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@Spartan 176: Michael is and always will be a legend.
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Yesterday I found out. It was the saddest day of my life, and even now I still can't believe it - but I have to believe it. I feel like one of my own family members just died because our whole family are die-hard fans and this is just the very last thing any of us expected to happen.

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@LastSon1027:  I agree!!! I'D LOVE TO SEE A SMALLVILLE MOVIE!!
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@Red L.A.M.P.:  Aw man... well ok. Thanks for replying. would It work with IE 8?
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Either that's Starfire or it's Poison Ivy... but then a lot of women look like this...

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Hey, I love that show,and Smallville was one of the greatest Superman shows ever as far as I'm concerned!! The ending was perfect (Doomsday vs. the Justice League).

In fact - I think the ending was absolutely soooo perfect, that it would be best to leave it there. No new season. I think a new season would stretch it too thin, seeing as someone would probably know who he is in another one of his missions, and then....

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First off... let me say that I love the Runaways series. I think it is one of the best and most creative ideas ever made by marvel. When Mr. Humberto was doing the art I couldn't help but love it even more.

I just finished listening to the song however.... And I feel like I want to throw up. That song was absolutely hideous!!! =(

(PS: Don't hate on season 1 of Pokemon's theme song. That theme song was badass.)

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This is an EPIC TRAILER. 0_0
I don't believe the world will end in 2012, but I'd still see this movie - trailer just blew me away and this guy makes the best movie, even if he is one crazy mofo, lol!
Independace Day is one of my favorite movies of all time!

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They can't be serious.... "RAPEMAN"? 0_0

Anyway.... I've never been a fan of this stuff in any story. Unless of course, like the lady in the purple said - well I mean it depends on what you do with the story after that. Not just like the Heroes for Hire cover where they're just having the characters tied up just to sell some books and then there's nothing inside of the book with any value... It's too loaded of a topic to desensitize it or use it lightly like that.

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Exactly as the title says. When I try to add pictures to my profile's gallery it won't let me with some message saying "file not found" - I know I wasn't banned, I just got here! However if I use another computer (not the one I'm using right now) it adds the pictures just fine. I am using Firefox, and I regularly get error messages on this site warning me about "unresponsive scripts". In fact on every page besides CV's home page, the unresponsive scripts error appears..... is this a problem with my computer or this site or what??

Please help I'm confused, thanks!

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