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These Captain America figures are the most impressive I've seen showcased for this segment. The Batman Dark Knight figure was good too, but the jeans here are impressively smooth.

Definitely outside my price range, but if I ever decide to purchase a $300 figure Captain America will be on the list.

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I love it when abrasive characters are involved in plots because not everyone in life will be pleasant to be around even if they are needed. Damian brought some interesting dynamics to Batman plots, even if I disagree with the notion that a 10 year old can do much of anything against adults.

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The main reason why classic superhero outfits looked unique is because nobody wears full body spandex with underwear on the outside. It's time for more classic character designs to be updated to something modern. I like the new design because it looks like something someone would actually wear in a pseudo-realistic world.

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Every time I see a Superhero in an actual cloth outfit it reminds me of how silly superheroes would look in tights. I like armored Superman much more than this version.

This figure seems oddly proportioned and it doesn't really have the "superman" feel to me. Maybe I have to see it in person, but $200 this is not worth.

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They didn't pick a good facial expression for Joker, but the Hyena and Harley are okay.

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I wasn't interested in watching Constantine, but it still annoys me that networks put shows on Friday and expect to have Monday audiences. It's still not clear how DVR and online streaming affect TV show ratings.

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I find it tough to believe that a "zombie" Thea could get the jump on Sara so easily. I would have been much happier with this plot being a set-up by Ra's to get Nyssa to focus more on the League.

Merlyn's importance should be done. He should be comic relief by this point and only serving as a vessel to train Thea for a later time if she becomes Speedy.

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Since future stuff is often much more complicated than it needs to be I will just say that the episode was mostly enjoyable but I don't think Firestorm was well integrated. Why would he suddenly start calling himself Firestorm and why does he not want to be close anymore?

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@lurkero: They tried a WW show. The pilot was dreadful.

A bad pilot doesn't mean that it can't be done. It means the people who they hired to write and act failed to impress. There are plenty of shows that are greenlit and get canceled after only a few episodes. It's not like people can always predict how well shows will do with audiences.

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Can we get a damn Wonder Woman please!?