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Is he going to get his ass owed once again, since he can't do anything on his own anymore (one man army my as!) while wearing a dumb pointless mask????? This series has sucked since issue 1, this run has shown one of those most weakest and incompetent versions of the character that I've seen. It's for the easily amused non-Punisher fans.

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What horrible written and drawn comics... the only thing that most writers can do with the Punisher is just turn him into a dumb screaming psycho... here's hoping that Marvel goes bankrupt again.

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@sincereagape said:

I respect Gambit even if the editors at Marvel do not.

Sad but true, the X-Men '92 comic writer (yeah, right) Chris Sims was asked

Cyclops and Gambit aren't the only '90s X-Men that fans are asking about. Neko wants to know how you will write the X-Men's Ragin' Cajun, Gambit.

Looking forward to this book the most. Will Gambit be the mysterious guy he should be? And how much of a wild card type role do you have planned for Gambit?

Sims: Gambit will be a scumbag.

"Everyone can relax. Gambit... will be a scumbag." Now that I've filled my "X-Men" Paraphrase Quota, we can move on to a question from FlawedCoil82 about the characters' iconic looks.

... Marvel just keeps letting these hack douchebags crap all over their characters...

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I would rather see him in his own series set in the late 70s or early 80s so he's a Vietnam vet, when crime was very high and not standing next to a superhero wearing a spandex costume jumping around all over the place. But the thing is though... I would hate to see it with typically clichés like he has to be a character who questions what he does, comes to the obvious answer, has to justify himself to everyone, and have a love interest...

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Hmmmm? I'm not sure, I've never given any thought to something like that.

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The answer is still no, Mircochip (if he was still alive) wouldn't approve of it, his own son got killed.
Frank said "He doesn't look much older'n twenty"
Frank told him it that it wasn't a game working with him and that it wasn't safe

Welcome Back, Frank
He denounced them for taking down at least four innocents in their various missions. They outlined their plans to him and asked if that wasn't exactly what he wanted. He answered, "No" as he unleashed a hail of bullets on the trio.

Long Cold Dark
Frank once had a dream if he never became the Punisher, since he was a Vietnam vet, he's asked about Iraq.

He didn't want his daughter to know anything about him, he knows what kind of life he has and doesn't want her or anyone living that type of life.

Frank would kill those who killed Dick's family rather than let him become of what he is.

He's talking about Jenny Cesare

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I wouldn't bother with War Journal vol 2