Apologies to everyone for not updating this blog in such a long time. These pinups, pages and character sheets have been available for at least 3 years now, with the newest one made a few months ago. Half of these are Comicvine exclusives! So without further ado, Fandom Comics presents pages from our Dark Lady of the Sith Sketchbook. To read the comic series go here!

The very FIRST drawing I ever made for Fandom Comics. Lumiya.
Early character sheet shows off a modified version of the former Rebel Alliance pilot uniform as worn by Shira
Early character sheet of Shira Brie (AKA Lumiya) show off her injuries suffered from her last appearance in Marvel's Star Wars, and cybernetics
Early rough sketches for PAGE 1
Color comparisons of the the final version of PAGE 1.
PAGE 2, brilliant coloring by Steve Criado

Fandom Comics presents: Dark Lady of the Sith #1!:

Originally assigned by Darth Vader to discredit or kill the hero of the Rebellion, Luke Skywalker, Imperial Intelligence Agent Shira Brie instead began to fall in love with Skywalker, and to believe in the Rebel cause!

During her last undercover mission, Brie flew as Skywalker's wingman in a flight of stolen TIE Fighters to assault Imerpial Admiral Giel's armada in an attempt to destroy their Teezl, a creature capable of acting as a natural jamming device.

During the assault Shira's TIE Fighter was destroyed and she suffered life-threatening injuries, but was rescued and placed into a bacta tank onboard the Executor, Lord Vader's command ship, where she was outfitted with cybernetic replacements for her shattered body... However, Lord Vader wouldn't let Brie rest long -- he had his own plans for her budding Force sensitivity...




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