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So much plastic!

I like the design of the Disney Infinity figures. I think I would like an animated series featuring those designs. Get on it, Disney.

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Sometimes I feel the writers try too hard to make Mikey "stupid" rather than just "goofy" I can appreciate a goofy character, but when the character does and says things that are downright stupid it is grating. In this episode, however, the writers got to show the other side of Mikey. I loved seeing Mikey take the lead as the rational person in an irrational world. My favorite moments were when he pushed Donny aside to fiddle with the computer and when he pushed Leatherhead through the portal (to prevent him from that trope again).

I look forward to seeing Dimension X in season 3. New York is becoming a little stale. They don't do much with the city anyways.

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How long is the finale? 2 episodes according to the site I guess. But damn, can't watch it in my UK location -_-

That's because Nickelodeon, along with several other cable channels, insists on being ridiculous with episode availability. It's like they are against making money. The episodes will likely be available at illegal streaming sites so why hold back in certain regions? Make it available online to everyone so that they visit the official source before the illegal ones. Oh well.

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I'll be disappointed if there isn't a big lead up to the season finale. TMNT could use a big finish for what I hope will be an impressive 3rd season.

I am disappointed that Donatello hasn't moved on from April yet. I don't really care to see the continuation of that rivalry.

April's maneuver wasn't impressive to me. Perhaps it was the way the scene played out but I thought the ghost could have reacted faster. Irma having a role as a headquarters manager for the turtles would be nice, I don't think they should keep showing her if her character won't progress.

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I like the hood. It makes Shazam look more like a "magician". I am not a fan of the hood not being removable though.

I also prefer more articulation. I've seen figures that cost $15 have better articulation than $50 figures. When I was a kid I would move figures all sorts of ways. It seems odd that the DC figure can't even have its arms by its side. I guess it depends on the target audience. Some people will pay $100 for a stationary figure.

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This is a good looking figure. It has nice color and articulation. The only thing I don't like is that one of the hands is a fist.

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Too easy, Katzman. You know Batman has this wrapped up before it even starts. Shredder is one of those villains who spends too much time sending minions to attack foes. He doesn't hone his skills like Batman. Batman could take Shredder straight-up.

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I think the 2007 TMNT movie was 3 stars so I'm getting the feeling that this movie would be closer to 2/5 stars.

It also helps that this TMNT movie is only 101 minutes compared to the 150 minutes that Michael Bay involved movies typically have.

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I think any franchise can be long lasting with the right marketing and timing

Each iteration of TMNT takes on the mood of that generation. I don't read TMNT comics, but each of the cartoons are well done for their time

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Wonder Woman wins my vote. Superman vs the Elite was a decent movie until about halfway through when the writers decided to "cheat" on the moral of the story. People had a legitimate reason to be against Superman's method of heroism but they completely forgot those reasons at the end because he's Superman. I don't think Superman made a good case for himself at all.

Wonder Woman, on the other hand, knew how to get things done.

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These figures have awkward anatomy - especially Starlord's bent legs. I would prefer that Rocket Raccoon and Groot had more movement and the absence of Gamorra is weird. It would have been better to have a full set with better figures at $45 rather than a shoddy set at $25. I guess it helps to get the cheap sales too.