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for a single episode I'd go with Transformers as many are just good, classic fun.

but as a whole I'd go with Gundam

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I can agree with those and a few others. Yes, all of these powers have been a part of the character for years (decades even) but I've never believed that anything in comics needs to remain the same and for the most part they haven't, each writer brings a new angle to the character and all of these characters personalities and abilities have changed through the years.

So the powers to drop:

Super Breath - doesn't really make a lot of sense as the amount of air he expels is far in excess of the air his lungs could ever take in and his lungs would need to near collapse in on themselves to generate the amount of force needed to generate such speeds

Freeze Breath - same reason really as Super Breath and add to that the fact the pressure would need to be constant so its not as simple as "think cold and blow"

** I will add one addendum to the two above....if his overall power set were changed to be closer to the pre-52 Superboy notion of tactile telekinesis (i.e. his body generates a telekinetic field which is the explanation for his array of superhuman feats) than I would say add both would be acceptable to keep as it wouldn't be his lungs doing all the work but his telekinetic field amplifying or freezing the air he expels to generate the effect. **

Super Hearing - the degree I put in there is because his hearing should be better than a normal humans, maybe even as good as a canines or other such animals, but the overuse of this power just irritates the heck out of me. Its just bad writing to make a plot device where he hears a scream from halfway across a busy city let alone on the other side of the world. If he's in the same room or a frequency is being broadcast over long distances than I'm all for problem with Supes picking up the slight tick of a bomb hidden in a warehouse. But there needs to be an end to him picking up a refinery fire in Belgium when he's sitting in Metropolis. Sound just doesn't work like that.

** So instead I'd have no problem giving Supes a very passive form of telepathy/empathy. Something along the same lines as a Z Fighter sensing an enemy or the new movie Spider-Man feeling a serious problem occurring in the city. It goes along with the notion of Kryptonians having psychokinetic abilities (the offhand explanation for a number of their powers outside a red sun) but wouldn't go so far as to let him know what the danger or threat is, he just feels the fear/anger/hate/desperation/etc from the people experiencing the problem and can follow it to the source and once he gets there he'll need to figure out what the problem is....thus also giving the stories a bit more tension given the fact Supes won't know what he's actually getting into until he's there and thus need to figure out a solution on the spot vice planning ahead **

Telescopic/Microscopic Vision - the last point kind of leads into this one but like Super Breath and Freeze Breath these just doesn't make a lot of sense and I think limits a lot of tension Superman stories could have if they weren't around. But first and foremost they just don't make a lot of sense from a practical standpoint. His eyes don't have additional lenses with which to adjust so he can see long distances or extreme tiny objects nor would a psychokinetic explanation make much sense either. This is different from X-ray Vision (which I think he could keep) because that relies on a release of energy and the feedback his eyes receive and mind interprets. Telescopic and Microscopic Vision don't work along those same lines because they require no energy output nor feedback. Somehow his eyes are just able to do both and that's about as far an explanation as we get. They also undermine a lot of potential tension by letting him know a threat well before he gets there or could have figured a solution out by other means, cheapening the opportunity to show just how intelligent he is and what he can accomplish at a moments notice.

Super Speed - he can already out fly what he can do on the ground so its not of much use to say he can also run at Mach 2 or whatever his max running speed is. There also isn't much explanation for it other than his physicality. Just because he's amazingly strong doesn't automatically mean he's amazingly fast too....else Flash would be the strongest hero in the DC Universe as well. A "dense molecular structure" doesn't mean a fast one.

So now that I've put down a few powers here are my thoughts on what abilities Superman should have....all of which need to be more directly tied to the idea of using solar radiation to produce superhuman feats of psychokinesis. I've never been a fan of the idea that his "body becomes supercharged" under a yellow sun. That doesn't make a lot of sense because his body doesn't actually change in any way. But the idea that he can utilize the stronger energy to project it in a number of ways does and thus my thoughts on a Superman powerset would be:

Natural abilities (i.e. Kryptonian physiology....complete independent of solar energy absorption)

Strength - 1.5 tons, Speed - 200 (sustained) to 250 (sprint) mph, Durability - survive a car crash/slight bruising from non-armor piercing bullets, Reflexes - see/dodge/catch automatic gun fire and near point blank range, Perfect Memory, Stamina - peak performance for several hours, Senses - around 5 to 10 times better than a normal human

Superhuman abilities based on Solar Energy Absorption and Energy Projection

Telekinetic Field resulting in Tactile Telekinesis (anything he touches with bare skin...thus why he doesn't wear gloves...will become wrapped in his field and allow him to lift with ease, more energy he puts into the field the heavier the object he can lift), Concussive Strikes (concentrate his field to increase physical attacks by 10 like he's punching someone with 15 tons), Flight, Force Field (increase the density of the field to crank up his durability....not knowing exactly how much power he needs to use for the field would be the reason why a first attack may knock him into a building but the second doesn't even phase him), Heat Vision, Force Vision (I mean, if he can strike with telekinetic force why not expel it from his eyes as well), Electro-Magnetic Spectrum Vision (can shift through infrared, x-ray and ultraviolet by concentrating energy his in eyes but can't see radio or microwave frequencies), Night Vision (same concept of energy accumulation as EMS Vision), Super Breath (by using the telekinetic field to increase the force of the air he expels) and Body Temperature Manipulation (which provides the necessary environment for his Freeze Breath but also the reason why his body can survive in space....and I thought how he overcame that gas attack from Jason Todd was a pretty interesting application as well as Kara's skin glowing as a result when she went down to the ocean depths).

Like I said could add in a passive form of telepathy/empathy as it fits along a psychokinetic line of abilities but its not necessary for the Man of Steel as his abilities should be more physical and direct/conscious use. Also it would be nice to see him utilize a bit more technology given his suit is more technological now. Maybe not something as drastic as a DC rip-off of the Mass Effect omni-tool or something but maybe his phone being upgraded so it constantly searches the internet and radio frequencies for disasters or a similar concept that can alert him when things are happening outside of Metropolis.

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I'm interested to see if they change Peter for the story. It looks like he killed the dude at his feet so is that his personality, the influence of the symbiote or was he trying to put pressure on the wound.

Would be interesting if Peter didn't have any spider powers in this special. It was all based on the symbiote but as a result of being bonded to it for awhile, and naturally studying it as a scientist, he uses his intellect to build a spider-man suit that simulates his traditional powers but is closed off to control.

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@bouzingo: science=magic doesn't necessarily cripple a character like Strange because, as Avengers utilized, there is more to reality than just the Nine Realms as the Asgardians didn't know where the Chitauri came from (one of the many plot holes in that film because if they don't know where they are from how do they know their name or that Loki was even working with them???) so that opens the potential for more dimensions to be utilized and events like the War of the Seven Spheres.

Plus both Marvel and DC have stated in numerous comics through the years that magic is a "super science", a natural manipulation of bending elemental forces and energy to ones will. Asgardians are simply advanced enough to know how to do this on an every day level to even the most mundane items where Human understanding of the universe isn't that far yet so we have modern technology.

I just point out how magic has already been utilized because I think it will have a negative effect on a Doctor Strange movie to have him shouting "flames of the faltine" and other invocations all the time rather than establishing that his imagination and will produce the effect. This will just keep the continuity of the MCU going rather than introduce a random element and try to justify it as the "human way" of using magic, or something like that.

The trick with Strange is the atmosphere of the movie (I agree with these reports of it being darker and more of a horror movie because I love books like Hellblazer) with just the right amount of whit vice outright humor (something I think Hardy or Cumberbaugh could pull off evenly) and part of that atmosphere has to be how magic is utilized. By going the invocation route my personal opinion is it breaks that type of atmosphere.

As for the villain, I just don't think you need to do a big guy like Dormmormu if its an origin story (Cap had the Red Skull but it was kind of necessary given the war background) because you can start with an sorcerer like Mordu as an opponent but have him summoning demons and other dark beings. But if the movie decides to go more with Strange as an established sorcerer, echoing the way Thor was handled instead of Cap or Iron Man, than I think its more appropriate to bring out the really big threats for Strange to face.

As for Cumberbaugh as the Submariner......nay, don't see it. In that case I'd say Hardy is the better candidate for his known physicality.

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Saw a report today that Tom Hardy and Benedict Cumberbaugh (think I spelled that right....guy that plays Sherlock Holmes and was Khan) are in the lead to play Doctor Stephen Strange.

Personally I think Cumberbaugh would be a better choice. Not from an acting perspective, both are fantastic. But just his overall appearance, the general demeanor he plays characters with, the sneer he's perfected with Sherlock Holmes when he looks down on other people....think that puts him at the top of my list. Plus, a little canon change to make Strange be a Brit vice American wouldn't hurt. Expands the Marvel movie universe a bit to other shores and they can capitalize on the fading, but not completely gone, Potter craze for a British wizard.

As to the movie itself, I don't think they should re-tread on what was fairly well done in the 2007 animated film and go with the "loss of his hands angle". Might play off better to go with a backstory that he's suppressed or outright denied his magical abilities, possibly due to a family death because of the demons Mordo sent after him as a child (which would herald back to the first origin of the character), and instead pursues a career in medicine. Rather than seeking out the mystical he's forced back into it that world, making audience relate to the character better as both are seeing the mystical world for the first time while putting him on a journey of self discovery rather than one of redemption. The conflict comes in underlying that with revenge as his journey puts him face to face with Mordo (rather than a more cosmic entity as the animated film did).

Which leads into the mystical aspect of the film.....where I think it should take a cue from the 2007 animated film is not relying on incantations or invocation of other beings powers, as the comics does, but showcasing magic as a natural manipulation of energy in the world and so the effects are centered around the imagination and concentration of the sorcerer rather than learning a series of words or phrases or getting dangled up in the very complicated mythology that is comic book cosmic beings. By keeping it simple, a natural ability in very few humans (were talking like a few dozen in the entire world), it makes sense why magic isn't more pronounced or seen from humans before this. It also aligns the magic Strange can perform closer to what we've already seen from the Asgardians. This way audiences can connect the two and we get a more cohesive movie universe.

That's not to say demons and other beings can't exist. That can be another reason why the magical population is so small, because they constantly guard against these threats, and we can even see a number of them based on what Mordo summons or makes a pact with. Just wouldn't have it be that Strange's magic comes from other dimensional beings or that he owes allegiance to the Vishanti and others. Better for them to be known but not a centerpoint to the film and the mythology it will create. Something to save for the sequel.

What do you all think?

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So with Winter Soldier out we've got the fourth and (somewhat) fifth version of Captain America's costume, which are closer to his second look in The First Avenger than what Whedon went for in Avengers.

Which I think is a good thing as, despite a little unnecessary padding, the look in First Avenger was far better than "as close to a comic book look" that was done in Avengers.

But where would you like to see the suit go from here in Avengers 2 and (hopefully) Cap 3?

I feel they've pretty much nailed the overall composition of the suit with his S.H.I.E.L.D version at the start of Winter Soldier and simply need to revert it to the red, white and blue color scheme (with chest wings vice the lone star). This way they can use the short fingerless gloves and the new boots vice the equivalents from previous films. The only thing I wish would return is Cap sporting a pistol like in First Avenger.

I don't really understand why Marvel has decided to drop this given it was clearly used in First Avenger rather than just being seen strapped to his side. There is being true to the character and being confined by the comic version and I think this is a case of the later. Just because Cap uses the gun doesn't mean he has to kill anyone. With his skill and marksmanship it can easily be shown that he always disables his opponents (knees, shoulders, hits their own guns, whatever) vice kills (its never even shown in First Avenger that he actually killed anyone by shooting them) and he doesn't need to use it in every situation. But its a tool at his disposal and another visual cue of the soldier that he is. Plus, Avengers 2 will have a robotic villain, so Cap shooting robots in the head is not going to suddenly make him a killer. Plus the addition of a side holster fits perfectly with the back strap and belt he's now sporting without necessarily going back to the older style combat straps.

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An interesting look. Was thinking it was something closer to Hartnell's general appearance but with a modern twist....which makes a bit of sense given these are supposed to be a new set of regenerations. Though his attitude definitely seems more in tune with Pertwee's which will be nice to see.

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Yeah he'd be on his own in Metropolis as that sets up the World's Finest aspect of the film. I just mean that we the audience would know his sidekick(s) is/are back in Gotham and if we start with a scene of him in Gotham at least one of them is there as well.

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So one of the things that has seemed to stick out in my mind with the casting of Ben Affleck and the veteran approach to Batman in MoS 2/Superman vs Batman is how much the concept sounds like what has just recently been done in the Smallville comic book series. While I haven't been extremely impressed with the depiction of Batman in that series, mostly stemming from the costume design choice, what has been interesting is the fact that instead of bring Batman into the Smallville universe alone they brought along a sidekick, changing the historical Dick Grayson Robin for a Barbara Gordon Nightwing.

Whether it was Dick Grayson or Barbara Gordon doesn't really matter to me but the concept that this Batman would have a sidekick from the start, or even two (Dick and Barbara), would not be a far-fetched idea even if they didn't play substantial roles in the film. As an older hero, he would have had time to train a partner and give us the movie trope of one simply happening out of the blue. It would make sense that a Robin, Nightwing, and/or Batgirl is in their early to mid-twenties if Bruce has been at this for more than a decade because it affords a large enough time gap that both training and real-world experience would be established without the need to start the sidekick as a 10-13 year old.

As I stated, its not really necessary to show Batman's sidekick(s) in the new film, but establishing they exist would be a great way of bringing a greater part of the DC Universe into the new films while at the same time establishing a greater human connection for Batman. At the end of the day I get what Nolan was trying to do in his trilogy by humanizing Batman yet he always made him fight alone against impossible odds, which takes away from that type of approach. But by showing Bruce having one, two, or even three sidekicks (Dick as Nightwing, Cassandra as Batgirl.....sorry Barbara fans but I would keep her character in the role of Oracle should this depiction of Batman spiral into its own set of movies....and Tim as Robin) and working as an organized unit in his war on crime it emphasizes the human element of the character while at the same time showing more sides than what we've gotten in the past. We would see Batman as more of a leader, a strategist in how he assigns and utilizes the rest of his team, and that kind of depiction would lead into how we see him act in a later Justice League movie and why he so naturally can coordinate a team because he's been doing it for years.

As for MoS 2 itself, the simple solution is that the events of the film separate Bruce from his team, thus leading to the meeting of and eventual rise of the "World's Finest" as he and Superman go from adversaries to allies. Scenes leading up to the main events could show Bruce together with the others in Gotham, the Batcave, the Manor, or just talking to them as Bruce Wayne while on a function for Wayne Enterprises. Personally I'd prefer to see them all in action quickly just to showcase their teamwork and different fighting styles and appearances, but even if that had to be saved for a later film it would work because we'd be anticipating the next film.

What do you all think? Should the new Batman have a sidekick or more? Does it detract from the character to do so? Would you stick with the historic naming conventions or go with something else?

Personally I'd mix just a bit and go with to ensure there is no mixing of the "Bat-" moniker:

Dick Grayson - Nightwing; the more established black and blue design but with a "near Batman-esque" cowl that has shorter, more pointed ear pieces.

Cassandra Cain - Huntress; same color scheme as the traditional Huntress look but a full body suit with a simple mask that doesn't cover the mouth because I don't think the stitch work look would work for a live action depiction.

Tim Drake - Robin; wearing a body suit closer in look to his pre-52 solo title as Red Robin than the traditional Robin suit or the horrible new 52 look

as you might be able to guess, I hate using the domino mask idea in live action. Think it looks horrible and to do these characters correctly and best portray them as greater than human despite the contrary you have to hide more of their face in order to fully separate their appearances and subsequent attitudes for the audience. I mixed Cassandra with Huntress simply to get rid of needing to use Black Bat, Batgirl, or Batwoman. Only one Bat- name allowed and it makes each character more distinct rather than the female copy of Batman or the younger versions of Batman.

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if that actually use a cowl like that I would be overjoyed. the helmet style of the Nolan trilogy looked terrible.