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Might wanna start pulling it back, CW. Let's not pollute a good thing we got goin' here.

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I agree with all the criticisms in the article. It truly seems like the writers are intentionally making Oliver less likable while all other characters are MORE likable. The fact that everyone has shared their secrets make the drama feel more realistic rather than the contrived drama that came from Oliver and Thea keeping unnecessary secrets.

Laurels confrontation with Nyssa, Thea, and Merlyn were all good. It is understandable that Laurel wouldn't make rational decisions in a moment like that. She's been deeply hurt TWICE about her sister's death. That's a lot to take, especially if you find out it was all because of some jerk who likes playing mind games and use other people to get ahead in life.

Nyssa is the highlight of the episode for me, but that is because Nyssa is the highlight of every episode she is in. I am disappointed that she was tricked into getting emotional over Merlyn's words, but the writers quickly nipped that with Ra's conversation with her. I am also insulted that Ra's would see Oliver as an heir and overlook Nyssa, his own daughter. Oliver has proven himself to be a whiny, inconsistent, wimp who doesn't know when things need to get DONE. Nyssa, on the other hand, has respect and compassion for others, but also knows when it is time for people to go. After all Oliver's talk about not killing again he was "killing" fighters just a couple scenes later! It's annoying.

"...but the final action sequence was so good! It was so badass when Olier just casually picked up a flaming arrow that was shot at him and then fired it back right at the enemy."

Oddly worded sentence. I'm guessing those are typos.

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Darth Vader appearing isn't as cool as Ashoka returning, but I'll take it.

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I still don't forgive DC and Cartoon Network for not having a current DC cartoon airing, but I will watch this just to see if they are actually self-aware and funny in Teen Titans Go.

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It's almost as if when characters stop keeping ridiculous secrets from their family and friends, interactions become a lot more appealing. Seeing Thea evolve over the course of the past 2 episodes has been great because it finally seems like her character is maturing beyond being the misguided damsel looking for help. Thea has always been the character in danger who others have to save, but I can see her evolving past that now. Her response to Malcolm at the end was exactly what I expected. Thea realized that she still needed the training and experience, but she no longer wanted Malcolm to think of her as family. I was hoping that when Malcolm looked over, Oliver would have given Malcolm an intense "shrug" which said, "hey man, you're the one who turned your daughter into a killer".

I'm still tired of Oliver's "no killing" morality though. At what point is it considered okay to kill someone who constantly threatens lives? 5 seconds before Thea was aiming a gun at Slade, Slade was prepared to murder Thea. I don't think any rational person would consider Thea a "murderer" for defending herself against a threat, and Oliver needs to get past that too. I liked Malcolm's plan to influence them to fight, but I felt that Slade was underused here. If they are going to fight Ra's they will not have a chance to hesitate before killing. If they do, then I will consider it bad writing.

"If you would have told me the truth about Shado that night then maybe your mother would be alive."

I know that characters are supposed to make mistakes in order to make watching interesting, but I don't think Slade could have summarized the past 2 seasons any better. Oliver keeping secrets has hurt more than it has helped. I don't even understand why he keeps some of the secrets he does.

@k4tzm4n said:

I couldn't review last night's episode of The Flash because I was (and still am) sick and in bed about 90% of the day.

Katzman! You have FAILED this city!

Wait...wrong show.

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The Captain America figures continue to be awesome. I don't know if that says more about the character designs for the movies or for the figure sculptors.

Is anyone else concerned about the fact that Falcon doesn't wear a helmet? That still bothers me.

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I'm happy and disappointed that the plot with Oliver being injured was dropped. I never liked the idea of Oliver facing Ra's by himself because Oliver would never be ready to face Ra's. When they used this entirely convoluted plot to stop the city from getting attacked it seemed over-dramatic. Sara could have easily abandoned her Black Canary name to go back to Ra's, Laurel picks it up, and the city could have been in danger some other way.

If the plot spent much more time on Oliver being injured it would have made the experience worse.

And yeah, Vertigo definitely needs a new angle and writers need to come up with better plots for characters to face their fears.

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More detective work, please. Barry doesn't act like the smartest person when he is fighting as Flash so I am thrilled when characters are acting their smartest on screen.

I don't keep up with Flash comics so I figured it would be quite interesting if he knew how to "vibrate" in bed. Unfortunately, there was still the chance that he would be too fast.

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There wasn't anything in that trailer to get excited about. I guess the toys will be cool for the kids though.

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It's about time. The writing was on the wall for this one. Perhaps the Sony leaks finally made Sony see it.

@teerack said:

Check out this leaked image of negotiations.

That is the perfect image. I imagine people had this one loaded for a LONG time.