Wonder Woman Movie - directed by you?

This article: X-Men Producer Wants Wonder Woman Movie , Badly really got me thinking about Wondy and I really feel like this is really a good time to make a Wonder Woman movie. I know I'm not alone in this feeling but, out the thousands of WW fans, half of them think the movie should be one way, and the other half think it should be done that way.  There was one user whose idea for a movie really impressed me; I love to experiment, so I want to know how you would direct a movie if you were in charge of it.
Who should she fight? What relationships should she have? Who's the main villain(s) of the film? Which actor would be best? What themes are going to be in it? What style does the movie take on visually?


Man with REAL Superpowers!

This just in from Sodahead.com, scientists have discovered a man with real superpowers.

It's right out of the pages in a comic book - A local man in Georgia, named Bedia, had a vision from his dead brother to go change a light bulb. Upon touching the bulb, Bedia realized his gift - he could turn on the light simply by touching it. Scientists are baffled by this superhuman phenomenon, and the only explanation they have so far is that this man must have an electromagnetic field stronger than any other living thing on this planet."

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Secret Project Revealed =D

 It's official, I finally have a job!
Well technically, I've had one since March of last year, but some of you may remember me going on about a "secret project" in previous journals.
What? Who, you ask? I'm the artist (penciller & inker) of the newest comic from Fandom Comics. Fandom Comics is a fan-owned "company" that has been producing Star Wars comics, RPG sourcebooks, games, and other related media for 5 years. It currently has 3 series (with our newest one) in the works; the one I'm working on will deal with the origins of LUMIYA, aka "the Dark Lady of the Sith" originally shown in Marvel Comics' Star Wars series.


To celebrate the anniversary, we're going to be releasing new pieces art in preparation of the series' launch. See my work here: http://www.fandomcomics.com/sketchbook/


so excited!

I just saw the season finale of Smallville tonight. I do believe this is one of the best episodes ever and I cannot wait to see the next season!!!!!!!!!!
Did anyone else? I promise I wont spoil it for anyone =P

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StarWars.com Report: Return of Captain EO!

 It's been a busy year for Disney.

This may not be news to some of you, as it was released not too long ago (December 19th), but the DisneyParks Blog recently announced that groundbreaking classic short-form movie, "Captain EO" will be returning to theaters this year! The attraction will return to Tomorrowland's Magic Eye Theater at Disneyland in February 2010, replacing the Honey, I Shrunk the Audience! 3-D attraction.  For some, it will be their chance to experience it for the first time. So fans of the movie, Star Wars, and MJ will doubtless be excited; for years now, fans have petitioned Disney to bring the movie back.  As for me, I can't deny my excitement.... I hope I get my ticket!

Captain Eo, starring Michael Jackson is directed by Francis Ford Coppola and produced by George Lucas, featuring visual effects by Industrial Light & Magic. It is regarded as the first '4-D' film (4-D being the name given to a 3-D film which incorporates in-theater effects such as lasers, smoke, etc., frame synced to the film narrative). This innovation was suggested by producer-writer Rusty Lemorande who is, therefore, sometimes referred to as "The Father of 4-D". 
Sources:  http://starwars.com/movies/other/news20091219/index.html 
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