 'badass'.

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I like the suit inside the suit. But I don't like the person inside the suit inside the suit. It makes little sense for Gordon to want to be Batman and not want to use lethal force when necessary. Batman has to be a crazy person in order to fit, and I think years on the police force would have made Gordon realize that some criminals should be 'removed' because of their extremely dangerous behavior.

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DC is trying too hard. In order to ensure that media is blasted with DC cinematic universe stuff more than Marvel stuff and whatever other hero properties prop up. There were probably filming days when the crew didn't feel the need to be secretive about characters and scenes, but DC has allowed SO MUCH filming that it is likely intentional.

People go out of their way to spoil movies before they see them so I don't think this hurts at all. If DC decided to release the scripts for their movies people would read scripts and probably still see the movie whether the script was enjoyable or not. Sometimes marketing just works, especially when dealing with properties as popular as DC and Marvel.