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She can create 3D images of her combatants nightmares & worst fears

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Danielle Moonstar vs Hawkgirl

Reason: Moonstar has a bounty & her bounty is, Hawkgirl

Fight takes place: The desert

No prep tiem

Danielle does her research on Hawkgirl


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Donna putting up a great fight against the powerful, Giganta & Cheetah

Donna kicking butt & taking names as Wonder Woman

Donna Troy takes the role of Wonder Woman herself

Even as Wonder Girl, Donna still shows great strength

As Darkstar, Donna shows awesome power

Donna single handed lifting a very heavy item

Donna becomes guardian of the Multiverse

Donna taking on her twin sister Wonder Woman, herself

Donna still showing astounding strength

Showing brute force

Taking on the Green Lantern

Knocking out one of DC's strongest bad guys

Donna finishing what she started

Donna taking on the whole league of the Titans & the Outsiders

Donna showing her fighting skill

Donna taking on one of the Green Lanterns most powerful members, Jade

Starfire thinking she can take on Donna Troy

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Donna Troy is amazing, a greatly skilled fighter, Strength rivaling that if Wonder Woman & she has a warriors heart

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The Wonder Twins amzonian warriors vs the goddess Valkyrie & Thundra one of the strongest warriors

Correct me if i'm wrong Valkyrie is a goddess right?

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Okay so who wins? 
 Big Barda has the Amazons to help her  
Valkyrie has Thor to help her who wins?

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Donna is near Diana's lvl idk wtf your talking about ppl always underestimate her like wtf.You guys dont want to give credit where credit is due 'You have no feats that Donna is near her lvl' ok lets see.She went toe to toe with Superman she dropped Diana herself she beat the hell out of Etrigan literally, the hell out of Etrigan she torn Superwoman she went head to head with Black Adam & Mary Marvel and did she not rip someones heart out?.And even if Donna was not on Diana's lvl isn't Diana the strongest female superhero in the world?.So if that's true i'm pretty Donna is pretty damn strong cause Donna is only 1 notch lower than WW in everything.So ppl stop making it seem like Donna sucks cause she's a pure bad ass.And wasn't Donna WW herself before? she's a true force to be wreckin with.Now dont get me wrong this is a great fight & i would love to see some ppl post some feats for Power Girl instead of just saying 'Who wins? Power Girl'.Just by thinking she's on Superman's scale cause she's not but Power Girl is really good but i dont think she will beat Donna.Simply because Donna has more of a killer instinct something Power Girl does not have.

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OK so we all know Superman but you should all know Donna Troy is a true force to be wreckin with so who wins in this Powerhouse battle? 
Area of the fight:Paradise Island 
Donna Troy has her Lasso of Persuasion & all her Amazonian battle armor 
 They are both enraged who wins? 
Oh & BTW lets not forget Donna has went toe to toe with WW herself & the fight was undecided 

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LOL is this a joke? sure Wonder Girl has fought Superboy & this & that.But lets not forget Donna went toe to toe with Superman & i dont mean the robot.I mean the actual Superman & isnt Cassie a strength class lower than Donna?.Lets not forget skill it doesn't matter how many years Cassie trains she will never be on Donna's lvl of experience in Hand to Hand Combat. DONNA TROY FTW!

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