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One among the many significant problems I have encountered so far is that I can't see to make any changes to issues. It won't let me add creator/heroes, nor will it allow me to add or remove cover pics. It also won't save changes of any kind. Clicking on the green save changes button gets no response of any kind.

I have seen the video tutorial twice through and very little of the system behaviors shown by the Cap seems to work for me. I can see how it should work, it just doesn't. I must be doing something massively wrong.

I am using Firefox
MS Vista

P.S. I have hundreds of hours of experience working with the old vine system which I found pretty intuitive and easy to use; but 6+ hours of working on the new system over the last two days have been unbelievably frustrating. The current system seems to be working at some level for other people but not for me. I am very confused.

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When you go to a Hero or creator page, and look for the issues that Hero is in or the Creator contributed to you will see something like "Witchblade" with "3 Issues" underneath. Under the old system clicking on "3 Issues"  this allowed you to find out which three issues that Hero or Creator is connected to. Now when you click on it you get a list of ALL issues in a volume. This makes it impossible to find out the connection to a Hero/Creator without looking at each issue in the volume.

For example. Go to the page for the artist "John Romita Jr".  You will see listed in the section "Volumes John Romita Jr. is credited in", the volume "Amazing Spider-Man, The" under which is listed "85 issues". When you click on "85 issues" a listing of all 561 issues of The Amazing Spider-Man comes up. It is impossible to tell which of these 561 are the 85 that contain contributions from John Romita Jr. This makes it very difficult to find issues connected to a particular artists/creator. This same problem arises for Heroes.

My work on the Vine mostly consist of making sure a particular artist has all of the covers attributed to him/her correctly. Without this search feature, (which worked fine under the old system) I am stuck. I am currently checking on an Dutch artist named Romero Molenaar. His page says he has 3 issues of Witchblade to his credit. The problem is on finding out which 3 out of the 118 issues they are.

I've discovered other problems, but this is the big one.

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Model by Day, (which was later made into a TV series starring the luscious Famke Janssen), was the first book by writer/artist Kevin Taylor, published in 1990 by Black Dot/Rip Off Press.

Taylor is best known for his erotic comedy books starring the over-endowed and over-sexed Jill: Part-time Lover and "The Girl".

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To get serious about Romita, I do think he has his strong points as an artist. His drawing style is definitely NOT one of his strong points, but there are many other things that make a good artist.

For example, Romita is one of the best when it comes to page and splash layouts, composition and figure posing. Just look through all his covers to see some examples. His images have outstanding movement, energy and interesting and eye-catching juxtapositions. His characters have excellent form and his poses are both believable and compelling. As a comparison, while Finch is a much better at drawing, the layout of his covers can be muddy and confusing. Of course, Finch's drawing is so outstanding that one is easily able to forgive this lack of discipline.

Romita's execution of his compositional ideas may not be the best, but he is still quite good. And one of the reasons Joe Q and other editors love him is he is fast and dependable. For us readers this may not be that important, but for the publishers this is an endearing quality.

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I found a workaround. I went to kproxy.com and can enter the site via their service. I still can't enter through the front door for some reason. Oh well.

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Nope. Still nothing.

I have been trying on and off for over a day and a half. I can go anywhere else on the net but no comicbookdb.com [IP address].

I tried Firefox, IE & Safari; no go. I tried to access it through the Google image pass-through; no go.

For those of you who can get through, could you look up the webmaster's email address for me? Maybe that won't work for me too, but I should try.

Any ideas?

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Our most illustrious competitors at The Comic Book Database (http://www.comicbookdb.com/) has apparently gone off line.

Any body got the 411 on the demise of our brother comic book wack-jobs?

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