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Is this new 52 MM & Capt Atom?

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Um, your gonna need a lot more than Mr Grimm to hold there fort let a lone take Godzilla down, imo. Isn't there a Godzilla vs JLA thread that's been going for 100-200 posts??

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@Bo88gdan said:

Gandalf the whıte Stops hım

Not really, he was well below Sauron and actually afraid of him.

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@ThunderGodsWrath said:

Gaea stomps.

Guess that puts this thread to rest!!

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@isaac_clarke said:

@LubeMan said:

Why do people keep saying that here?

Because he said so.

He actually stated he is not omnipotent and the creator of everything?

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@isaac_clarke said:

@Hyperlight said:

@isaac_clarke: but even if there were no feats of TOAA we wouldnt dispute that he is the most powerful being in existence becaue its his place to be so. there are rightly only like 3 feats that TOAA has had and thats rightly so because writers dont have to prove he is more powerful than everyone else.. its implied. THE EG's just dont give two f's about lesser beings so they dont do anything.

all im saying if this is purely feat based then odin ftw. but beings like the elder gods/TOAA/ Presence dont usually need feats next to people like odin because they are so much more than what he is. the only time they would need them is if they are put against other beings of there level

Just assuming all omnipotent beings are created equal from different universes doesn't fly well. On more than one occasion one's creation exceeds their power and proceeds to beat them senseless.

In the TOAA's case, that is the embodiment of the writers and to an extent the fans themselves. The Presence isn't omnipotent, neither are the Elder Gods - the TOAA is.

Why do people keep saying that here?

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Q from the Star Trek universe stumbles upon Mad Jim Jaspers, and decides to see how far he can go with their reality warping powers. Can Q walk out of this one intact?


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@slacker the hacker said:

@LubeMan said:

@Crom-Cruach said:

@slacker the hacker: Not death of the Endless. In the DC paradigm, everything will eventually die except the Presence and death is the one delivering it. It doesn't matter how strong MM's reality warping abilities are because this principle is instituted by the Presence and so no matter how much everything else can piss and cry about how unfair it is, there's still not a single thing they can do to change it.

But, this isn't in DC, and the Presence had nothing to do with MM, so, external forces playing here.

How long ago did I post this? Two years Anyway I feel MM would win nowadays.I was really young immature this long ago. Now that I'm older wiser and all around far more versed in comics I'm inclined to go with the majority on now. MM would win this encounter.

Actually the winner would technically depend on where the fight takes place.

All good, i've looked back on old posts with wtf's?? lol I wasn't trying to say MM would win, too much involved for this sort of battle to have a definative outcome imo.