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Urgh Black Bolt isn't dead again is he?

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I love that Hyperion is in the Avengers now. And hope it stays that way.

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She'd better not wield Mjolnir double-handed the entire time!

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It was pretty decent. Ronan was very underwhelming and I didn't like the fact that they made him the primary antagonist (because he's not really a bad guy), and they didn't utilise much of the Universal Weapon's potential, probably because the remedial populace would compare it to Mjolnir.

The worst part of this film was the Nova Corps by far, they don't fly, they don't have any abilities, they don't do anything! I didn't grow to love Drax, I thought he wasn't a strong as he should have been and I agree that Gamora wasn't portrayed as being deadly enough.

Benecio Del Toro's character was completely off in comparison to how he was in Thor: The Dark World, so he made no sense.

All that aside, the movie is pretty enjoyable though. Not Avengers calibre but a solid effort.

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Can anyone tell me who the flame character is in that picture, and who the robot is please?

I guess Angela isn't Thor then......

@ghost_rider_888: I know it Ridiculous. What's with all this modernisation/completely change the status quo of the characters we love

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Fan made?! That first actor playing RYu looked like the guy from the Dragon Ball Z movie. This stuff is just like Mortal Kombat Legacy or whatever it was called, a joke, and a waste of time.

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This film is complete garbage. I went in hoping for a decent amount of action, and some spotlight on characters other than Wolverine, Professor X and Magneto, and the only person that gets a look in is Mystique and Quicksilver (for a short while). There's a small skirmish at both ends of the film and nothing in between, in short it was BORRRRRRRRRING as anything. Vaughn had a completely different direction and would have kept the original First Class cast, but that wasn't enough for Singer, the moron had to ruin it!

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Why is Batman's name first when it's a Man of Steel sequel?

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Kaine's Scarlet Spider costume is probably my all time favourite.

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This is what the Batman costume should look like. And it appears Affleck has the scowl to fit the cowl, as I always suspected he would. This film is going to rock my socks off!