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Everybody on George's side seems to forget the fact that George had a history of violence and criminal behavior which was only exposed now because his father, a judge, BAILED his son out of trouble . Fast forward to now where he is warned by the REAL police NOT to follow Martin if he thought the boy was so dangerous. He ignored the warning, antagonized the boy until he retaliated, beat George's fat ass and got shot. What would you all have Martin do? Stand there and smile while the neighborhood TOY COP follows him home?

Would you be ok if someone followed your kid just because he "Looked suspicious"?Are people really going to pretend that this case wouldnt have turned out differently if martin WASN'T black?

Honestly, most white people are so insensitive.

Yes, I know George is Hispanic/Jewish but that is besides the point. A man had gotten away with murder. That is the point... Most of George's sympathizers seem to miss that.

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El shaddai

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Exiles comes to mind as my first example; after having rebooted and cancelled the book so many times Marvel decided to simply make team out of the top 5 X-men.

Other spin offs that fair a bit better when they're written as one-shots like Spider Girl (the new one not Spider-Man's daughter).

And then we get stuff like Gambit, X23, and the X-Factor, which become steady and eventually become ongoing. Why don't readers like taking chances? I know all the stuff I mentioned was Marvel but all the publishers do this

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That's just silly

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Either brainiac or lobo. But only Brainiac seems likely.

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@shallbecomeabattoo: well to be sure, Tom Strong does have a lot of shorts that aren't a part of any larger story and as the story goes on the dialogue becomes very.... wordy in that Alan Moore way. for me the best part of TS is how much Alan incorporates the history of the comic industry into the story while creating enough "original" content that could tie into the other ABC books. SPOILERS: in issue #7 Ingrid Weiss, the Nazi villainess from the 40s (introduced somewhere around # 3?) returns with HUGE secrets that prove to haunt the Strong family in more ways than one. the first secret is Albrecht, Tom's Son!

There are a lot of shorts (peppered throughout the series really) from #6 to #11, where the story picks up again as several Golden Age heroes, including Doc Strange and The Terror, team up with the Strong family to fight an enemy that destroyed "America's Best" (America's first science hero team of which Tom and Johnny Future were members of). A lot of new villains and heroes are introduced and they play a much bigger role through the series than suspected - especially Paul Saveen, Tom's oldest and greatest arch nemesis. Throughout the story Tom travels through different realities, which are all revisted several times but the best one is the one-shot "The Many Worlds of Tesla Strong" where his daughter Tesla travels through these realities to save her world and the other worlds.

By #15-20, Tesla has nearly stolen the show as she discovers an ancient civilization (and love!), the Strong family team up with a Russian superheroine/astronaut (and her husband, Dimitri) and a 3-eyed cowboy to fight against an alien invasion and meet a time traveller that shows Tom an alternate version of his own story - a story where his father dies in the journey to Attabar Teru. This story arc is my favorite of all of them. The stories take even more left turns, and the story arcs become longer each time until finally, the last episode where everything is explained, all the ABC characters are together and the world... ends? It was kind of confusing but then i realized that it was tied into something that happens in Promethea, which I didn't read at this point!

After that, the next time we see the Strong family is in The Robots of Doom miniseries, in which Albrecht, now an adult and Ingrid, bustier than ever (lol) are plotting to change history in their favor just as Tesla is getting married!

You could read Tom's Strong's Terrific Tales but you don't have to as it's just more oneshots detailing Tom's early life on Attabar Teru (which nicely explains and references Tom's main book story). However! Each issue contained the story of another character from ABC: Jonni Future. I honestly think they should have published her stories separately and made more of them. I read TT just for her and Art Adams' breathtaking artwork! Plus, Bruce Timm does one issue and there's an awesomely adorable children's poem in another episode.

so there you have it! try some out and let me know what you think!

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@shallbecomeabattoo: Tom Strong is one of my favorite comics of all time, and Jack B Quick from ABC was too but I can understand why someone would find it all a bit disjointed. I think that was the point of those... Anyway V for Vendetta is obviously his best. I wonder if I would like Top 10 because I hated Promethea.

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The only good season was the first.