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Hey! Try Northlanders: http://www.comicvine.com/northlanders-sven-the-returned-volume-1/37-185363/

Kill Shakespeare: http://www.comicvine.com/kill-shakespeare/49-32578/

Hack/Slash: http://www.comicvine.com/hackslash-the-series/49-19269/

WatchMen: http://www.comicvine.com/watchmen/49-3622/

Crossed: http://www.comicvine.com/crossed/49-22496/

The Shadow: http://www.comicvine.com/the-shadow/49-48063/

Fables: http://www.comicvine.com/fables/49-9723/

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Hey guys, now im pretty sure i am not the only one on this site to have visited a Comic Con. I have only been to 1 so far. This yrs Montreal Comic Con with my girlfriend.

Me and my gf got the chance to meet and get an Autograph from Brent Spinner and James Masters. It was signed to my gfs name and you can see them from the pics i attached. Now i must say i James Masters seemed somewhat Douchy and self centered, and kept making puppy eyes to my gf lol. But Brent spinner was a freaking blast to talk to. He actually spoke to me in french abit wich was awesome. My most awkward moment was with Aaron Ashmore from Smallville. My gfs mother was with us and is a huge Smallville fan, I am not. So i went with her to get his signature with her since she does not speak a lick of English and she wanted me to translate for her (She is french and watched Smallville in french, eww i know lol). While in the process of getting the signature done and translating for both of them, I decided to say something clever and I just end up looking like a Dumb Bum. I say: well to be honest I have not watched much of Smallville but i must say no one will ever replace you as Bobby in X-men. He started to look at me with big eyes and a smirk. He shoots that was my brother. I never felt so dumber that fast in my life. My gf told me my face changed so fast into a look of shock. He started to laugh and was so cool about it, and i thanked him for giving me my epic fail of the year.

I also had the chance to have met and took a picture with he legend himself, Mike Mignola. I looked calm and collected, but in my insides i was screaming like a little girl. We actually had a conversation about the wtf no reason moments of film. Then another comic legend Ty Templeton joined in the conversation. We talked about movies like Battlefield Earth and when they found the ship that was a couple of hundred years old, but wait it still have a nice full quantity of Gas. And things like water world and how did they find the wood and tobacco. Mignola told me that he actually met Costner and teased him about the film and Costner gave him a couple of friendly shut your trap. Hehe. And last but not least, i had the great joy of meeting Mr Ben Templesmith. I surprised him but talking about Welcome to Oxford, stating that no one has mentioned it in a very long time and we talked about the main character and Bens journey on creating him. Also talked about Cuthlu and how much it influences his art. My gf was to shy to ask for a photo so she too one from afar, but he spotted her from afar and did a hello hand gesture. That about it folks for the major events in my Comic Con. What is yours?

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again guys..this is a game and creative outlet. I am not a real publisher

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Since things have seem to be slow, I am looking for someone to play a one on one RPG. I would like to DM and play also certain NPC's. I am open to pretty much all genres except Medieval Fantasy. Write back or PM me if you want to start a game.

Note: I am looking for a longterm game. Not just for one day.

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Ok im left stumped on the longshot one. I completed all of the other 6. But the longshot one is making me see question marks. Any help please.

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Hey guys! I wanted to do a creative outlet/game to let other create there own comic tittle and stories for each issue.

They way it would work is that i own Sideline Publishing and you submit your own comic idea and character to me by PM. If given the ok then i will select your comic to be on the official Tittle list. Once that is done you will (on your own pace) create a short story for each of your issues. Also you must select an artist for either each issue or story arch. I am looking for around 4 to 5 ongoing tittles. The genre of comic and story is completely up to you. My job is to create a well detailed and updated list and information for your tittle.

For your comic tittle submission:

Your real name:

Tittle genre:

Tittle Name:

Tittle synopses:

Main Character(s) profile and background:

Rating (E,T,T+,M)

Your expected issue submission rate (Once a week, once a month, etc):

This page is only for introducing Sideline's Tittle. The issue publishing page will be up online when i get submissions.

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Hey! Well i must admit, in the opening of DKR, when we first hear Bane...i was really confused and troubled. Not really what i was expecting when i heard his voice. At first it was a complete miss. But more the movie went on more i got use to it and his voice really became a character of its own. At they end i really respect nolan's choice on Bane's voice. It really adds a classy and intellectual puzzle piece to a very complex and multi dimensionel character. Its is just very confusing at first interposing such a voice to such a brutal looking person. But my hat is off to Nolan. What about you? Hit or miss? Me its a hit.

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Rpg but we play as a team.

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