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When I buy physical copies of TPBs I use Amazon, and so far they have been great. You could try Forbidden Planet, Comic Domain or Ace Comics. Good luck!

I assume TPB means 'Trade paper-backs'? (Sorry for the noob question).

It seems Amazon has certain titles readily available, particularly paper-back issues, but if you try to order hardcover issues as I've done (only had success with The Killing Joke and The Black Glove deluxe edition thus far) it seems Amazon has a 21 day wait to find out the availability of the product from their suppliers, noticed a similar message on certain products with Forbidden Planet too so I'm guessing they use the same suppliers in some cases.

Thanks for the recommendations, will be sure to take a look at them!

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Quick update.

Last night I tweeted this to Kyle Higgins:

To which he responded "Actually it IS simple, so simple it only takes 2lines of a script :)".

At this stage I think he's simply enjoying having fans tweet him about Dick Grayson possibly dying,seen a few people rant at him about it, he's gotta be toying with us and leading people on whenever he thinks he can get away with it.

Yeah, it sounds like he's just getting off on all of this. Can't say I blame him, I like messing with people just as much as the next guy. However, I still don't think Dick's going to be killed. We know he won't die for good, but besides that why would they kill him off this soon after the reboot, when his story is doing well? If they kill him its going to come off as something to boost sales. A shock value death, that'll lose all meaning when he comes back.

Yeah, if Dick gets killed it will be for sales. Then they will bring him back when there is a lull in sales as a means of generating interest.

If you look at each of the Bat-Family members and examine their current scenarios etc it makes no sense at all to kill any of them at the moment.

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Currently been having trouble adding to my collection of comics.

Two months ago I ordered Batman:The Black Mirror (hardcover) from Amazon(UK), 3 weeks after placing the order I received an email saying the supplier has a delay in getting stock and that Amazon are awaiting a revised delivery estimate. Since then I've heard nothing from them about the order. Also ordered Batman: RIP (hardcover deluxe edition) a month ago and today got an email saying the same thing as the aforementioned email.

I've had just about enough of Amazon at this point, so I'm going to cancel my orders with them. But where else can I go to get these titles?

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Quick update.

Last night I tweeted this to Kyle Higgins:

To which he responded "Actually it IS simple, so simple it only takes 2lines of a script :)".

At this stage I think he's simply enjoying having fans tweet him about Dick Grayson possibly dying,seen a few people rant at him about it, he's gotta be toying with us and leading people on whenever he thinks he can get away with it.

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This seems relevant given people's views on this subject

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@LuigiBat: I apologize didn't see your post til a few minutes after I posted mine.

Its cool man, no need to apologise. Just thought it'd be worth pointing out that a thread already existed on the subject. I know some forum moderators (not necessarily on here but definitely in other places) can get quite 'tetchy' and sensitive about a thread being made on a subject which already has an established thread. Heck I've seen guys get official warnings from moderators for mistakenly creating a new thread on a subject which already has an existing thread.

Hope I didn't cause any offence with my post.

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If anyone was going to replace Dick, and for the record I'd only hope to see him leave the Nightwing mantle so as to take over from Bruce as Batman in a few years time, then it''d be Damian. Note that I am talking about Damian taking over in about 8 years time when I assume Dick would have no choice but to takeover from Bruce who at this point would be ageing and no longer as capable of filling the role. It'd be fitting for Damian to take on the role given how Dick is his mentor and the one he respects most in the family. For me the idea that a person can go straight from being Robin to being Batman is very unrealistic even in comics, we know that Damian is next in line to the cowl after Dick (can't ever see Tim becoming Batman and I'd kill any writer who tried to make him Nightwing) and it would make sense for him to take on the Nightwing mantle so he could experience some real responsibility and independence.

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@SmoothJammin said:

Dickbats motto

This basically sums up what I love about Dick. At times its great to marvel at Bruce's prep-feats and the like but it becomes tedious when he has plans for 99.9% of eventualities. I find it far more entertaining to read stories involving Dick Grayson because there is always a sense of the unknown, you never really know what will happen with him. Granted that at times it might lead him into some nasty, and ultimately avoidable (with decent enough planning), situations but it'd be boring if everything went according to plan wouldn't it?

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As I said in other thread, the new 52 timeline, at least of Batfamily is horrible, all is confuse and in 5 years cannot be 4 Robins. I think in my timeline adapting it, you cant trust the News 52 timeline. ¿Six months of train and six months of being Robin for each Robin? Personally I think that thats is impossible.

Well technically there have been only 3 Robins in 5 years, Tim went straight into being Red Robin ,presumably after some training period but we're meant to believe he was already highly intelligent and a very competent fighter/athlete before even meeting Bruce/Batman. I think its safe to say that Jason probably had 6 months training only to then be killed in his 2nd month as Robin. This leaves us with a decent amount of time for Dick and Damian.

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that's what i'm hoping. That this is all eventually going to lead into a massive crossover event (Maybe another Crisis...nevermind. Hopefully not. I think Final Crisis showed us that DC doesn't have the talent to pull those off anymore) And that Booster Gold will be the catalyst to setting things straight, and if we're all lucky Donna Troy and Wally West will be right there with him. Because I can understand why DC would want to keep so much of the Batman Timeline, but it simply cannot mesh with the timeline of the rest of the universe. So I say just do away with it all.

To be honest the crux of the problem is not that they wanted to keep most of the Batman timeline intact, the issue is that they wanted to cram everything into 5 years which just doesn't make sense. I know there are sites with theories on what the 'actual' timeline length could be, some speculated that Bruce could've been active as Batman for another 5 years or so before going public (around the same time he adopted Dick and the JLA was formed) but was simply an urban legend type figure. The recent issue 0 from Snyder does support the idea that Batman operated for some time as an urban legend, hence why Jim Gordon is seen with a brand new Bat-symbol-light-thingy and talks about showing people that Batman isn't just a myth. However in the latest Detective issue 0 it shows Bruce, 10 years ago, still in training. So really I don't know what to believe. I certainly find it very hard to believe that Bruce became Batman 5 years ago and has been through all the pre-flashpoint events (more or less) in that space of time, if they'd have given a 10 year timeline for everything to happen (that includes Bruce becoming Batman and going through all the Robins etc) it'd have been easier to believe but still a tad fantastical. Personally I'd have gone for a 15 year timeline, with Bruce becoming Batman at the start of that, adopting Dick (at the age of 12) in his second year, spending years with Dick at his side and so on.

10 to 15 sounds good to me as well. I guess you'd get into the age issues but...he's Batman! Regardless, if they made the "5 years" thing just since he has "gone public" then I could deal. Add another 5 for the urban legend thing before that, as you said, and I could accept this! The Robins would have to be spread throughout the 10 years as you said but I think that could work. I think the urban legend idea is one that is important for the Batman character (perhaps even underrated)---I hope they don't/haven't done away with that

I guess the over-arching issue with the whole reboot thing is that when it comes to Batman they really didn't reboot anything at all when it came to the content of the universe. Having a 10-15 year timeline makes sense but if it was in place I'd have to ask whether a reboot would even be worth it in the first place. I kinda feel that if you want a reboot to make sense then it has to be a proper reboot with the slate being wiped clean and no extra crap. This wouldn't necessarily mean losing series about Nightwing, Red Hood, Batgirl etc, all DC would have to do is launch them with little backstory/origin info and have the Batman series eventually working towards the set point in the timeline where each character took on that mantle. This would mean DC doesn't lose out on titles but can still alter origins and such like.

Well I completely agree. A reboot is washing away everything that came before a start from scratch. So anything that happened within the specific continuity is gone. The point of this (and the point DC used for why the New 52 needed to happen) is to end continuity lock-out, which is when there is so much in the universe that it has become hard for new readers to jump in. This is why for the Bat Family there hasn't been a reboot. All the old stories apparently still happened, but there have been minor tweaks here and there that have been revealed, not particularly well, as we've gone along. For the Bat Family this is basically just a bunch of mini retcons taking place throughout their history, that have pretty large effects, and in many cases just confused things that were clear before. This leads me to wonder how exactly new fans are supposed to jump right in an understand it if even us old fans are confused.

I could live with a 10 year timeline, and a 15 year one would be even better, as I could then honestly believe all the old stories did indeed take place. With 5 (Really only 4 as Bruce was apparently dead for a year) it just doesn't make sense.

Well, ironically, I guess you could classify me as a "new" reader (I've only just started actually buying comics and keeping up with them week to week). Before that, however, I kept up with the characters moreso through wiki's and stuff. So I am still not exactly happy with the reboot...but, I also think its a personal thing. I generally hate continuity breaks. I think part of that is because its hard to see a character changed when you have grown up relating to them. And, to a writer with a larger goal in mind, that type of connection may escape their notice/be secondary to sales, etc (which sucks but, oh well). I kind of feel that way with Grayson--especially regarding his relationship to Bruce. I felt that I could personally relate to the whole "heir to the legacy, living up to expectations, in the shadow of your father" thing. And I think that's a big chunk of why I'm against this timeline. The writers would probably argue that those elements are still there with Dick but...they aren't--at least, not as potently as before. As we've discussed elsewhere, the timeline changes the nature of the father-son dynamic. It's a very subtle thing that doesn't seem like it would have so many ramifications to a character's basic psychology but I think it does. Editorial oversight?

See I'm in a similar situation. I only started buying comics after choosing to use DC for a media studies A-level case study (we had to choose a traditional institution and cover how they're trying to adapt to modern times, DC is in the process of doing so and they were an ideal candidate) and subsequently looking into the reboot/comixology etc. Most of my knowledge of pre-Flashpoint Batman is from reading wiki's and other sites (though I've begun buying pre-52 arcs).

I can keep up with most of the continuity but as I said already, why call it a reboot at all if you aren't actually doing a reboot? In a sense all they've done is hire some new creative teams for certain series, continue where the old series left off (to an extent) but simply call the first issue from these new teams "issue 1". DC might claim that the reboot was to allow new readers easier access to their comics but in the case of the Bat-Family titles they've hardly made it easier (one might argue they've made it harder) for new readers. I mean for starters in one of the first pages of Nightwing issue 1 Dick says he's spent a year as Batman when Bruce was 'missing', anyone new to Bat-family comics is going to read that and be very confused. Then you factor in that these new readers are being told that everything that has ever happened did so in the space of 5 years, its not easier for new people to start reading Bat-family titles, its gotten harder and more confusing than ever.