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Reed Richards while in the forcefield will take apart one of the generators of one of the restaurants they pass. He will quickly make this generator into a makeshift taser. Reed will use this taser against Aquaman
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Mindraping is out of the question. The OP clearly states: Both teams get 10 minutes of prep and a list of the opposing team with a basic rundown of their abilities (i.e. they will be told Emma Frost is a telepath) 
Reed will formulate a plan. Sue will put a invisible forcefield around my trio. The forcefield will stop Emma from detecting them and doing her mind tricks. Knowing that Aquaman is someone like Namor who the FF have fought multiple times. Reed tell the crew to stay away from the watery parts of the park. Invisible they will slowly walk to the otherside of the park. Your Cyclops will start blasting and thereby loudly telling my crew where your guys are. Sue's forcefield handled more strain then cyclops blast, so it will last. 
stopping her husbands gamma bomb in the Infinity war: 
Her powers are powerful enoug the hurt a Celestial. 

When my crew reaches Cyclops and Emma, (Aquaman is still swimming somewhere without seeing my crew), Its clobbering time. 
Sue puts Emma in a bubble, like this. 

Ben can knock down Scot like this 

Aquaman must by now how noticed that his friend are down and flies toward my team. Together they must be able to beat him
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Iceman & Green Lantern = Hal Drake the Cyan Lantern,  a living freezing light construct. 
Mr. Fantastic & Doomsday =  Mr. Adaptive and way to smart for his own good. 
Nightcrawler & Deathstroke = Deadpool kind of. 
Toad & Union Jack & Flash = Jumping Jack Flash
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Can I go FF? 
Mr. Fantastic 
and Invisible Woman
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@god_spawn said:


I'd pay to see Hellion telekinetically whip him all over the place. I'd find it hilarious.



You have the same love/hate relationship with Batman as me.
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Good old Bruce Wayne pays a visit to the Jean Grey school.

In the Danger Room he spars with some of the students in a gauntlet.

Elixir heals Batman after every round.

Non leathal only

All are in character

KO to win.

Round 1: Wallflower

Round 2: Trance

Round 3: Anole

Round 4: Loa

Round 5: X-23

Round 6: Surge

Round 7: Dust

Round 8: Mercury

Round 9: Hellion

Round 10: Rockslide

Bonus round: Quentin Quire 
How far does Batman get?

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Johnny with the Cosmic control rod can't loose to Electro

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In defence of Gladiator.

He is a guy with exactly the same powers and strength as Superman. He could win in a one on one fight, but more then likely lose.

He has 5 day to prep though and just happens to be the leader of a vast empire, the Shiar.

He could order the scientists of the Shiar to create a weapon to kill Superman.

And if that fails he could also just use M'kraan crystal to do it.

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Anyone who can fly or throw your character into space, anyone who is able to hold your character underwater long enough. Any character with earthcontol powers. Any character that could put your character in a forcebubble. etc.. suffocation would work.

and leech with a big gun could do it too. And Forge with his powernutralizer gun

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No, Thor and Quasar would beat me.