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I do like the fact they are going with the Ultimate FF idea of the teleportation project and it makes sense the military would be interested in the technology and push the project forward.

What I don't get from this trailer is why everyone comes together. Obviously the machine is Reed's so it sort of makes sense he'd be one of the first to go through the first real application but it looks like Sue is working for the military already (which is a fairly good alteration to her character and one I'm interested to see how that works in the team dynamic) but why would Johnny and Ben be there? What aspect of this experiment do they play into?

Also, has it been absolutely confirmed Doom is a hacker? I've seen it around a number of sites but it wouldn't make any sense that Victor is a hacker and they are tracking him in one scene only for him to be part of the team the next. I could him having used the hacker alias Doom at some point in his life and that's how he came to work at the Baxter Building, again pulling from the Ultimate inspiration that the Baxter Building employs/collects brilliant youths from around the planet to push scientific boundaries.

Maybe the scene with Sue is not them looking for Victor because of him being a hacker but in the second experiment (white suits) that's where the teleportation ended up depositing everyone once they got back or that was possibly their landing site to begin with and because the trip went wrong that would account for the military cargo plane flying out to that spot or possibly bringing them back to the US.

For a teaser trailer I'm not going to write the film off yet. It definitely did a good job setting a tone for the film and the style direction we can expect it to go but there is still too much internet rumor and speculation for me to say yea or nay yet. I rather like the idea of the N-Zone and the threat coming from there (possibly with Victor's influence) vice just reusing the idea of the team and Victor coming to blows for the first time. At the least it provides an extremely credible threat that forces the public appearance of the Fantastic Four.

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I don't see Wells as trying to steal/absorb the Speed Force from Barry but to fully understand and master it in order to legitimately carry out his ideals for advancing science and potentially the evolution of mankind. Feel that's how they'll distinguish him from his comic book counterpart in having a truly altruistic goal but going about it under the idea of "the ends justify the means". He needs Barry to reach his full potential because that is the only way he (Wells) himself comes about, my guess being Barry's "disappearance" during the Crisis event shown in his vault was Barry's first time travel and he ended up in the future, Wells' original time. Its from this interaction that gives Wells the idea to travel back to the past in order to complete his grand plan because he can test and experiment on Barry's connection to the Speed Force at a time when he's new to his powers and vulnerable to persuasion than later in his life. That, of course, would bring up the question of why Barry wouldn't remember Wells if they met before, but I'd hazard a guess that leads me back to Wells not truly being the evil people think got a man with good intentions going about things the wrong way.

Which would lead the way to the true archnemesis of Barry being the Reverse-Flash/Zoom that Eddy will become as the series progresses. How do you distinguish the two? Easy....Wells when in costume has red eyes, most likely because his speed is artificial or in some way augmented to bring out his ancestoral abilities (if he does indeed turn out to be a descendant of Eddy). Eddy, however, would probably not have red eyes just as Barry's eyes don't glow yellow/gold the whole time he's using his speed. If you go back to the Pilot the man in the yellow suit shown when Nora is being killed doesn't have red eyes in the brief period you see his outline. Why? Because that's Eddy, not Wells as Wells wouldn't have a reason to kill Nora (as its not certain Barry wouldn't work in forensics since we don't know what kind of scientist his dad was.....I mean, why would Joe take him in just because Barry and Iris are friends? It would make more sense if Harry was a forensic scientist himself wouldn't it?) to ensure Barry becomes the Flash but Eddy would have a more personal hate towards Barry and thus make such an attack.

Wells simply has to ensure his own timeline by providing Eddy the opportunity to become the Reverse-Flash/Zoom himself and will probably be where season 1 finishes off as Wells' endgame comes to play and possibly his character even depart the show as a result.

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I've heard the original movies are canon but with this casting and knowing that none of the original cast wants to take part in it the choice of an all-female cast feels like the opening of the film will be them stumbling on to the fact that there used to be Ghostbusters or having a random encounter with a ghost that makes them remember the events of the first two films and decide to try their hand at being Ghostbusters themselves.

Feel the script will go in that unfortunate direction because none of the women cast scream the possibility of being scientifically inclined, even in the vein of Bill Murray's character being a glorified shrink. Particularly with McCarthy cast it feels more like these 4 will be starting the business for kicks rather than the scientific aspect that the original 3 wanted to explore more while also making money.

I'm not saying it couldn't be funny but I just think it will too heavily rely on the 4 of them coming to terms with being an actual team and doing good rather than just thrills and money......which is something the original films never needed to touch on. The original cast never had to come to terms with being Ghostbusters or whether they were somehow not living up to the idea of being a hero because they started for scientific and monetary means and simply in the process of doing their job did some good. That's what I think makes them such memorable films in a way, because there was no message being shoved down the audiences throat but just a solid cast, solid writing and a good story. Hollywood today can't let go of an opportunity for a message or grand arc and I think despite whatever chemistry these 4 may have that will drag this movie down regardless.

If they could have gotten Ramis and Murray to appear in this film and someone be mentors or bosses (in other jobs) to at least two (Ramis with Wiig and Murray with McCarthy would be my choices) and from that the new team is formed I think there would be a greater acceptance of this film, all-female cast or not. Through those connections this new team gets an understanding of being a Ghostbuster, having a Egon protege brings the scientific aspect in and how the gear can be updated to today's tech and things progress from there. Without that it just seems too random, regardless of who the cast is.

The only aspect of an all-female cast I know will be groan points for the audience is when McCarthy gets on her stupid antics of fitting into the jumpsuit or some other feminine aspect of shifting from male oriented gear to female.

On that note and in all there anyone that has actually enjoyed any of her films? My wife tried to watch Bridesmaids and walked out of the theater. I saw Identity Theft and The Heat on tv and didn't even crack a grin. What is the appeal of her as an actress?

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Best version of the costume yet. The S.H.I.E.L.D agent version at the start of Cap 2 was a great update to the WWII look.....far better than what Whedon approved for the first Avengers. Like how they went back to the brown leather as it evoks a greater soldier design than color coding it to the red, white and blue.

The only thing I wish they'd bring back is the pistol. I get that after the first Cap movie they wanted to make him as near his comic interpretation as possible but as the Marvel movies try to bring in a realism to match the comic book aspects it just makes sense for Cap to continue wearing and using a sidearm. I'm not saying he needs to go around killing everyone.....could easily go Kira Yamato style (Gundam reference for those confused) and just shoot knees, shoulders and other non-vital areas. It just makes sense that if Cap is the ultimate soldier he would have as full an arsenal range as possible without being overloaded with gear. His shield would still be his primary means of attack combined with his physical capabilities but the sidearm is simply that last clutch, something for the targets or strikes too small for his shield to get at.

Plus, in this next movie he's fighting an army of robots. No issue with Cap blasting the heads off robots.

But that's a small complaint when compared to the overall satisfaction of continuing to see Cap's uniform evolve properly than the random turn it took in the last Avengers outing.

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Haven't had an issue with her character and fond her to be the least "jump the shark" aspects of the Watcher's death and revealed secrets. The fact that Marvel was able to use her revelation to bring in Spider-Verse I thought was a big plus as well rather than just throwing us a new character like Thor's sister. Just wish they hadn't gone the route of placing her in FactChannel....the use of media as a place of business has simply gotten old and redundant.

In the wake of a potential "reboot" in which I'm sure a lot of 616 history will remain the same but small changes occur to logically bring in new characters I'd have liked to see more of Peter and Cindy's relationship explored. I don't really care if Peter and MJ ever got back together given how much story between them has developed since Brand New Day but it could be interesting to see a character arc of Peter and Cindy dealing with being in a relationship and working together in their costumed identities since we don't have couples like Hawkeye and Mockingbird around anymore.

No real issues with the least we're not getting extremely out of proportioned bodies as happens to Spider-Man at times. My only complaint is the unnecessary addition of red and the ninja mask. The body of the costume was a perfect blend of the traditional black suit look and her first "hand-made" webbing look that had they simply completed it would an updated mask that Julia and Arana wore it would have been a perfect re-design and equal to the great job they did of updating Ultimate Spider-Man's suit for Miles Morales and Scarlet Spider's suit for Kaine.

Speaking of which, in lieu of great new spider-style designs (minus the ninja cowl) is it time to update Spider-Man's look come the "reboot"? Something a bit more steamlined and "simplistic" in the vein of Miles, Kaine and Otto's suits but still the classic bright red and blue rather than going to slightly darker tones (like the New 52 Superman under some artists). I could see the "reboot" as a good point to introduce such a change as Marvel has successfully given us these other depictions so its a continuing trend vice a drastic, sudden change like the New 52.

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1) Yes for Miles.....get rid of Kane and make him (Miles) the Scarlet Spider with Kane's current costume. Up his age a bit to 16-17 and keep his family and support staff in place. His powers are a result of Spider Island but the cure didn't reverse things, identifying him as a spider totem. He and Peter operate together in a brotherly relationship, something neither of them has previously so good character growth and accepting identities there, rather than mentor/protege given Miles is younger than Peter. Of course there would be some mentoring on Peter's part but on the whole they should be equals whenever they team-up.

2) The Galactus Swarm would be cool....not as true evil as Annihilus and his army but a cold, calculating, Borg-like being created so long ago its literally been a constant threat throughout time....or go a bit more Mass Effect and have it be from an entirely different universe so far removed from what's currently known that its traveled for millions of years in dark space before arriving in our vicinity for organizations like the Nova Corps and Guardians to deal with.

Honestly Miles and the Galactus Swarm are really the only characters from the Ultimate Universe that could really see moving over. Everyone else I think just needs to be combined with their 616 counterparts or close equivalents to alter those existing characters enough to make them fresh once the "reboot" is complete. For example, simply merging Daken and Jimmy together to give us a new take on Wolverine's son and carry the mantle in the wake of James' death. Someone like Mach 2 just gets merged with Polaris. Etc, etc.

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Never watched Glee and have no clue what Whiplash is but Amell and Gustin have both done well so here's hoping the streak continues.

The description of the series here (Comicvine) differs a bit from what I've seen on other sites that say she's purposely suppressed her powers even though her cousin (aka Superman) is active.

Personally I'd prefer that Superman not exist in this iteration and Kara is the "last survivor" (which won't last long I'm sure) of Krypton rather than Kal and thus the world comes to terms with an alien hero through her rather than already accepting Kal. Makes for a nice twist on the canon and plays better into Arrow and Flash should these shows become connected, which they should be but unfortunately it doesn't look like we'll see Kara start on either of them in a guest appearance first and gain inspiration for her own superhero identity (would have been great and my vote would have gone to a Flash appearance to gain inspiration from Barry rather than Oliver).

Keeping Kal out of the origin also allows the show, which I'm assuming will have a college element harkening back to the 70's iteration of the character but likely attending Metropolis University, to introduce a young Jonathan Kent and Martha Clark as friends of Kara as well as a child Kal that can become a recurring character. Personally think it would be a cool reversal to have Kal be a "Superboy" whose arrival is a major arc of a season before being adopted by a newly married Jonathan and Martha and moving to Smallville. Thus Superman is inspired by Supergirl vice the other way around.

As for her eventual Supergirl attire....I'm sure there will be a huge outpouring for a traditional skirt look but personally I really like the way Supergirl is drawn in the Smallville Season 11 comics. Some will argue a bit too Matrix but I think with a bright color pallete (vice the darker tones of the Smallville comic) and more yellow the attire would visual fit far better into the universe ideals already created by the Arrow and Flash series while still letting Benoist's beauty and physique stand out without resorting to a mini-skirt or open chest designs.

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**SPOILERS: If you didn't watch the Arrow Mid-Season Finale then stop reading**



Regardless of how Oliver comes back from his defeat at some point he'll return and take up leadership of Team Arrow again. If that happens I'd rather like to see Roy drop the use of a bow and explore the concept of his identity as Arsenal. In the comics he's a master of weaponry and so far in Arrow we've seen him adopt escrima sticks/batons as a back-up to his archery rather than use his bow as a melee weapon like Oliver. Most of the fight scenes in season 3 have forced him into using the batons so rather than think of them as a back-up it would seem more appropriate for the writers to do away with the bow and focus on other weapons for Roy.

Why would this matter for Team Arrow? Well, if Laurel is accepted as Canary before Oliver's return, then it sets up a tri-costumed group that is functional at every range of combat. Oliver tends to start conflicts from long-range by using his bow. Laurel will likely be only short-range with boxing/kickboxing and maybe a bo staff. That leaves mid-range starting to Roy and that doesn't have to be covered with a bow. Instead why not give him throwing projectiles like taser darts, bolas and him a full arsenal of weapons to go with his name rather than calling him Arsenal but limiting him to a fighting role of Red Arrow. This keeps the batons in play even better as fight scenes don't have to rely on Roy losing his bow in order to swap to the batons, which just makes him look silly and ineffective as an archer. His range wouldn't compare to Oliver's but he'd be much more mobile to assist Oliver and Laurel as needed in ranges of combat. Thus we could visually see a well-groomed fighting rather than 2 archers and a blonde chick.


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I could see Thea Queen becoming Artemis in the wake of the Arrow mid-season finale depending on how the writers plan on taking the idea of Thea and Laurel finding out the truth of Sara's death (and for Thea Sara's time in the League of Assassin's as well) as it sets the motivation point for Thea to become Artemis in order to find redemption.

However, I personally don't think it should happen. I'd much rather Thea finally learn everything, whether from Oliver or confront him about it, and become a financial backer/supporter to the team and maybe even help them expand "the Quiver" (aka Arrow Cave....reference from the Injustice Season 1 and a far better base name) in the area around the club. That seems a lot more appropriate going forward then throwing her into the team as doing so continues the arc of her growing stronger with the final step being to do so as an individual rather than need the attachment.

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i think they could connect this show to Arrow and Flash and expand that universe nicely and created a good Earth-2 feel with the characters used. as for how to do her, would go with this being a world where Kara, not Kal-El, is the last survivor of Krypton and as a baby sent to Earth (basically making Kal-El the older cousin if there are ever Krypton flashbacks) and grew up as Linda Danvers. Would first have her appear in a Flash guest appearance in an episode where she's a high school senior from Leesburg in Central City on a field trip. She gets drawn into a conflict and has to openly use her powers for the first time (the conflict should be alien in origin and reveal her own origin that the Danvers never revealed). This leads to a conversation with Barry that sets her on the path to being a public hero in her own series. That kicks off as she starts freshman year at Metropolis University and her actions earn her the name Supergirl.

as for a costume, i think live action has proved the usual leg-less look is a bit silly (at least in my opinion) and i'd prefer they use her outfit from the Smallville Season 11 comic series. Not revealing but i think a cool, different look that fits better with the Arrow/Flash universe.