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Why I think this is only 2 stars 0

Firstly, I love love origin stories especially batman enemy related ones.What I didn't enjoy about the comic was its constant story dragging.In the story Jonathan Crane was an unwanted baby and went to go live with his wealthy grandmother or something, his grandmother then makes potions and gets crows to attack the boy. He later learns that she does this and tries it himself and then he becomes the scarecrow and kills people.Meanwhile Batman and Robin don't have a clue of what they are looking f...

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Hell No 0

Before reading the X-Men Noir series I had just read the Spiderman and Daredevil ones both excelent but this one really let me down, I found this one so boring that I only read the first 2 issues before deciding not to read the enitre thing. I think the thing that ruined it the most for me was how Professor X was basically a non cannibalistic Hannibal Lector and a lot of the comic didn't make sense such as characters as Banshee and Juggernaut being thrown in despite having no reason.  I would no...

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