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I enjoy Slade's cartoonish villain antics, but I am not confident that he will have a badass action scene wearing that suit. It seems too bulky to allow him good mobility.

Laurel took a while to redeem herself and the writers brought me back to liking her. Thea is going through a lot and, honestly, you aren't going to like everybody all the time. Thea may mature after this ordeal. Her family has been lying to her her whole life. I'll cut her a little slack.

No Suicide Squad appearances is really making me sad.

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If your identity is revealed then why would you become a spy? Did he get a face transplant?

Also, what is he going to do with a gun? Constantly scare his enemies with warning shots?

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@comicstooge: @cheesesticks:

I didn't want to imply that there is anything wrong with talking about who you find attractive, but I think its a bit disingenuous to spend time talking about who's hotter. It's an opinion, and contributes nothing to the discussion about the episode. Personally I feel that that kind of discussion is unwelcoming to diversity in the media. It contributes to the idea that female characters are eye candy even when a story is being serious. There are times when people are presented as eye candy, and I don't think this is one.

I don't t mean to sound feminist, there is definitely a double standard. Females talk about who they find attractive too. I'm sure when females watch The Vampire Diaries there is a lot of discussion about which male is more attractive. But, if I wanted to talk about an episode of Vampire Diaries and a bunch of the posts are just about who's hotter I would be annoyed.

An all out shirtless training session with Ollie, Diggle, and Roy is sure to bring up the same discussion of who's hotter right?

And to stay on topic:

Laurel and Thea better start putting some damn clues together. I don't see the benefit of Oliver and Sara keeping secrets from their families. It's time they stopped hiding so that they can move past the part of the show where characters are constantly saying "I gotta go."

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I really want Huntress's character to be likable. In her first episodes the writers tried really hard to make her seem like an anti-villain rather than an anti-hero. Is it asking too much that some characters on the show be more practical about who they need to kill in order to get things done? I like the idea of the Huntress, but I don't like what they've done so far. This episode seems like they are improving Huntress's character though.

When Ollie first saw Slade in the present he immediately tried to kill Slade. Now, imagine in a future scene where Ollie has a chance to kill Slade and he hesitates. That would be a very convenient hesitation for the sake of the writers and it would be inconsistent with what Ollie did before. Characters like Huntress are there so that other characters occasionally die.

I'm tired of them arguing about killing. All of their lives are in danger. And after spending all those years on the island both Sara and Ollie should know its either kill or be killed.

The Roy-Thea relationship was handled poorly. Roy should be there to protect Thea. In fact, Arrow needs a "tank" more than ever now that Slade is actively attacking them. I'm disappointed with that one.

Huntress shouldn't have been able to spar with Sara for any length of time. Huntress is not a trained fighter, Sara is. I'm glad Sara clearly won that fight though. I wonder how they will handle Roy and his lack of training. It would be bad writing if Roy suddenly becomes an expert marksman so perhaps Arrow will have a different version of "Red Arrow"

@wolverine08 said:

When ever I see Sarah's boobs in her costume I'm all like:

You're the reason feminism exists, bro.

Tell me about it. One of the worst things of any comment thread is when people decide to spend time talking about who's "hotter" as if that is a point of pertinent discussion. It's really annoying.

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@k4tzm4n said:

@lurkero: I'm not saying they shouldn't kill someone. I'm saying they shouldn't go the most obvious route with it.

The route being obvious doesn't mean it won't be good. Slade wants Oliver to suffer. If Slade doesn't kill people Oliver cares about then I don't think he can be taken seriously. It would be perfect for Slade to kill the woman that Oliver "saved" when he "let" Shado die. If the writers don't want to kill Sara then the only other options are Oliver's mother or sister.

I can see Slade killing Thea and inspiring Roy to become Speedy. That is another direction the story can go. As I said, just because I am predicting it doesn't make it bad.

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I can't shake the feeling that they're giving us a stronger emotional bond to her just so they can try to break our hearts by killing her in the finale.

I don't think viewers should make it to the end of a season of a show like Arrow and none of the main characters die. Sara dying would definitely go along with Slade's plan of making Oliver suffer and I fully expect the writers to kill her character. If the writers decide to keep Sara then Moira dies. If nobody dies then Slade is a joke of a character - especially considering how well planned his schemes have been so far. Villains do tend to become less competent when they actually get a chance to hurt the hero though. Deadshot being a good example.

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Suicide Squad was amazing! They really worked well together and even brought in a red shirt. With Arrow continuing and Flash coming along I think we should get a Suicide Squad spin off. Imagine how cool it'd be to see these guys going on high action or stealth missions. Plus, being the Suicide Squad would leave no guarantee on who comes out alive. It'd create great suspense as we warm up to these villains.

A Suicide Squad spin-off series would have been much more interesting than a Flash spin-off series. I'm actually disappointed now that I know the Suicide Squad has officially made it to Arrow.

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When it was revealed that Tiger Claw uses guns it kinda disappointed me because I knew that no matter how effective he was as an enemy, most of his tactics wouldn't pass since the turtles are unlikely to get shot. It was funny when Tiger Claw had a clear shot against Raph and the loaded his gun with a rope rather than a laser. In the end, Tiger Claw still put up an impressive performance and ultimately was not disappointing. His showdown with Master Splinter was especially great. It's always great when Splinter has a chance to show off.

The way they handled the situation with Karai was good too. I was beginning to worry that it would be kept secret for far too long and would be a plot thread that lingers. When Karai eavesdropped at the end it gave a little hint that she senses the truth. The way Shredder was willing to kill Splinter when Splinter was injured is a hint to Karai that Shredder is not as honorable as he says he is.

I still don't buy Casey and April's romantic interest, but they are just teenagers so whatever. The writers worked on a lot of plot threads over these two episodes and everything turned out great. Now let's hope they progress the Kraang plot forward. I want to see the turtles move on to Dimension X so that we can see more adversaries like Tiger Claw and perhaps friends like Karai and Usagi Yojimbo.

And the way that Tiger Claw was an homage to Boba Fett without being too on the nose was good. Down to the worm.

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Kinda depressing when a show that began airing just a couple of years ago is already considered "archive" material.

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Considering how badly Arrow was beaten up by Malcolm Merlin, I am anticipating the episode where Slade constantly embarrasses Arrow in combat.

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The writers are doing a good job of bringing some of the characters around for a second time. I wonder if this is some grand buildup for the reappearance of Shredder's group.