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@ZEELLO said:

I realized something about ads, they make the comic seem bigger/longer than it really is. So when you pick up the book off the shelf it feels heavy and thick so it's as if you're getting a good value.

would you consider that as False advertisement? making it seem there are more pages then there actually is? just a question and a thought.

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@noj said:

@Lovenuggets: DC has the same amount of story pages, but its a dollar cheaper than Marvel comics. Thats why. I would much rather deal with ads than pay an extra dollar for the same content

Very true, makes a lot of sense. Honestly I would love to have more Marvel comics but I just don't see anything from Marvel (Recent) I want to read and before the 1 day comic expo started I spent 3 days researching on what I wanted to read from Marvel....Just Spider Man and a X-men, and I've read that X-men Vs Avengers is "Meh", So I went ahead and started my comic book reading by buying Dc's 52's Suicide Squad, Wonder Woman, and Batman (Night of the owls). Going to get Nightwing and Batgirl pretty soon.

I'm an obvious Batman fan >.>

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Guess I'm going to have to get use to it, Funny how I didn't see this many Ads in Wonder Woman's issues, I'm going to ready the New 52's Batman in a few mins.

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Ha Wish I could, I don't have a card on me. Just started a new job, don't have one as of yet so for RIGHT now I go to my local comic book store and by the copies there.

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Hm money huh, seems like a good waste of printing in my opinion...if DC hates me..ok kool...and as for Meeting Stan Lee, yes I've met him several times.

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@Supreme Marvel:

LOL, thats sorta true XD

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So I'm getting back into comics and I've just finished reading Suicide Squad and Green Lantern: New Guardians, my lord there is ads on every page I've read, I got done finishing Wolverine an the X-men and there was hardly any ads that bothered me.

I understands for promotions but that's too much, makes me reconsider of reading much DC.

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@TheOptimist said:

Okay, interesting... so, to take it piece by piece... here are some recommendations.

Batman: Definitely join up with the main title series if you haven't been already... you can pick up Volume 1, collection issues #1-7 or you can jump right in... at the moment, the Bat-verse is centered around the Night of the Owls storyline, but all that you have to have for that is the main series... everything else is delicious icing that you can test at your own discretion. I'd highly recommend it, as it is one of the consistently best reviewed and enjoyed of all the books on the stands.

Green Lantern: There are 4 Lantern themed books out there right now, which offer a different sort of niche based on what you're looking for. If you're looking for the "main" GL storyline, follow the Green Lantern title. If you're looking for a bit wider view of the corps, including a handful of members and a little more of the "standard fare" storyline, Green Lantern Corps is the way to go. New Guardians offers a wider picture of the emotional spectrum, while Red Lanterns digs into one specific non-Green corps. GL and GLC have been consistently great... they're my top recommendations of the group. New Guardians is good, don't get me wrong. The others are just my top recs. The Green Lantern universe will soon be heading into a shared storyline focusing on the "Third Army" that is being foreshadowed in the pages of GL.

Flash: I'd highly recommend this title as well, and it has been a big surprise for me of late. This is really a book where the art sells the story as well as the words do, and has provided some really strong foundation building for the Flash in the new universe. On the whole, I'd say it is an easy pick up.

Superman: This is a hard character to evaluate these days. Personally, I've enjoyed both Action Comics and Superman... not everyone else has shared those opinions. Superman has recently launched in a new direction, while Action Comics is being helmed by Grant Morrison... honestly, the best I can suggest for this character at the moment is for you to test drive an issue of each and see which one resonates with you more... the vision of the character between the two books is pretty distinct.

Runaways: Unfortunately, there isn't much current with these fantastic characters. They recently made a cameo stint in Avengers Academy, which was certainly worthwhile. It was only two issues, but at this point is the only real place to get your fix for the characters.

Marvel: I can't speak all that well to the other characters you've listed... I've heard positive things about Journey into Mystery for Thor, and less positive vibes off of Mighty Thor. Cap and Iron Man aren't drumming up too much, although Spider-Man is in a big storyline right now... almost all of the real push in Marvel is (for good or ill) behind the Avengers Vs. X-Men event... which pretty much dominates the landscape. This either makes it really unappealing to jump on to any Avengers or X-Men books, or makes it a bit of a commitment to do so. If you go in... you basically need to go all in, buying the main event in addition to whatever titles tie in... Cable was the star characters of Avengers: X-Sanction, and he may make an additional return in AVX. The Punisher book is getting rave reviews, so I'd certainly check that out. She-Hulk appeared in X-Men: Legacy, but other than that isn't really a big focus character right now.

Wonder Woman: I'd say right now is the perfect time to latch onto Wonder Woman... the storytelling (writing and art) has been brilliant... the character is really thriving in her main series and I'd certainly recommend you pick it up.

Additional Recommendations: Swamp Thing, Animal Man, Aquaman. Uncanny X-Force, Avengers Academy, X-Factor. These are pretty darn solid titles that are really easy to recommend.

Personal Recommendations: I, Vampire, Demon Knights, Resurrection Man. These are worth a shot... they're less of a surefire thing for everyone, but they've been an absolute blast for me.

Thanks TheOptimist!

Yea as far as I can see Marve,l I don't see to much I would like to read to be honest and it seems I'm way to late on anything.

But as far as DC I did pick up the First and second issue of 52's Wonder Woman I have no problem with the new Direction DC is going, so I enjoy her series so far.

and as you suggested I'll pick up Batman's Knight of the Owls as well that caught my eye on free comic book day I've been itching to read those for some time now.

As for Green Lantern I'm not too keen on but I will Defiantly check out the Additional and Personal recommendations that you suggest at our Long Beach Comic Expo :D

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Hey guys! Sorry to bother everyone with this, but its been quit awhile since I've read much comic books due to financial issues.Since I got that issue handled (But not out of the woods just yet) I'm looking forward in getting back into comic books.

I've been doing some research on DC and Marvel ..not so Much On Dark Horse, Image Comics, etc. I'm really conflicted or you could say confused on what I would like to read since I'm very much behind on Story Arcs.But to break it down on who I like as far as Characters or who I would love to read more of here's a list:

Characters/Groups I know very well:

X-men (In general) - Does not know whats going at the present moment in the series

Justice League (In General)-Does not know whats going at the present moment in the series

The Avengers (In general)-Does not know whats going at the present moment in the series

Young Justice League (In general)-Does not know whats going at the present moment in the series

Recent/Present Events I should be reading

Captain America









Green Lantern


Characters I would Like to know better/Read more of:


She Hulk - Interested in Reading more of.

The Punisher


Wonder Woman- Interested in Reading more of. ( I do have issues 1 and 2 of Wonder Woman New 52's)

I can't name anyone else or any other series at the moment, but I am open for suggestions to start off fresh into a series. Thanks guys!

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They actually do, Marvel has WAY to many Event and Arcs, to be honest they need to focus on one Arc then start the new one...we don't need these "In betweens" stories, mean reason is the cost...your already buying the Main Story why spend 3 to 5 bucks more on the side stories? Why I have a lot more DC comics then Marvel...just to much