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The Punisher next to superheroes and villains... no thanks. He doesn't belong in that type of world where characters wear tight brightly color leather cat-suits. The Punisher is not a super solider, nor should he be shown as one. There would be no real reason for him to even be there, Frank Castle is just a normal person with no super powers or abilities, he's not super fast or strong, nor does he have incredible eye where he can shoot everything he sees. Sorry, but he wouldn't be able to bring or provided anything to a team in a MCU. You could just easily replace him with a nameless agent or soldier and not much would be loss.

One of the main reasons why Dirty Laundry worked so well is because it's set in the real world fighting real bad guys with real victims and with adult level violence. Thrown in spandex superheroes and villains with superpowers with a PG-13 rating... and it goes down hill.

Garth Ennis: "It's hard, it would be hard to do a story a story like the one I did with Nick Fury and have Spider-Man show up in the middle of it, it would instantly destroy the story, it just remove all creditable."

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@arturocalakayvee said:

***Changes along the lines of Cap, Iron Man, Thor, and Daredevil***

Did no one see this?

Obviously Frank is going to full superhero, or something in that realm.

The MAXX title will probably be for classic Punisher while the second title will be a 616 title with Frank having a change of heart.

Doesn't sound good at all since a lot of tough ruthless characters from the 70s and 80s just keep getting toned down and end up as nothing more than as shells of there former selves and female versions of male characters are nothing special at all.

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... Meh... another comic book series just going for shock and all and OMG moments. Unless there's some logic behind this, this is just idiotic. I find it disappointing that Larry Hama and maybe a handful of others have ever given Snake Eyes an actually personality, character depth, emotion, something that makes him an actually character. It's subtle, but it's there... but the rest just write him as a coldblooded killing machine with zero personality. He might as well just be a robot in this series.

At least this is a AU storyline, the only G.I. Joe title worth reading is still the RAH series by Hama. He comes up with better storylines and characterizations than a typical soap opera plot.

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What a weak Punisher

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There having the Punisher becoming Captain America again???? This makes no sense, these two characters are completely different from each other. I don't care if this is an alternate world, that's no excuse for this. This didn't work in the last What If that did this, nor did it work in that War Journal crap.

I mean the clean cut straight arrow WWII vet from the 1940s can't relate or be compared to a ruthless Vietnam vet who grew up in the 1960s and became a vigilante in the 70s. Different backgrounds breed a different type of person and solider and this issue didn't show anything different with him when it comes to that. They try to show this (poorly) in this issue but they ignore it anyway with Iron Man giving a dumb speech. There's a hidden agenda to this... but it doesn't help the storyline at all.

Have things become so bad at Marvel that they and the fans are so blind that can't tell the difference between these characters????? I would call Joe Keatinge a hack... but that's being too kind.

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The character is too cheery, he looks like a slob who mops that has to drink... what's next, he's going to be seen smoking to ease the pain??? And the thing is, the Punisher shouldn't be acting more human, not after 37 or 38 years of his war on crime from killing and torturing. This type of behavior (small talk and making jokes) just comes out of nowhere and there's no explanation for it. Ennis made a very good argument about character development with Frank, it doesn't work with him, he's reach a point in his life (early 2000s) as the Punisher where he's not going to change and become a better or a different person. His Platoon mini series can't come soon enough. Baron wrote some of the worst storylines and out-of-character moments in Frank's life.

And what is a spandex super villain (that he may not be allow to kill) doing in a Punisher story???? That pretty much kills whatever dark, gritty serious tone they were going for.

Yeah... the events with Rachel really changed him... that's piss poor excuse to come up with...

"I also think it's only a matter of time until Frank makes that girl cop at the diner his new girlfriend or something"

Half the time when a young female character is after someone like Frank, they turn out to be pretty incompetent, unable to do there job, they switch sides because murdering psychopaths are so damn cute, sympathetic and fall head over heels in love in a matter of a few weeks, days or hours. But then she's killed and Frank learns what he should already know by now... don't let anyone get close to you and he can't change who he is... meh... I hope it doesn't happen but it won't surprise me if it does.

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The Punisher shouldn't be on screen with spandex characters, Garth Ennis said it best.

"It's hard, it would be hard to do a story a story like the one I did with Nick Fury and have Spider-Man show up in the middle of it, it would instantly destroy the story, it just remove all creditable."

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The Phantom is alright, I'm not the biggest fan but I've only liked the character when the storyline takes place in the past or during modern times (1950s) when they have to rely more on there skills, wits and experience... and not advance tech which is why I didn't like the one from 2040. I didn't like his character every much, I don't remember him getting any training like the others, he almost says his name in front of everyone when he's in the costume, he was pretty weak and he whined a little too much.

In episode The Second Time Around where he sees and even meets one of his ancestors (the 20th Phantom) and that Phantom kicked ass, he was a real tough guy. I just kept thinking, make the series about that Phantom!

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