Man with REAL Superpowers!

This just in from, scientists have discovered a man with real superpowers.

It's right out of the pages in a comic book - A local man in Georgia, named Bedia, had a vision from his dead brother to go change a light bulb. Upon touching the bulb, Bedia realized his gift - he could turn on the light simply by touching it. Scientists are baffled by this superhuman phenomenon, and the only explanation they have so far is that this man must have an electromagnetic field stronger than any other living thing on this planet."

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Posted by Black Lantern Mar-vell

I bet Chris Angel could beat him in a fight! Now that guy has some REAL powers.  LOL
Posted by Bathory1313

UNCLE FESTER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Posted by _Sub-Zero_

Magneto :D

Posted by LT1085
Posted by _Sub-Zero_
@LT1085: you and your old geezers
Posted by LT1085
@_Sub-Zero_ said:
" @LT1085: you and your old geezers "
That's James Randi, son!
Posted by _Sub-Zero_

Posted by LT1085
@_Sub-Zero_: ?...You don't know who James Randi is do you?
Posted by _Sub-Zero_
@LT1085: you still dont know who i am do you ;p
Posted by LT1085
@_Sub-Zero_: I stopped guessing...but I can tell that you really want to tell me haha
Posted by LP
@_Sub-Zero_: LMAO
Posted by _Sub-Zero_
@LT1085: ;D 
I know who randi is and (or at least i thought so, wiki gave me the approval for my guess)
and... I'm... 

Posted by LT1085
@_Sub-Zero_:  I didn't see it on the first page so I guess this'll be one of those unsolved mysteries.