Wonder Woman Movie - directed by you?

This article: X-Men Producer Wants Wonder Woman Movie , Badly really got me thinking about Wondy and I really feel like this is really a good time to make a Wonder Woman movie. I know I'm not alone in this feeling but, out the thousands of WW fans, half of them think the movie should be one way, and the other half think it should be done that way.  There was one user whose idea for a movie really impressed me; I love to experiment, so I want to know how you would direct a movie if you were in charge of it.
Who should she fight? What relationships should she have? Who's the main villain(s) of the film? Which actor would be best? What themes are going to be in it? What style does the movie take on visually?

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Posted by LP

I watched the animated movie when it came out, and I enjoyed it very much she PWNS in it like, all the time, but I felt it was missing something... I think it felt a little rushed emotionally, the characters could have developed more, and the plot seemed like only a little bit better than a vehicle for fight scenes. The actual JLU episodes about WW felt better timed, more sensitive and very exciting (if not more so); think the episode where she travels back in time to battle Savage and meet Trevor, then at the end visits him in the retirement home. That was incredible. To be honest I've not read a single WW book, and all my experience with her was on that cartoon. Perhaps she should be fighting lots of myth characters, move the attention AWAY from the Feminism, the main villain could be Circe or Captain Nazi, could feature at her current job in America. I imagine taking a pretty iconic looking style (think Superman Returns). Can't think of any actors, but it HAS to be a tall, Caucasian, black-haired, athletic looking woman...