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Too easy, Katzman. You know Batman has this wrapped up before it even starts. Shredder is one of those villains who spends too much time sending minions to attack foes. He doesn't hone his skills like Batman. Batman could take Shredder straight-up.

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I think the 2007 TMNT movie was 3 stars so I'm getting the feeling that this movie would be closer to 2/5 stars.

It also helps that this TMNT movie is only 101 minutes compared to the 150 minutes that Michael Bay involved movies typically have.

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I think any franchise can be long lasting with the right marketing and timing

Each iteration of TMNT takes on the mood of that generation. I don't read TMNT comics, but each of the cartoons are well done for their time

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Wonder Woman wins my vote. Superman vs the Elite was a decent movie until about halfway through when the writers decided to "cheat" on the moral of the story. People had a legitimate reason to be against Superman's method of heroism but they completely forgot those reasons at the end because he's Superman. I don't think Superman made a good case for himself at all.

Wonder Woman, on the other hand, knew how to get things done.

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These figures have awkward anatomy - especially Starlord's bent legs. I would prefer that Rocket Raccoon and Groot had more movement and the absence of Gamorra is weird. It would have been better to have a full set with better figures at $45 rather than a shoddy set at $25. I guess it helps to get the cheap sales too.

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@foxxfireart said:

@nightfang: @cyborg6971:

Oh, platform shoes?! How is that any different than wearing heels? Either way, they're not great for running and keeping your balance. Something a warrior might have to do from time to time.

I like the overall design, of which I made comment upon. It's just stupid that in this day and age people are still giving comic women "HEELS" in any form.

None of that makes different when your powers a magic base. I don't think have women wear heels in comics is a big its FICTION, stop making big deals out of it.

Her powers are magic, so what? Unless she has better balance in heels than she does with flat shoes then it would make little sense for her to wear heels over flat shoes. And yes, I am speaking as a male who has worn shoes with heels before (as a joke). Wedges are a type of heeled shoe and no matter what way you look at it heels are more difficult to balance in than flats because shifting weight in heels is limited.

I can accept some fiction where females wear heels, but Woman Woman comes off as nothing but a respectable warrior and would likely not care for heels.

@lone_wolf_and_cub You make it difficult to anyone to take your opinion seriously when everything you type is a juvenile and dismissive response.

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I like that they lost the star spangled shorts. This design has a much stronger Greek theme, but I wish they'd get rid of the high heels. I wish she had a little more muscular tone to make her look more warrior.

High heels on female fighters is one of those things that will ALWAYS bother me. Unless heels are on someone like Bayonetta who is intentionally over-sexualized then it is not practical for a warrior to equip footwear like that.

It would have been nice for her to get at least a little red and blue on her armor, and some muscles, but the muted color scheme doesn't bother me.

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I don't really care how DC resets its universe so Flashpoint was a bunch of useless fluff to me. War was a disappointing movie but was still more interesting. I just wish one day DC would reset everything instead of constant "soft" resets.

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It looks like it is okay, but Michael Bay is deceptively good at making trailers. If TMNT is close to 150 minutes long then Michael Bay likely had too much influence. Set up plot, set up action, complete action, complete plot. Anything beyond action and basic plot is not good after Michael Bay touches it.

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If Falcon is Captain America, then who is Falcon? Bucky?