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I know that the status on the 3-minute expert videos has been posted/discussed, but I can't find it. I did a search under the general discussions and came across a lot of unrelated posts. Can someone please post the link to the update? I remember reading that they will be done depending on...something. Was it views? And I'm not sure if anything new has been posted on the status of these videos since I last read that, which was probably early in 2013. And now, I'm wondering if maybe it wasn't a topic but rather a comment on a video...


P.S. I miss these videos! I watched IGN's similar videos, and Comicvine's videos are waaaaay better :)

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@twentyfive: Thanks for the suggestion! Started reading Daredevil and it's really good!

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Recently I finished reading Iron Fist Vol. 1. And one of the things I noticed is that for the majority of the comics, he's is fighting someone. At first I kept thinking of how I would also like to also see what is going on in his life. But then I also noticed that there's actually a decent amount of development in his relationships and life that is shown despite the focus on fighting. And one can see the development of who Danny is as a person and a hero with each subsequent issue, which I think shows the brilliance of the comics and the storytelling. So much story that is not shown in the panels but you can still grasp and follow it. This got me thinking of how I remember reading that someone said comics nowadays are like soap operas, because there is so much drama between characters. And from what I've seen from more recent comics, I get that perspective. Though there are a lot of more recent comics I enjoy. So I am curious about what other people think about older comics versus newer ones and what people prefer to read. I'd have to say my favorite era of comics is the Bronze Age.

Also, if anyone can recommend any recent comics that captures the spirit of bronze age comics, that would be appreciated!

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Considering who General Zod was, there's no way he would have just pouted and given up. Everything he was fighting for was gone. He had nothing. So he wanted to make Superman suffer and the people suffer as well. There was no choice. Any situation that would have left Superman with a choice to leave him alive would have meant General Zod suddenly being out of character. His actions in the end were consistent with who he was. He wasn't going to give up and sulk. And I think they can build on this in future movies. Now Superman has to deal with the guilt of killing. And we will probably see him trying everything he can to make sure he never has to kill to stop a villain again. But here, I don't think he had a choice because Zod wasn't going to give up. He was going to continue to kill. People say it's out of character because Superman doesn't kill. I still think the way the scene played out was true to his morale. He begged Zod to stop. Before that, he tried to just send Zod and his crew back into the Phantom Zone. And his reaction after showed just how much it pained him to do that.

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Looks like it's going to be good! I hope they use the show to introduce lesser known characters to the masses.

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@darklydreamingdeadpool: Pretty sure victims of rape wouldn't appreciate that comment. I get your point, but I'm sure you can say it in a more tasteful way.

Anyway... I thought the movie was fine. I generally prefer when adaptations stick to the source material, but I see how it worked for the movie. And I read a comment that stated the essence of mandarin stayed the same, and was just transfered to killian. And I can see that too. I didn't feel strongly one way or the other about the twist. I enjoyed the movie, and I thought it was better than 2. But the first is still my favorite of the 3 movies.

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I thought the season finale was good. There was too much going on in the episodes leading to the finale for this to be an episode that closed the book on the Prison/Woodbury drama. I think that if they tried to do that, then it still would have been a let down because everything would have been rushed. I think they set the stage for what will be the final showdown. Of course, the final showdown was expected in the season finale, but I think this episode was more of a set-up for what will happen next season. The survivors of Woodbury see the Governor for what he is, Martinez and the other guy truly saw how much he lost it, Darryl and Michonne lost the 2 people they cared about most to the hands of the Governor, Carl has become completely hardened by this world....I think the end of this season served its purpose. It may not have been what people were expecting, but from a story-telling perspective, I get it. Those are all cliffhangers...not overly dramatic, but they stick with the theme of focusing on the survivors and what this world has done to them, and how will they respond. I thought it was great, and I am super-pumped for the next season :)

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People keep saying she's too skinny, but stars gain and lose weight all the time to fit a role. Maybe her body doesn't match the drawings (which are always grossly exaggerated, btw), but that doesn't mean she won't put on the weight or muscle to get closer to the role. Side note: All this skinny/anorexic talk is just as mean as calling someone fat.

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I'll say up front that I am aware that there are a lot of comic apps for androids. But I am specifically looking for an app where I can compile lists of comics/graphic novels that I have and ones I want. The apps I have found only add new releases to lists or are readers. So far I have been using goodreads, but it will getting annoying with trying to manually add individual issues. A lot of the comics listed are newer ones, and I am more interested in reading old comics (60s, 70s, and 80s), and keeping track of those. So it would be nice if I could find one where I can make multiple lists and that has old and new comics in their system.


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@RedheadedAtrocitus: I wouldn't say his humanity has left him. But the experiences have hardened them. They have had experiences when they brought people in and were betrayed. They have to have their guard up. The people from Philadelphia tried to find out where the farm was and tried to kill them. Two of the prisoners tried to kill them. And Shane (who had been part of the group) went crazy and tried to kill Rick. They don't know who they can trust. So, it makes sense that they wouldn't just pick up a random person because there's no way of knowing who that person is. I thought the ending was appropriate because it shows how far society has really come. Earlier, I think they would have picked them up. Even now, we wouldn't dream of leaving someone in such a predicament. But times have changed. People have been burned by their attempts to save others. Now they have to do what they can to protect their group. But indications that their humanity remains: They are protecting each other. They did not leave Morgan outside (they took him inside where he'd be safe). They left him alive and didn't rob him. And they didn't steal the weapons from Tyrese and his group. You can still see that they are not like the Governor and his people. Yes, they left the hitchhiker. But the Governor would have outright killed him and took his supplies. They left that guy to his fate. I still think there's a difference and there is still humanity left in Rick and his group.