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@Wolverine0628: Damn! I Really hope it would be black panther!! im pretty new to purchasing comics, since ive started he hasnt had a current title :( hes one of my fave marvel characters.

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I read issues 1-100 on the internet. When i started to buy comics i picked spawn up at issue 211. Missed simmons blowing his head off and everything unfortunately. Definitely liked the Simmons spawn more. This book is kinda blah, still follow it today tho. Spawn is my favorite super hero.

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Awesome thanks ill go look into them this weekend.

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Ive been reading the new Winter Soldier comic i think its really cool. Excited for the new Cap movie.

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Hey guys, sorry if this is in the wrong section. But im really new to comics, ive always been interested in them but never jumped in them because of the ongoing series. The new 52 was the first time ive bought comics and ive been religiously going every weekend since. i got a lot of the new series marvel and DC has released but the only indie comic (i believe it's indie) i got is Spawn. The comic shop i go to has an alright selection of the indies, got some Image. Darkhorse, and BOOM i beleive. I was just wondering what are some good series i should check out or look for in the indie comics? that new Debris comic looks really cool and ill probably be gettin that, And jump into the walking dead series. Any suggestions would be appreciated tho.

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i started on digital. bought all my first issues digital. much prefer physical, went out and rebought them physically and hit the comic shop every pay day since.

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Red lantern is one of my fave series. dunno why people hate it