I think it may be decent.

Honestly I thought the first one was a good movie and that Thomas Jane did a good job, but apparently no one agreed with me. It looks like they might have overdone it and it might be cheesy I don't know.

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The Boondock Saints



There are so many stories and plotlines that could be explored by a Boondock Saints comic. The movie has quite a cult following and I have no doubt it would be popular.
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The Answer is quite simple.

President- Victor Von Doom
Vice President-  Destro (G.I.Joe)
Attorney General- Matt Murdock
Secretary of State -Duke (G.I. Joe)
Secretary of Defense- Nick Fury
Secretary of the Treasury- Reed Richards
Secretary of The Interior- Scarlett (G.I. Joe)
Secretary of Agriculture-Wolverine
Secretary of Labor- Batman
Secretary of Commerce- Steve Rogers
Secretary of Energy- Thor
Secretary of Education- Professor X


If they are convicted of a crime

It should be just like gun ownership. You have the right to privacy and not being registered just as you have the right to own a gun. However if you break the law or violate the rights of others than you lose your right. You forfeit your rights when you commit a crime against someone else, or society.

So I think Superhumans should have to register if they are convicted of a crime. I am not sure if it should only be for felonies, or for misdameanors too, but the general idea is that if you are a danger to society then you should be registered.

However most of the time being superhuman is not the person's choice, and thus it is more like racial profiling than registering cars or guns...this is a very interesting issue.

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Yes and No

I think that it is a very interesting idea and part of me would really love to see a real Punisher out there cleaning our streets of the filth and garbage that plagues them. No one wants to see rapists and murderers pay for thier crimes more than me, but to put that much authority and power in the hand of any one man is just too dangerous.

No one man should get to play God and decide who lives and dies. What if he makes a mistake? He is only human and therefore is not perfect. He cannot play judge, jury and executioner, that would not work in real life. Human beings are flawed and moved by personal ideas, opinions, and attitudes. No human could be an unbiased, completley objective Punisher and that  is why unfortunately we cannot have one. All humans including him are swayed by emotion and circumstance. I know Frank usually meticulously researches his targets but like I said he is human and therefore he can make mistakes. He does not have the right to take lives, even those of criminals. Now if he roughed them up a bit Id be all for that, but to decide who lives and dies? That is taking the role of god into your own hands.

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