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Doctor Brimstone says:

"Assuming that Superman and Adam are somewhere close in power (there's obviously a lot of disagreement), I think BA has a significant edge because of Superman's various weaknesses coupled with the wisdom of Zehuti... BA can simply KNOW things he needs to with this power. For instance, where some kryptonite is, or a source or magic... And is there normal sunlight at the Rock of Eternity, where BA could transport them? Martian Manhunter didn't seem to be too much trouble for our man in black, and Superman has stated that MM is one of the few on earth he wouldn't want to face. It's worth noting that BA is supposed to be more powerful than Captain Marvel was, (at least before taking on the role of Shazam) because Marvel shares his power with the other Marvels, and he and the Kryptonian have squared off as seeming equals in the past. "

Unfortunately, it's DC's editing and bad writing that don't show martian manhunters true potential. you only hear bout it in panels when someone like supes mentions it! and superman wasn't around during WWIII, otherwise, there wouldn't have been WWIII! and if BA had all that wisdom, then he wouldn't have massacred that nation and tried to take down most of the DCU! just cause you have all these abilities, ie wisdom of so and so, speed of so and so, doesn't mean you your known for using them all the time! if that was the case BA would be suprememe and no one would stop him!

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Nobody says:

"Hawk says:
"I just stole it and put it in there...hope you don't mind....give you credit....cause it pretty much solves that one I've been looking at for 2 days now"
Not exactly, crossover battles usually don't count for anything cause most are considered "non-cannon". The only marvel vs dc one I can think of that does count is JLA vs Avengers. "

Which is a bad crossover to consider as cannon!

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MM is too smart and much more powerfull to just stand there and slug it out! he could dissable hulk in so many ways, it's not funny! MM for the win, not to confuse anybody!

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fesak says:

"This topic loses badly. All greek gods are immortal, none of the Norse gods are. "

WTF? it's not bout immortality! it's a vs battle, and last i checked, thor was a few thousand years old! We know they have to eat of those special little apples to sustain a long life, which has what to do with this thread?

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All He-Man has to do is this:

which leaves him vulnerable to magical attacks as well as physical! so once he's taken off his helmet, his next move would be:

Shall I take your had off with my magical sword or pound the shite outta you? at least he-man would be courtious to give juggy an option! I'd go with a beating myself, beats getting having your head taken off, cause at least you can come back after a beating and learn your lessons!

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Colt Python says:

"LegendaryKYJ says:
"He man was strong enough to fight Pre crisis supes.. :P"
He-mans power is magical.He's not really strong enough to deal with Supes.This is a curbstomp.He-man's powers state he has the strength of 10 men.Juggernaut is lightyears stronger than that."
I doubt he'd simply have the power of 10 men if he's known as the strongest man in his/the universe! that sounds silly and illogical! he did go up with pc supes, even though it was done in the 80's in a light hearted adventure! and as stated, He-Man is magically powered, which means, He-Man>Juggy, since juggy is succeptable to magic and he-man has more than enough strength to go up against the big almighty juggernaught!
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Andferne says:

"Zeus Vs Odin Poseiden Vs Aegir Artemis Vs Balder Hercules Vs Heimdall Thor Vs Ares Hecate Vs Hela Hera Vs Frigga Athena Vs Sif Hades Vs Loki Hermes Vs Hermod"

Zeus vs odin = odin,

Poseiden vs Aegir = need more info on aegar,

artimes vs baldar = tough one, possibly artimes,

Hercules vs Heimdel = nother tough one, Hercules on feats,

Thor vs Ares = The Mighty Thor all day every day and any day,

hecates vs hela = hela,

Hera vs friga = hera,

Athena vs Sif = Sif,

Hades vs Loki = Hades,

and last but not least, Hermes vs Hermod = toss a coin, take a pick, much of the same!

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Static Shock says:

"I just wanna say this one thing. Juggs would win, simply because Doomsday can't really hurt him. And, yeah, Doomsday cannot be killed by whatever kills him before, but that depends on the type of attack. Doomsday is NOT immune to physical damage. Adaptive Resistances: Doomsday can also develop/evolve resistances to whatever injures or harms him, which was demonstrated in the Superman/Doomsday: Hunter/Prey series. His shield is among the strongest in the universe. Superman used a sound gun to paralyze Doomsday, but Doomsday's auditory canals simply closed up making him impervious to Superman's weapon. Waverider paralyzed Doomsday once with chronal energy, but the second attempt backlashed on Waverider. In essence, Doomsday can become as invulnerable as he needs to be. Doomsday however has proven incapable of resistance to physical and forceful damage. Superman was able to knock him out in their 4th encounter, through hand-to-hand combat. "

With that said: doomsday any day and every day! when superman punched out doomsday in there 4th or 5th encounter when he was let loose on president Luthor, who was actually behind it, that was a clone/regenerated doomsday from when he got vaporized by Imperiex! he actually gained sentience and could talk and feel pain, so he wasn't doomsday of old!