Why are droideka's not used in open e.g. battle on geonosis, even when they are are used they do not deploy their ray shields which is a bit useless.

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The most amazing thing!!!


It was like i was born to answer this question, while in the libary on comicvine in school, i had posted a post on my gen discussion topic, when everyone said no there is no other weather control using the force i walked upon a comic and on the cover shows Streen using a yellow lightning, and on further inspection i found out that he is able to control other elements as well. Look! I have anothe pic but i need a mod to get back to me why it isn't uploading.
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Who am I? some how i'm thor 0%!

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You are Thor, the mighty god. You have a big hammer. Watch out where you swing it.
Hal Jordan
Hal Jordan, Green Lantern. You have a lot of power and determination. Just try not to go crazy again. The Corps are just starting to get back on their feet.
Uhm...you're Spider-Ham. Hope you like the smell of bacon while you're fighting crime.
You are the Ever-Lovin' Blue-Eyed Thing. You have a rocky exterior but a soft inside. As far as superheroes go, you ROCK.

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