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@vicsrealms said:
" Why the hell would you want to make a anime into a live action movie?  Everyone they have tried has turned into a disaster!  Personally, let just make another anime movie and save us the laughs of someone trying to act like Goku or Chun Li in a horrible live action anime movie.  Lets especially not ruin a great anime like Cowboy Bebop.  Whats next, Tenchi and El Hazard? "
I agree. When I heard of both series being turned into a live-action I was less than thrilled - in fact, disappointed.
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@SUNMAN said:
" @Jane McClane said:
" Superman got hurt alot... "
It wasn't Canon comic Superman, and he did not always seem that impressive. Sometimes I felt they made him stronger or weaker to influence the story.
They did and they do with almost all of their characters, especially ones that were made originally being nigh-omnipotent.
The only thing I didn't like about that however... was how they made him in my opinion, TOO weak on average in the series.

" Me,I didn't like the fact that it ended... "
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Ok... I just tried it with IE8 a few days ago and it works with that... but I didn't want to go through using that again so I tried Firefox 3 for the last time - and it worked after some heavy input on my part including making a new profile, all of which I'm new to. Sorry for bothering you all.

Thanks again for your help L.A.M.P!

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I'm guilty as charged man. Thanks for writing this. (GAH! I was about to give a long story! LOL!)

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@Zoom said:
Those might work... =P@-Eclipse- said:
" I have no idea why no-one has mentioned this yet.

Codpiece's crotch cannon!

Oh f****!!!
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@castleking: lol, it can't cut reality.
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Power Rings...
Or Ectoplasm.

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No. It's unnessary.

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Well that's just sad. Christian Bale IS Batman, and he's the best actor as him whose ever been.

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I agree with you about his life - I know he was innocent. At least he wont have to feel so heartbroken anymore. RIP Michael Jackson