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I think this is pretty cool just for the sake of nostalgia and each version will all the owner to get the digital download as well.

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In terms of military applications I think a suit of power armor or an exoskeleton are certainly possible for ground forces. I do not think its possible to see one flying around though.

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The truth is nothing made Thor unworthy. Marvel just needed their most resent event 'Original Sin' to have some sort of consequence and at the same time they get to show they think women can be heroes just as great as Thor. We all know this will not be permanent but I do think the longer they can keep the identity of this new Thor a secret the longer it will last.

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I want the movie to be R-rated because Deadpool is best with no filter. That said I expect the movie will be PG-13 because lets face is the studio is out to make as much money as possible and they increase their chances of doing that with a PG-13 movie as opposed to a R rated movie.

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I am very interested in this. I would love to see a live action version of Medusa's hair. I think if done right that would be amazing. Also I hope if they do make it they really show just how powerful Black Bolt really is.

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I am really enjoying Lazarus thus far. I like how the are taking their time revealing the world and slowly showing the differences between the various world orders. I also like the little tidbits at the back in the last few issues showing the background on the world powers. Looking forward to seeing more.

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The problem with the X-Men, at least from the perspective of the lazy creative staff that get assigned to come up with new issues is that most of them do not to be burdened with continuing a relationship that they did not create themselves. We see this over and over again, 2 characters will have a connection develop during a particular creators run and then as titles end and new creators come onto titles and they might not like a particular relationship and kill it off so their own ideas can come to the forefront. Personally I think there should be more relationships in the pages of X-Men titles. People seem to forget that one of the main strengths of the X-Men is that some of the time when things are quiet the interplay between characters can lead to great material. Now its all event, story arc, event with little time taken for the character building moments aside from those that come out in conflict.

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If you had scene the last arc of Astonishing X-Men (issues 62-66) where a possessed Iceman nearly destroyed the world you would not ask this question.

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I have been collecting these deluxe editions as they have been coming out and they are among the most high quality trades you can buy. Looking forward to getting this.

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Scott Snyder is setting himself as one of the greatest if not the greatest Batman writers ever. I mean he just produces quality after quality products. Looking forward to what he does in the future.