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Old King Thor is the successor to his father and has had the power of the Thor/Odin force under his control for thousands of years in the same way Odin took over from Bor (after he deposed his brother Serpent/Cul). He is not better or worse, in his time he is the All Father. Remember in the current Marvel timeline Odin has been the All Father for several thousands of years and has incredible powers at his control. Recently he sealed Asgard off from the 9 realms after fear itself and has hardly been sen since. Also remember that Odin rarely does anything without a reason and as the big shakeup in Thor approaches I suspect we will see Odin's hand in it.

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Marvel having a new prominent powerful female character does not bother me at all. The current run Thor: God of Thunder has been one of my favorite runs on any comic ever and I will admit to not having been the biggest reader of Thor in the past. Thor's' stature as a hero has only been elevated in my eyes and not lowered. What bothers me is there will be some lame contrived event or disaster when suddenly Thor will become unworthy. Marvel is making quite a PR show about having more diversity gender equality. I just see this whole thing as one big PR stunt and depending on how successful this is will determint how long it lasts.

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I think Marvel is a little drunk with their own creativeness. They saw how well Superior Spider-Man dis and probably think they can take the principle character out of any of their main titles and substitute a replacement and it will work again. While I will admit Superior Spider-Man was good I have serious doubts about doing this again, but it remains to be scene what will happen.

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I kind of had the impression that Emma still has strong feelings for Scott but was and still is pissed off at him for attacking her and taking her Phoenix powers in Avengers vs X-Men. Yes they are not together anymore but I would not be surprised if they reconnected in the future. Yes I do know that there is some kind of upcoming title taking place in the future with them getting married but like so many glimpses into the future we have had with the X-Men over the years barely anything anything ever comes from it.

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I have no problem with Marvel having a new character with god like powers be a woman. I just wonder is this change really necessary. Thor suddenly not being worthy of his powers sounds like a lame plot device to introduce some new story twist. The current run of Thor: God of Thunder has been great in my opinion and if anything Thor is more worthy of his powers than ever. It sounds a little like some mutants suddenly finding their powers broken after Avengers vs X-Men, an artificial plot element introduced to make the characters lives more difficult.

We all know this will not last forever as this reeks of a problem created just to make Thor's life difficult. This is not necessarily a bad thing as long a the story is good but I just don't see this lasting very long. Again I have no problem with new characters with great powers coming on the scene I just wish Marvel could come up with something original and not rehash old ideas.

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I am not opposed to Angela being part of the Asgard royal family. Its an easy way to explain why she has powers on Thor's level. Of course I don't like the ugly legal battle that led to the character being ported over from Image to Marvel. I see this as an easy way to slot her into the Marvel universe, in terms of power and importance.

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I like a lot of these ladies but I guess of this vast list of characters I really like Layla Miller, she knows things. Of all the characters in Peter Davids long running X-Factor, Layla had the most character development becoming a really interesting character. They revealed some of the mysteries about the character but still kept some things back. I know she is on Marvels back burner right now but I am looking forward to seeing more things with her in it.

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I am a fan of all four though Mystique is a distant 4th. I really love all the character development Magik has got in the last few years and I hope to see her develop even more.

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I am a long time fan of Dazzler and I hope this means she can finally shead the disco image and really show how great she can be. I have said this before she needs a good writer to champion her and reshape her a bit for current times. The new art image looks like a punk rock Dazzler with some anger and rage issues. Not quite in love with the image but am willing to see where the story goes.

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The writers have not made Icemen too powerful. Iceman has suffered from chronically inconsistent writing over the years. Yes he potentially is amone the most powerful beings on Earth but that power is almost never portrayed evenly. For a great example of just how powerful he can be check out issuws 62-65 of Astonishing X-Men. Bobby was poessed by some dark force and nearly sent the world into a new ice age.

Another problem I have noticed and this is more of a Marvel issue. Many of the X-Men can't seem to get the maximum out of their powers while other super powered beings like the Avengers, Fantastic Four and others seem to be able to use their powers to their maximum potential without any artifical handicaps. I know from the way the Marvel Universe is set up is that mutant powers by their very nature are unstable and can be inconsistent. This does seem to have become much more pronounced in recient years. Personally I think Marvel is playing up the Avengers as 'Earthgs Mightest Heroes' a bit too much. I don't expect this to change as long a Marvel Comics biggest source of revenue is movies and they do not have the rights to the X-Men, the Avengers will continue to get the edge for fear of upsetting the Avengers box office gravy train.