Wonder Woman's COSTUME

 Did you get the news? I'm sure you did... and if not click here.

Speaking of costume designs, what do you think about hers? Hit or miss? And more importantly, how do you see JMS' new origin story turning out? I'm already preparing for the worst, not just because I don't like any of his ideas like any of the time and think he should stick to writing short-running TV shows, but also because I'm tired of all these 1000's of origin stories WW has, that can never be agreed upon by the DC editors; another one of these just makes her an even more incoherent character than she already was.
And now I'm going to share my feeling on this; I know a lot of you are probably going to hate me if I say it but.... I LIKE THE COSTUME. Okay? It's not HER - I readily admit, it's not as bad as I had imagined it after hearing about it the first time. I think their heart is in the wrong place - and that brings me to a larger point: this plague that's sweeping the creative staff through trying to make perfectly balanced well-established and well written characters "edgy" "dark" or "modern"
has gotta be wiped out!

No more BND, no "Modern Age", no "Dark Avengers", just good writers (who actually read comics) who respect the creators, good artists, and faithful editing.

Another thing, as I started looking for more info about this I found a link to an old WW Costume Contest - that had some really nice designs.

Maybe they could have tried some of those instead?

Posted by Sparda

I kinda dig it. I never really liked WW's whole swimsuit costume thing, as for a character representing a strong woman who frequently goes into battle against horrific creatures/individuals it seemed a little underprepared. I mean, this isn't much better in the "battle readiness department" but it's a bit more dynamic to me. I imagine it as a Ultimate DC reinterpretation of WW more than anything, though. Also: pants on a superheroine. Surprisingly refreshing. Ba-dum pssh.
This is all coming from someone who's not exactly a big fan of WW, though. I imagine that most fans are just gonna be straight up pissed.

Posted by DH69

she managed to gain some extra points in my book, she now stands at -138

Posted by LP
@Sparda: I agree, but the jacket was too retro too soon and too fast.
I've already seen some of the fans flailing at the sheer thought alone, but I'm not one so it can't bother me as much. After all, every character has changed their costume at least ONCE, so why can't she?
Posted by xerox_kitty