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1) The option should be around for a while. Enough to justify a thread.

2) That conversion thing will work for any lists, its kind of a panic button

3) Will look into if thats possible later.

4) Might be able to make this change available later.

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@nico4ever: Ok will try and reproduce. Its possible this may be related to not being able to delete items on unordered lists. Have a fix for that that may fix this that will be out ASAP.

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@nico4ever: Strange, can you tell me which ones you tried to delete so I can reproduce?

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@nico4ever: Hmm I am able to edit that list fine. Are you deleting entries in the list? Normally that error just means its not in the correct 1,2,3,4,5... etc order.

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Which list?

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Hey Gang,

Today were pushing a lot of code that has a lot of changes, one of those big changes is how were changing Lists. I know lists have been mostly unstable since launch, mainly because we did not account for the incredibly large lists that sites like Comicvine and Giantbomb support. So in order to accomodate these larger lists we've had to restructure how lists work. Here's an overview of the changes.

Unordered vs Ordered

The big change with lists is that we've introduced two kinds of lists: Ordered and Unordered. Ordered lists are the same old lists your used too, except now they have one caveat: They can have a maximum of 100 items. I know some people might find that number to be a bummer, but its a number we settled on being able to support from a backend point of view and a front end point of view.

On the flip side of that though, Unordered lists can be any possible size! You can have as many things associated to them as you want, and the pages will actually load now.

What about my old lists?

Don't worry if you are worried about your old lists being too long now that there's a limit on Ordered lists. This change will not break any old lists. Those lists will still be viewable (even large ordered lists will now be properly paginated so you can view them), it's just lists going forward that will have these limitations.

We've also included tools for you to be able to convert your old unordered lists to the new ordered lists. If your list has more than 100 items you will have to do this if you want to continue to edit it. (Although beware, due to worries of database problems the other direction can only be done by mod request)

End Times

So this is the major change to lists I've been working on for a while, to make them work again. I'm really sorry that they have been so buggy for so long. I'm also sorry that for some people I know 100 items is going to seem too small for an ordered list. If the demand for larger ordered lists exists, we may be able to bump that number up a bit.

I've tried to make the new ui pretty self explanatory, but if anyone is having trouble please post here and I can try and elaborate.

Thank you for your time,


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Hey guys, sorry for the late response, been kind of crazy here with E3 last week.

I am currently trying to restructure the lists so that they work better, specifically with lists that have a lot of items (if a list has too many items it may not save). I will try and figure out why your lists are not saving, I can't seem to find much information in the error tracker but will keep digging.

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This will be fixed next time we pushed, for now you can create a user review from the issue page itself and it should work fine.

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You can't set your profile image from your settings page?

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Sorry about this, one of our developers commited some code and didnt test it all! I am yelling at him right now and we will have this fixed shortly.