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Hulks level of strength isn't only affected by his emotional state, but also by age. The more he ages, the stronger he gets. So, in theory, the strongest Hulk should be the last of all known stages (savage Hulk, WWHulk, WBreaker and so on...). And the oldest version known of Hulk, unless i'm wrong, is Maestro.

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They say Evil Samson is now quite stronger than She-Hulk... Does anybody know his current strength level?

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I've got another cool one, lol:
JUST... DO IT!  "Starsky & Hutch"

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" @loveNwar: lol. Night Of The Creeps was epic. its up there with Ghoulies, Munchies, WaxWorks and The Stuff. "
Yup... they just don't make movies like that no more :(
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Wow... i guess his power would make him control even Ultron himself. But, would do jack against a simple hord of mindless zombies. How pathetic... lol.

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"Good news and bad news, ladies! good knews - you're dates arrived to the party!... Bad knews... they're dead." - Night of the Creeps

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Although i'm sure they have battled more recently, the last time i saw that was when Mister Fixit and Wolverine fought in Toronto. Well, Hulk did the bigger damage, of course, what else could you expect within the realms of the lets-believe-this-story-for-a-minute...?

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There was a time - mostly right after the birth of comics - when authors just had to make their heroes SCREAM the stupid obvious, as if we (too idiot to understand or even spell) needed the extra tips to understand the character. Let's recall some...
Superman, that's right, he's called S-uperman, get it?. Just in case you didn't catch that, they printed big S on his chest (just to make sure). And what about Captain America? We all know how to right his name down, but still they had to print a huge A on his forehead, so that readers knew for sure what that was. Hmmm, and what about Siper-man? Duh, i'm pretty sure we wouldn't figure his character unless he had a big spider drawn on his chest. And what about Batman? Could we ever know what animal inspired the heroe without the guidance of that bat printed on his clothes?
There are tons of other examples... lol.

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@ebuchanan:  By the way Marvel rates the 2, i just don't see it. Mephisto could easily destroy any asgardian god (he has humiliated Thor countless times) and Dormmamu is said to be in the same leage as the demon, so...
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@avwhite:  The ability to talk sarcastic in a way that people actually notice