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This guy looks like Bucky O'Hare

I came here to say this

Actually, Jaxxon predates Bucky by a few years. From all interviews, though, they were both created independently of each other. Just one of those weird little things that happens in life. heh

So he won't be croaking any toads then?

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@teerack: Both him AND Reptil. That was the moment I officially called Dennis Hopeless a no-talent hack and stopped buying Marvel again. (Until I discovered the new Ms. Marvel)

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Marvel clearly does not care about these characters or their fans... If they did, they wouldn't be lining these characters up to murder each other in mass quantities.

Agreed. They don't wanna write for these characters so they say "let's just kill them off in our answer to Deadman Wonderland." This is the same mentality I got from Secret Invasion. Fuck you Marvel. You just lost a customer. I'm going back to indie comics now.

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Damn right she does.

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She shouldn't or else her death would be less meaningful. =[

but her death was meaningless. She died as a weapon for the Skrulls that failed within less than a page. No aftereffects. Nothing. She didn't help any side in any way. They killed her for shock value and she died in two pages with barely any mourning.

^QFT! I'd be for keeping her dead if the way in which she died was done in an emotional or meaningful way, but it wasn't. It was done in a lazy manner, and seemingly for pure shock value. And in one of the worst cross-over events in recent memory (which says a lot for how bad that story was).

Forget how bad Secret Invasion was, it says a lot of how much of a hackneyed writer Bendis has become in recent times and how biased he is against certain Marvel characters and licenses. How the man hasn't been fired by now, I have no idea.

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" Now that Hank is Giant-Man again I think it's inevitable that Janet will be back soon. But what will that mean for the Infinite Avengers Mansion. "
Hank should have stayed Wasp.

God no. That's creepy. Plus the moment he macked on Ultron, he pretty much proved that no male should take up the Wasp's legacy, let alone Hank himself.

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We don't actually know if Janet is dead or not. Thor ported her away while she was presumably dying, but only he knows where she went.

She was last seen in Erebus. I think that proves she's dead.

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I really hope she doesn't. Characters coming back from death is easily my least favourite thing about comics. Character death has zero emotional impact on me at this point, because I always know they'll be back. No wonder characters rarely grieve for more than 1 issue

Even if there death was nothing more than pointless shock value? It's badly written deaths that are the reason why this crap should be retconned in the first place. Maybe Marvel was smart and didn't let Bendis write ANYTHING for them, we wouldn't be in this situation.

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For all those who say Janet Van Dyne was insignificant here are some facts. Without her, you have no Hank Pym thus no Pym particles: no Goliath, Yellow Jacket or Giant Man; No Ultron: no Vision or Jocasta. I know that Hank Pym existed before the Wasp but she was the driving force in his life. They wouldn't even be named Avengers because she came up with the name. She only became insignificant when Bendis took over, I think he hates bugs or short, powerful women. She has been a igger player in Marvel Universe than Spider-woman, Ms. Marvel, Black Widow and the majority of the X-women. Up to 10 years ago, most of you wouldn't have known who Spider-woman or Ms. Marvel were and each had there own series in the old days and it didn't make it. Bendis just hates the Avengers and everything they ever stood for (now has killed Thor) and has baically gotten rid of all the Avengers (at one time or another) and filled the team ith his own favorites! Like Wolverine needs another title to be in!! Mavel has went way down hill in my opinion, they keep killing characters and doing one major event after another because they lack talent to come up with anything new or consistent. Bendis doesn't even know anything about the Avengers characters. Janet was a fashion designer and was constantly making new costume, when Bendis took over she had the same costume from the day he started till he killed her!

My sentiments exactly. This is why Bendis needs to never write for a comic book ever again. He's a completely inept, biased, piece of crap that can't write unless it's on something HE likes. It's been 4 years now and her death still hasn't been retconned and she's been way overdue for a resurrection of some kind. And if Marvel is really concerned about popularity of all things, don't they have a cartoon that pretty much writes the book on how to make Janet a likeable character currently running on Disney XD? You'd think that cartoon would be delivering a message of some kind to Marvel.

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Because Marvel is run by a-holes who can't write her as a decent character and are pretty much want to destroy her existence in Marvel history. That's why her death hasn't been retconned yet despite the fact it was blatant senseless shock value written by a hackneyed excuse for a writer that no one in the company will just fire already!

Yeah sorry but I get a little sensitive about this topic.

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@LordTerminal: He brought back Whiz Kid, Machine Teen, and Rocket Racer! Gage LOVES the obscure. Remember his Johnny Guitar story?

And they said that an AVENGER will be murdered. As far as I can tell, Reptil isn't an Avenger. Not to mention that issue 23 is supposed to reveal Reptil's DARK secret.

Never read his Johnny Guitar story. Is it any good?